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I'm curious how did you make the HUD? Did you used that plugin for GB Studio? Tried it, but it seems that you could only put one picture as an avatar, and you have two of them. 

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I think he can't do it because the graphics and copyright for "Parasol Stars" and "Rainbow Islands" belongs to Ocean. 

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Got that error all the time :( Loved the idea, but I think it's too hard to made in GB Studio without knowing programming. Not sure it's on purpose, but I can't climb the platforms, so I'm stacj at this level forever.

Thank you, these are so cool!

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Thanks. I think you could write this in description somewhere, it's very useful information. Although it may be obvious for the rest ppl ^^'

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What size are the icons? Is it 32x32?

Thank you! Also, good luck with this project :)

I'm 100% sure it'll be good! All your games are "art of love" :)

Omg, I'm so excited! I loves the first one, this is gonna be so good!

So....I can only change background, the potato spins and...that's all?

Sweet little game. 

Btw reminds me a little of Charlie and Nick from Heartstopper :) 

This game is so freaking good...

I think this was over, and nothing more about that.

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Thank you Chris, you've totally changed game making market with GB Studio. 100/5 stars!

There is a missing letter, it says "which powe(r)up...". Also, is there anything to do except go fish, go sell? 

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I noticed that Adair has Poland flag! :) Wow, I didn't expected that.  Greetings from Poland.

Yup, got the same error, but game looks totally awesome!

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I think this game is amazing, taking the fact it's made in GB Studio, it's even better! Keep up the good work! :) I'm also trying to make farming game in GB Studio, so I know it's HARD. Btw if you need, I made some GB icons for farming games (my itch profile). 

Edit: there is a bug, if you choose "load" in house table while no saves are made, hero turns into arrow :)

It this made in GB Studio?!

What a fantastic idea!

"THERE’S A DOG IN THIS GAME! Buy it now!" xD

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This game was so sweet! I loved it. If you want to translate into polish, let me know!

Bumps :)

Wow, that sea village is pure awesomness.

What about controls? I can't even start the game :D

So cool! Can't wait for it :)

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When Clara eat grapes I got... 1 stone xD I think it's a mistake. 

So... the game is dead I think? 

Thank you so much. I'll credit you for sure! :)

This is amazing! Can I use it in my non-commercial game for kids? RM-made. 

Gives me Heries 1/2 vibe :) Love it. Looks amazing. Thank you.

Thank you.

I also wanted to say A HUGE THANK YOU for all the effort and your hard work. I love your sprites!!! <3

I wanted to there a firetruck somewhere in your awesome assets?

That was clever...

Can I ask what engine did you used to make it? Thank you. 

Love the aesthetic of this game!

Just download the game and unpack it with 7zip. 

Why not? It's just a free game.