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AseSync community · Created a new topic Support for slices?

I don't know if this is still in active development, but it would be great to see support for slices... if you have an aseprite file with a big atlas of environmental assets, for instance, being able to update them in GameMaker with a single click would save so much time.

Yes, I will update it when the content that used to be in the demo is reworked and properly integrated. Else it might feel like a downgrade to people. ^^

Hello! We're currently rebuilding the levels from scratch with the new art and resolution in mind. Not all of the content we had in the old demo has been added back in yet.  Don't worry tho, we're getting there!. ^^

The newest version that came out last week does have a map again! ^^

At the moment there is a big difference, but also note that the game changed quite a bit. We're still working on a new public demo to better represent the patreon build. Lewd content wise everything is still the same except enemies don't grapple you anymore - instead the player initiates the lewds. There are quite a few new animations as well. The world itself is getting an overhaul as I hired an environment artist to help with the art needs and we upped the resolution and introduced new movement options.

Thank you !! :D

Thank you, that means so much!! :D

Haha sorry I wish I could do more, but it is a lot of hard work and I want to finish the game at some point ^^ If you are interested in a similar game with a male protag, please check out my friend's game:

It only just started development, but it is very promising!

You can leave the temple by following the path. In the room with the long fall with the water at the end, you can follow right, go through the doorway (into the backwall). If you follow that path you will get back to the lower temple levels. From there you can leave the temple the way you came in. ^^

I do want to ramp up the difficulty! The main path is never going to be brutal, but I want to make optional areas that are very challenging for players who enjoy that, with their own little rewards. ^^

I don't know what else you did so far! You could talk to the mason at the lower right corner of the village to see if the elevator is available. ^^

Unfortunately not sorry but that is very flattering somehow. xD

Are you making use of your healing ability? The tigers should be pretty easy if you wail on them and observe if they raise their paw to attack, dodge roll behind them. ^^

It could be that the laptop's graphics card is too old. I could look into making a version that uses less video memory. Are there similar modern platformers that your laptop can run without problems?

What are your PC specs? It looks like the engine cannot create a large enough texture in memory to load the graphics.

I didn't specifically try to make a 64 bit, but I will look if GameMaker lets you choose so I can make both versions!

Thanks! :D

Thank you!

We don’t have a definite release date for when we’re going to update the public demo, but our plan is to put one out this year, after we’ve added a certain level of polish to the overhaul.

If you compare the two versions right now, content-wise, the overhaul is kind of lagging behind. Meaning, we haven’t put everything back in yet, that was present in the old version. This is because we’re making the new levels and we have to add the CGs back in at their new “homes”.

Once everything is at a point where we feel like the overhaul represents what we’re going for with Kincaid going forward, we’ll put together a new public demo.

Yeah! She's been in the game for a very long time. ^w^

No specifics yet on mini-games but I was thinking of little things like races or tiny challenges you can find in other games such as Zelda or Shantae. ^^

As for people, yeah I mean different species. Not planning on adding humans to this game, tho. ^^

Hiya! ^^ We wanted to have a new demo out by now but covid and some other life things struck and threw our schedule out of whack. We want to put out a new demo when the overhaul is at a polished state. Right now we're redesigning the world using the new art and mechanics we implemented and add the actual story and stuff. When a good chunk of that is done, we will put out a demo, otherwise it would feel too much like a downgrade from the current demo. ^^

Please check the pinned post. ^^

Thank you !!!

There are going to be ^^ I had planned on releasing one, but due to me getting covid and other things in life throwing me curveballs, I didn't quite manage to stick to my planned schedule.

Hello! The second to last build should still work, but in the very newest version we started rebuilding the world so it won't be compatible for obvious reasons. ^^

I'm sorry this is a bug in the start screen. Have you played this before and rebound the keys? If so, try pressing the jump key you bound it to.

This seems to be a driver issue. It could be old hardware or outdated driver... try updating them and see if it loads. ^^

Thanks! xD

Good idea, noted for future scenes! ^w^ The next one will have breast fondling.

I wanted to have a public build out by now, but covid and other life things threw us a curveball. I'll write about it when I can give a realistic estimate.

The swim boost is a Dash ability that also works up in the air. You can use it to get over the gap! ^^

I might do it, it really depends on what I feel like fits the scene that I am working on! I'm not against it, but I also haven't preplanned for it.

Disabling the male partner is impossible because I draw the characters as sprites.. the whole scene is a series of imagines, not images layered ontop of each other.

In recent versions you can disable the male voice, tho and even Kincaid's if you only want to hear the lewd noises.

Thank you for playing and the kind words! ^^

The minimap is outdated, yes... when we hired a new pixel artist for environments we decided we're gonna have to redo a bunch of the levels anyway (also to make the ability progression make sense when we introduce more planets), so I only added new content and kind of let the minimap and some other features on the sidelines . We're working on a big overhaul right now, so it's going to get completely redone too at some point. ^^

Thank you !!!

Sorry I only just saw this message. It is late so I am not sure if you're still interested or have figured it out in the meanwhile, but I'd need more information to help you. What kind of computers are they and how are you trying to run them? You need to unpack the zip file.

We're going to release it on Early Access first on Steam. ^^ But I cannot say when... we're working on a major overhaul of the first planet right now.. I hired an environmental artist and he worked on the next planet when we realized there is a bit of a gap between our styles, so he touched up the graphics for the first planet. And now we're rebuilding all the levels right now :3

Hello! There is one older version available on the browser, over on Newgrounds:

It is rather out-dated tho. At some point I might try to make another web build for the demo at least, but I have other things I need to sort out first, so it might take a while longer. ^^

Hello! The full game is not finished yet, I am still working on it for a few more years most likely. What the final price will be, I cannot say at this point, but it will be around what other games of this genre cost on steam

Hello! Sorry for the late reply, I usually got notified when someone made a new post... the free version on itch is just a demo! The more updated releases are on Patreon