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The Adventures of Kincaid (18+)

Kincaid is a cute & lewd 2D Action Platforming Adventure! · By cookiedraggy

Question about future scenes

A topic by dathunbuoy created 95 days ago Views: 286 Replies: 3
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I was wondering, can we expect more inflation in the future? Like the on we had at the werewolf encounter and (i think) at the bear encounter? You couldn't really see the latter, since the bear is in the way lol. But I'd love to see more of that stuff.

Also are you guys planning on a "disable male" option? That basically makes other characters in a scene invisible except for Kincaid herself?

Thanks in advance! Keep up the great work! Love this game <3


I might do it, it really depends on what I feel like fits the scene that I am working on! I'm not against it, but I also haven't preplanned for it.

Disabling the male partner is impossible because I draw the characters as sprites.. the whole scene is a series of imagines, not images layered ontop of each other.

In recent versions you can disable the male voice, tho and even Kincaid's if you only want to hear the lewd noises.

Heya I'm glad this topic exists it reminded me of a question I had in mind while playing the free 2021 build.
Will there be some kind of scene in which Kincaid gets her boobies sucked in the full game? xD
I don't think I've spotted one of the sort back then, and I'm pretty sure many people are into that =w=b


Good idea, noted for future scenes! ^w^ The next one will have breast fondling.