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Love it! Would love to have more characters.

They fit 16x16 tiles as a base of characters, but they are taller of course. 

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Oh, didn't knew! But if it's a small thicket, then it's kind of funny that you can't pass it. So personally I think the "bush" fits better, but it's up to the developer.

Wow, these are incredible, everything looks so juicy and yummy, love this style! Can't wait for more of your icons. I would love to see seaweeds and clams!

Yay for the poop tracker! >:D

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Oh, you're right! All 3 penguins must be like around the eggs. Thank you. 

Hahah, thank you ^^'

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I didn't beat it yet ^^' Kind of stuck on lvl5, have no idea what to do with the egg.

This is supe cute and challenging!

Thanks you for your hard work! Really appreciate! <3

Thank you, so nice of you!

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No problem! Just a question, am I missing something, or I can't pet the cow? I don't have any tool and have no idea I am supposed to find a brush or sth? Talking to the cow just gave her a heart icons ands that's it, but there's still unchecked "brush the cow" on my list. Can't left the farm or go to bed. I'm a little stuck... Any tips? :)

When you check the bushes that block the way, it says "brush" instead of "bush" ^^;

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Thank you. I'm happy that you like it! Hope you'll finish the game :) Have fun and let me know how many ingame days it took you to escape :)

Thank you so much! I like your avatar :)

No, just idle/walking in 4 directions.

You definitely have your own style and you can really feel it while playing your games, I love your style btw! :)

Hi Undermax, I have a question: items does not use durability by default, but we can turn it on, right? I wanted to make a system where player can use item, let's say a pickaxe, and the event uses plugin call/script to decrease that item durability while used. Can I do that somehow? Is there a plugin command or a piece of code that will allow me to do that? 

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Soooo good, I love this game, great atmosphere. The only "problem" I had was "no inventory"? Or I am missing something? I mean I've collected dino pies (I love this I swear xD) and dino scales, but I couldn't check how many of them I've got. Would be cool if you add another page in menu to show items collected. 


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I played it as a submission to GMC, but I didn't left the comment! I absolutely love it, I'm your fan after playing The Lost Art of Inkeeping; later finished Forest Star and The Ghost Cage (Inkeeping is still my fav one, though) and now waiting for the continuation (The Hidden Art of Innkeeping)! Back in topic, Mayor on the run was so much fun, and totally in your (good) style :) I could tell after playingthis and not knowing the author, it's yours.

Thank you.

Thank you so much, such a compliment means a lot to me!

Yes! That was actually my inspiration. I love this game so much! Always liked the "combine items" system, that's why I wanted to implement this in my game, too.

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So happy to hear that! I've played "Off Grid" as you may remember and really liked it too! :) And I don't think my game is better, they're both good at different aspects I think.

Of course! Find me as fizzly, the same avatar like here.

Of course, I understand. Thank you for your time! :)

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Hm, that's weird. File is still here and should be avaible for you all the time if you paid for it. Can you please give me your e-mail adress?

Whaat? This is already SO AWESOME *_* Love the concept, and this will open all the DLCs option.... WOW! I'm in if you ask me.

Um, but shops can be ticked "buy only", but no sell only, or I am missing something?

Sounds great, especially the sentence that we might be able to add our own weapons to the animations in the future.

Of course, thank you!! Gonna test it out :)

Oh, right, sorry, didn't knew that!

I wanted to say a big THANK YOU! Gonna check this out, but I love it already watching the trailer :D

That wooden cottage is so precious, omg!!!!! I WANT TO LIVE THERE *_*

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Wow, so fast! Thank you man. I'm surprised that there is not much ppl interested in this, it's awesome in my opinion for anything like "go to bed?", "save at this checkpoint?", etc. in games. I just have a suggestion, too. Maybe you could add option to "switch ID to ON" after "selecting OK"? Would be much better to implement condition branch in the same event, to check which choice player selected in case someone want to utilize it XX times in games in different situations. Of course it could be done now, too, but putting that switch ON in common event, but it's not that obvious. Also, it's just a suggestion... BUT, I think you could change the name of this plugin to get more attention about it, I think the name like "Choice select with header" would be more obvious to everyone to imagine what this plugin do. Also, just a suggestion, no complaining! Again, thank you for your work and for the help.

There is a bug: you can press escape and open the menu during the window poped up, and then the game freeze...Can you fix this somehow, plz?

Would be so nice of you!

Are you kidding me? This looks insane! I mean it's so useful.... I LOVE THIS. Thank you so much! Gonna credit you.

This is so cool and useful, thank you.