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Thank you for taking this into account (not sure it's said properly), more thing for Harvest Moon type of games would be supercool! ^^

What? You play as a kid in this game...

Caz, I have an great idea for new icon pack! What about "fruit and veggies" pack? Would be soooo cool to have more diffferent crops, like asparagus, beetroots, peas, turnips, daikon maybe? Dragonfruit, melon, cauliflower, artichokes (I know there is a lot of veggies/fruits actually in other packs, but I'm almost sure nothing from these I mentioned).

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Oh, thank you. I was afraid that's on "my site". 

Same issue... Now they deleted Paypay option, so I hope they working on it.

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Um..Now I don't even see PayPal as a pay option. I have no idea what's going on... But there isn't Paypal option on other creators pages, too, so I think it's a Paypal or breakdown, then.

Okay, I'll try for a while then. Thank you so much Caz! You're awesome! n_n

I wanted to buy it now with paypal, but it says you do not accept paypal payments right now. Is that true?

I'm going to <rubs hands>! I'll be honored if you play this later :)
Caz, you are reliable! Perfect for farming game or something :D

Demo was too short T_T I like the idea! Can't wait for full release :) 

Hahah, I'm not ashamed of this (ʘ‿ʘ)'

Again,  thank you ver much for another great tool/utility!

Man, I love you. This is amazing. 

Oh, sorry. I did not uderstood then ^^ 

It is not. It's made in Godot Engine.

It works on android devices.

F*ck, the nights are scary *_*

I love the story and the concept/idea. So cool!!!

Thank you for your hard work.

Wow, so cool!

Sorry, just uploaded it.

Right, I dunno why I did not uploaded 1.5.5... will check this later.

Yay! Will download. Thank you. 

Hello! Thank you, I will look at this :)

Thank you so much :) Can't wait to see more of your AWESOME work. Also have a good day, stay safe and healthy.

Hey Drag, you are in shape lately! I'm glad. Hope you're doing good. I really love your plugins. Thank you so much for your work. 

Same here. Can we see somewhere crops and farm tiles? 

Looks absolutely amazing, can't wait to test it out. 

I see. Thank you anyway!

Thank you so much Eli! Actually I was trying to hide help windows from menu commands ^^' but choices will be helpful, too! Not sure if works on the same rules.

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Hello Eli (Hakuen Studio)! I love this plugin, but have a problem with hide/show help window. When I use plugin command to hide it, then I can't select window to hide, there is only "numberInput" in drop-down list :( Can you help me?

Fantastyczna gra

I see. Thank you so much.

Hello. I wanted to ask is there an option to create empty map during the game, I mean the map that is not already in the editor.

Thank you, will update and use it for sure! :) My maps are rather small, so it should be fine. 

As always, thank you for your hard work :))

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I just wanted to report another bug/problem: If a tile didn't have all four directions passage set in tileset (like ladders/stairs for example), then events have a problem with setting a path. My event didn't wanted to go through these tiles. I set them to four/all directions and they can now. 

I think this may be useful for dev and others. Thanks. 

I tried the 1.21 version and it works like a charm now! It's so super-useful with the latest update, thank you so much.