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Hey not problem! there are many people who trying to learn pixel 3D art these modern days. So UPP going to be a good tools this the next future? ... well I hope you find a good time to make the 1.0 release vertion.

Use it! not problem just credit me if you are exit on your game :D

Yes I downloaded the free vertion, I think the most basic one... do you planning to create an addon of this? it is very useful , I can get the same result with some tricks on photoshop and external app. thx.

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hey there it is a rar file ? I mean... addon? or just open the basic "blend" file one time before I need to render? I mean... I need the blend file to all my purpose or addon installation? thx.

If I pay you 10 ? I receibe a rar file? or simple installation ? thx

Ok , it is so useful, now I can find it ! thanks.

Yes it is work now! I was confused because In the past I used substance painter, and there are some similar stuff, and other are different. So I am continue develop my workflow, thank you for this awesome robust app . And last question for today? is it possible to rename the layers? or create a label to work with? thanks.

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Works now! I decided to explain my process... As you mentione previously , to see the "normal map" and "height map" on the exported-folder ,you need to pay attention to the height map contribution and the "layer" by it self... I forget to check the "layer" thta is very importan (I consue the layer stack with the layer's contribution) ... so I go to the material and choose the influence of the height map and the go to layer and start to see if everything it is ok... and also I swtich with "c" the differents maps (color,height,roughness) to see if I am paintng...and then once I happy with, go to export and think what's about normal map direction (green channel) opengl (blender or unity)

is necessarty to bake the normal map? or it is automatically? I mean when I paint, I paint in "full" or "color".. but in some are I need to control the normal, for example the face, I just want to paint the nostril, the ears and the eyebrown normal influence. Should I switch to the "normal" contribution only? (using the middle botton windows to select the normal contribution?)  I asked because when I export my normal map and the roughness map are flat. thank you.

Ok thank you so much! great work to build this awesome tool...any last question... if I only want to paint a roughness part? for example an axe...wood/metal...I only want roughness on the metal part... I only paint in the roughness contribution? I mean the roightness map? thank you so much

I would like to know if the tool "mirror" only works on 2D canvas? not in the 3D? I would also know if there is a commando for select and deselect quick . and the last question, it is compatible with HUION tablets? or any huion special setting? (my brushtrokes are soft not crispy)

I need to buy a "program" wel.. a simple program...(in beta) and I can not find the button to pay with paypal... I prefer to pay with paypal not credit cards.

Hey there, I can only upload one project, the rest one (3) I can not. I read the guidelines how to be indexes., but is not easy to be honest. I only have 1 project available, and the rest is not showed. I changed the titile, and set public and uncheck the other 2 options insdie "Public" . Thanks.