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Okay, that's fine! Totally appreciate your work and hope to be able to afford the fix for my laptop to play this game!

So, my laptop doesn't wanna work anymore and I only have my phone. And I wanted to play this game on Android/Mobile. If you can, please do this 🙏

If you can't, it is also fine. I love your artwork and hope that my laptop could be fixed to see more of your magnificent work.

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Someone help;

So I changed my PC to Linux Ubuntu recently, and I felt like re-downloading this game since I had downloaded it in Windows before but deleted.

However, I couldn't start the game with the (already) installed app upon installing Ubuntu, Archive Manager.

It just kept saying, "An error occured while loading the archive,"

A small Tip/Advice will sincerely help!

(P.S: If my english is bad, sorry. It isn't my first language, also I am new to Linux...)

Hey, So I can't go outside, Is it a bug? Or are you not allowed to go outside of the house? I just wanted to inform you. I also don't know how to get the ending, Perhaps hints will work best. Thank you

I- Don't think T-Hoodie can read this fully.. At least what I think

Very juicy, Thanks for the games! I love this game so much

Okay, Thanks for the advice. I will try to run it as an administrator, And I'm sorry deeply for this late reply. 

Ok, so this is the message I have received of the bug I told you ;

"Cannot execute "C:\Users\pc\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$EXa6272.29148\messfeeler1_12_trial\messfeeler.exe"

I will try to update graphics drivers and suspend my anti-virus software.

(And I will give you an update on how it goes, And if my English is bad I am terribly sorry it isn't my first language. And this might not be useful but my laptop/computer is windows 10)

I can't play the demo, Can you please help?

I can download it yes... But it can't be loaded instead it just crashes. Thank you

Then why are you here?