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bug with paypal transaction

A topic by Hashiroi created Mar 19, 2022 Views: 967 Replies: 8
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Hey when i try to buy a game that say

The merchant is unable to accept PayPal payments at this time. Try again later or return to the merchant's site and choose another payment method.

there is the same message for all games and i had already bought game  before . I have try with many paypal account

Pinned ReplyAdmin(+1)

We are aware of the issue and working with PayPal to get it resolved. In the meantime we disabled the buy with PayPal button on the affected accounts until the issue is resolved. Only accounts that are using our Payouts system are affected. Direct payments accounts with PayPal are still operating as normal.

When the issue is fixed, the PayPal checkout optional will automatically return.

Thanks for your patience.

Same issue here



Apparently there's an issue with PayPal right now. Our admins are looking into it.


Same issue... Now they deleted Paypay option, so I hope they working on it.

hey can anyone says here when it's good for paypal :)

I need to buy a "program" wel.. a simple program...(in beta) and I can not find the button to pay with paypal... I prefer to pay with paypal not credit cards.