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I hope so! ^^

Aww thanks for the kind words! Glad you are having fun :D

Cheers!! n_n

I'm guessing you haven't found the way into the temple yet? I'd recommend using the map (TAB key on the keyboard) to find areas you haven't explored yet. :)

Ah sorry for wasting your time, I completely missed that! Thank you!

Thanks for reading! :D

If I just run "show_debug_message(layer_tilemap_get_id("Tiles_1"));" in the step event of an object it outputs an ID "4" at first and after the reload it switches to -1. But if I enumrate through all layer elements with layer_get_all_elements for Tiles_1 it tells me there is still a tile layer.

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I have the following setup:

  • Room reloading is setup as per manual, and is working. If I paint tiles, it reflects in the running game without any issues.
  • I created a function "create_collisions" which creates obj_collision instances for each solid tile.
  • The function gets called in the create event of obj_make_collision
  • I have placed one instance in the actual room and it does it's job without issues when I launch the game.
  • After a few seconds the room reloads (even if I didn't make any changes) and all solid instances disappear.
  • I tried to fix the problem by calling the function also in the room start event, but it didn't work.
  • To further investigate, I put the function call into the Begin Step event, but it would not create any collision objects.
  • I investigated further using show_debug_message and found the following:
    • After reloading layer_get_id gives back a different value.
    • layer_tilemap_get_id switches to giving back -1 upon the refresh, which means after reload I cannot get access to the the tilemap data anymore.

Here's my function for reference:

function create_collisions()
    var _layer = layer_get_id("Tiles_1");
    var _tileLayer = layer_tilemap_get_id(_layer);

    var wt = tilemap_get_width(_tileLayer);
    var ht = tilemap_get_height(_tileLayer);

    for(var i = 0; i < wt; i++)
        for(var j = 0; j < ht; j++)
            var tile = tilemap_get(_tileLayer, i, j);
            if(tile == 1)
                instance_create_layer(i*32, j*32, "Instances", obj_collision);

I'd be happy to send a small test project.

Dawww thank you so much!

Yep! I have something special planned for him so it will be a bit until I can get to it ^^

Having the same issue, just tried to set it up. :/ Using the non-beta of 2.3

It's a kobold threeway! :3

Hi Bird Man! The biggest differences as of right now is that the patreon version has some more sexy content and a new area that show cases underwater mechanics. :)

I update the public free demo a few times a year, so you can also wait until I update it again! ^-^

Thank you! I'm happy that things are progressing so smoothly!

Hahaha cheers!

I love Shantae, I wanted to channel some of that love ^-^

Hello! :)

Unfortunately the current build is very unoptimized in this room. I will upload a fixed one very soon!

Hi Moxi! Glad you enjoyed the post!! ^-^

Hi! Thank you for playing and the kind words! ^-^

The interact with downed enemies was supposed to be a feature, that's the reason defeated enemies stay around. Unfortunately Patreon doesn't allow this anymore, so we had to cut it. :c

Hi Foxas! This is not a complete game yet, still in active development! ^^ If you are stuck, try pressing TAB to see the map. It will show you areas you haven't yet explored. Hope that helps! If you need more guidance you can also join our Discord! We have a tips channel and lots of helpful members. :3

You can beat him without any special gear ^^

I heard that some GameMaker games can trigger the windows defender warning, which is a shame. My game isn't doing anything fishy and I haven't heard of any issues from our players so far.

All the music is written by our composer, MoonMink. ^^

Not sure yet! Probably sometime next year, once we have enough ready for an Early Access release ^^

Thank youu!

The format changed so you won't be able to transfer them.


You can press TAB to look at the map ^^ The entrance to the upper temple area is in the jungle. You can only reach it with a double jump

Hey Horizon233! The blaster is an ability you can acquire in the upper part of the temple, shortly before you get the wall climb! ^^

Hey TheSpiderUnderFridge! The wall climb ability can be found in the upper part of the temple, after you acquire the wall jump! ^-^

Hey Freshy Boi! The public version just got an update a little while ago! ^^

Have you rebound the keys? Try the new button, the start-screen doesn't reflect rebinds since it's a static image- Something I still need to change. ^^;

Do you get any error messages at all?

After you did the quest with the flight instructor, head over to the big guard, and use the elevator! You'll be able to enter the treetop palace with it. ^^

Thank you so much, Cryptic!!

Nice job!! We actually have a few other speedrunners on our Discord server, by the way! ^w^

The most recent upddate was for patrons, yes!

Follow the path outside the village, he is pretty close around to where enemies appear first once you leave the village (like within 1-2 screens from there). ^^ Use the minimap to see if you've explored the area fully.

Thank you for the bug report! I also replied on Patreon's message thingy! ^w^