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Guess it ain’t coming, so time to remove it from my watchlist collection.

Itchio says “Failed to create PayPal payment (422)” if I try to pay for it with PayPal. Region Brazil. Anything that can be done?

I mean drm free here on itch

Any chance for the APK of the full version?

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When trying to pay for the game, this error appears. Any possible fixes? Brazil region.

Buy option?

Download option for the game?

Buy option?

Download/buy option?

ty for the answer!

curiosity/idea: if it’s html/js/css, aren’t there wrappers to make it playable outside of browsers?

download/buy option?

Any chance the game is made available here?

hoping for android version too~

hi! any chance we get a android port?

Is it still getting updated?


Any chance of releasing the full version here on itch?

Any chance of it being released here on Itchio as well?

The 40 MB file for “(THANK YOU EDITION) Monster Girls: Track & Field” can’t be downloaded after buying the Sylvie’s Bar Fap Pack bundle. Only the 18 MB file for “Monster Girls: Track & Field” can be downloaded.

The file for “(Light Novel) Indecent Lives of Monster Girls” seems to be unavailable after purchasing the “Sylvie’s Bar Fap Pack” bundle.

Super late reply, but only the chicken in the beginning of the game and save editors, that I know of.

Short but interesting! I wish Mimi, Veluna and the goblin got more contents, tho, since they imply more stuff could happen.

Any chance for an apk release here, on humble bundle, or even somewhere else?

“only steam key”

rip, lost sale

(1 edit) - Pretty humorous point and click game. - Hard but fair representation of fighting against depression and anxiety. - Good for learning one of the Japanese alphabets. - Same as the above. - Fun top down dungeon crawler. - Fast-paced roguelike platformer dungeon crawler.

don’t web only games count as having copy protection? also unity has support for itch license validation, some games like tallowmere 2 have key-based access to multiplayer and some projects like 3dSen use itch only as a key seller for steam. maybe forgetting a few cases of copy protection on itch

For me, mostly preservation and no need to play it with internet.

Great aesthetic! Any plans to put a download option?

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sei português. ainda precisa de ajuda? tentou desativar as extensões do navegador ou baixar em outro navegador?

No need to play for too long. Just got to -10k in 10~15 minutes.

All you gotta do is throw carrots to lead all the bunnies in the map to a single spot, then take a photo.

The more bunnies you have, the more points you get, so having a few (too many) dozens of bunnies in a single spot is a pretty quick way to get points. Rinse and repeat until you’re comfortable.

And I love abusing game mechanics to the point the game breaks, so seeing the points suddenly jump from around 15k to -10k was a pretty fun experience. =D

Maybe ports at first for the sake of preservation, then make remasters down the line?

Short but well made! Smooth animations and good dungeon-crawling. Also liked the sound effects and battle themes! - 5/5

vmos runs straight in the phone, and not pc

but ill what i can do

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video of the beach scene doesn’t play on vmos (android emulator for android)

android 5.0 installed in it

Hi! Any plans to release the full version here?

Collisions are a bit weird for the buildings. For the church, I just walked towards the door.

you don’t always need jump scare for good horror

It got updated around 18 hours ago. I don’t know the changelog, but Itchio says a new build of the game was uploaded.

Just a heads up: The description of the game sounds a bit weird. Kinda like machine translation.

About the game, I’ll check it when I get the chance, but the promotional art looks good!