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It's a planned feature.

I think the game is dead, don't buy it. 

Sooo cool! Thank you.

Yep, same, loading forever

Thank you for a quick answer.

I love the idea!!! But is it for MV, MZ or maybe both?



Thanks for approving. I hope you like it.

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YAAAAAY!!! I love your games Seaphoenix, so it's not a surpsrise for me that the Ghost Cage won 1st prize! But Congratulations! I'm an hungry dog for more games from you!!!

that was the weirdest game I ever played.... I liked it o_o

I wanted to ask is there any way to add particle system in the future? I really wanted to make smoke or fire with a particles T_T

By the way I had ending with befriending and living with the ghost, but I'm curious about the well... I'm sure and I think I know what's inside, I want that ending! I need to know more about the boy! I'll try again today.

Nice mini-game, I enjoyed it!! :)

Strange, I double checked and MV version is in my library here. But I see that there is 65% discount now, so I'm going to buy right away! Thank you and love your plugin! Supporting  🤗

I bought for MV yesterday...... T___T No discount or sth?

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Oh, that's weird... I'll check this out today and fix it I hope! Library girl should be back before Cafe owner. Thank you.

Looks amazing! Will play it today.

Hello! Good to hear you like it! Thank you. Actually, the game is completed now, I mean, it's playable and can be completed. But I'm still working on it. You can get other blueprints from library, but first you need to give the bed to the Inkeeper, then the Librarian will come back...and so on. Let me know if you have any other issues/sugestions. 

YESSSS! I need this game, it was so fun with coop!

Actually I've fixed the size for SGB-ready, if you want you can redownload it.

Yes, I'll try to fix everything before adding something new. Thanks for motivation :)

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Sorry for that :( I'm still learning, I'll try to make them "ready to use" without resizing. Already fixed the stump to the proper size (you can just redownload).

Yes I know... you need to import them with checked optimization scale option.

You're welcome.

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I don't like to repeat myself, but this game is simply fantastic. Can't wait for the release! :)

Thank you so much, I can't wait for it!! I LOVE your art-style...

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Is it possible to have a potato plant? That's one I'm missing right now... ^^' (I mean plants, not the item, sorry, wrong page I think)

So pretty! I was looking for something like this, will buy it today, thank you for your work!!

Okay, will look for it on YT. Thank you!

I love that the game is voice acted! But... the demo doesn't show anything at all, being honest. Just another RPG Maker game, I can't tell is the game will be good or bad. I'm curious what's the fights with zombies looks like.

I really like the idea! Also gameplay is kind of...satisfying. 

I'm always so excited about your new icon packs, and I'm never disappointed about the content. And so nice it's free! Downloading right now, thank you so much Caz *_*

Already subscribed, can't wait for that! Thank you for quick reply!

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Dear Devs,

Is there any planned release date for the full version? I can't wait. Played prologue with friend and it was GREAT!

Wow, your so fast!! I LOVE this set, this is one of my favorite. I'm in!

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Hello, Harmoni! Thank you so much for donating and for trying Carpentry Story, I'm so happy to hear that you like it! 😀 I feel very motivated right now!

New girl character is possible, but honestly I didn't even planned this feature, but to think of it... it would be cool to buy clothes in Tailor Shop! Or maybe although hats, I think different clothes would be more complicated.  Cutting trees in dress, that would be fun! 😄 Anyway, I'll try to implement gender choice option. 


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Thank you so much for playing and playtesting Carpentry Story! :)

The next update will for sure add the last building and ending (game can be finished). 

Also I'm planning to add hardwood and hardwood furniture variants, but we'll see what the future brings.