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2 friends of mine died last month in an airstrike near kyiv. Gloryfying war and gamification  where  current military conflicts are being trivialized always left a bad taste in my mouth, but right now I feel literally sick when I see Ukraine memes and 'fun' jokes involving machines that are manufactured for killing and maiming people. I think this is not one of your best releases. Sorry.

Can you elaborate on the issue a bit more? Not being able to pay with paypal is a really big deal for non-US customers. Most people in Europe do not have a creditcard for instance.

Same issue here

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Then there is a small glitch :) The spell with which you gaze in the cauldron consumes the whole flask, and does not give an empty flask back. Thanks for the hint on the empty flasks in Baxter's home though. That allows me to continue.
Really liking the game. Light hearted jrpg that is on par with the Enix classics - just with a better story :)

Am in the game for a couple of hours now. Is it correct that the cauldron consumes water flasks in its completeness? So.. just not the water inside the flask, but the whole flask? I ran out of flasks, and now I cannot haul any more water from the river...

CCS64 does not support the Easyflash format. CCS64 is an older emulator, which has not been updated for years now. Vice is really much better.

Promising, enjoy playing it. Thanks for the sale.

For a few qol. improvements, may I suggest:

- optional map scrolling speed. Map scroll is a bit slow now

- optional mouse cursor gfx. The sword is nice, but I would like to have a normal arrow when playing.

- Sail status of ships: I now do not know if the ships are sailing with full sail or battle sail. 

- Orders given: would be nice to show if a order has already been given to a unit. 

Thanks again!

Good fun. Starts quite easy, but will provide a real challenge from level 2 on. It's a proper shoot-em-up, also for the standards of today. Great music too.

The static screenshots look nice, but the game itself is not as beautiful as it seems. A lot of static screens with a lot of very basic patterns. The game didn't impress me to be honest. 

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About the games that inspired this one: check out Broadsides from SSI (1983) on the C64, A8 and Apple II too.

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What a nice game. Makes me wanting more of this.

Woa. Oldskool cool!