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Ganbare! Super Strikers

Turn Based Tactical RPG Soccer Game. · By rese

Feedback Sticky

A topic by rese created Jan 15, 2018 Views: 1,103 Replies: 21
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Hi everyone!

We have a few people around here already, so I thought it would be a good idea to have a Topic for general feedback. You can post here about anything you want to say about the game, whether it's something you don't like, something you would like to see in the game, a match that you find too hard or too easy... Please don't hesitate to post your thoughts!

I haven't played much yet but here it is some early feedback.

I encountered some situations when I couldn't find easily the ball. In the situation below I was not sure who had the ball. Maybe marking in a different color the tile with the ball will do.

Also, the IA performs actions too fast and it was hard for me to follow. I would add some messages on screen for each event: Tackle! Shoot! It failed! etc. Games like Pokemon have text windows during combat explaining what's going on.


Hi Ximo,

Thanks so much for playing Ganbare! Super Strikers and for your help!  That is great feedback, I will look into implementing those suggestions.



Thanks! I'm like the game a lot!

After playing more... when you get used to it, is easier to follow what the AI is doing so you can disregard my last comment.

Also, I found a bug and I was able to lock the game playing with the Xbox 360 USB controller: When you select an action and the random numbers are being shown, you can quickly press LT or RT to change the action. If you then select a different action nothing happens. But, if you are doing a pass and you quickly press RT (switches to shoot), LT (returns back to pass) and then move the cursor to your position while the number is being computed, it will try to do a pass to same exact tile you are in and the game will lock. You can't pass to yourself during the game but it is possible by doing RT, LT while executing an action. 

I tried to record it but the animation ended up glitched. The graphics in the game  were fine, is just an issue with the recorder.


Hi Ximo,

Really glad to hear you are enjoying the game!  Thanks so much for reporting this bug and for even taking the time to record it, it helps a lot!

I will look into fixing this issue and hopefully upload a new build later tonight with other bug fixes.


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Could you add "Linux" with Windows and Mac in the description ?

I'd like an option to remove the auto-focus camera, so the camera never moves if i don't move it myself.

I'd like an option to pan with middle mouse, as a few times i miss-clicked because Action and Pan is the same left-mouse button.

I'd like a zoom out option so i can see the complete stadium, and maybe even a simplified -but playable- topdown view.

I'd like to play an entire match from a fixed screen, actually, so a zoom out with manual panning camera only, would do.

I'd like to use a custom team in Arcade modes too, just like i can in Story.

I'd like to rename all my players. If it's possible already, i didn't see how.

I'd like to create a full team, with flag, face, name, starting skills etc, and play with it in all possible modes.

I'd like an option to remove the "Confirm next turn" splash screen.


Hi Tchey,

Thanks for your feedback. I will have a think about all that and see what I can do.


How often you think you will update the game before release, and then after ? Do you plan to do a "release and done (beside bugs)",  or more a "release and keep growing" ? 

Also, i really do hope you can add the full custom team feature.


Hi Tchey,

I would say updates will come every 2-4 weeks. The idea is to stop working on the game once it's fully released (and only give support for issues), and start working on the next game.


I'd like to see different ball pathings when passing the ball. Right now the ball goes way too high when executing short passes, and the jumping of the player who attempts to control the ball could also be changed to basic controls (linked to pass distances perhaps).

I second a zoom out option along with an optional fixed camera.


Hi Willsama,

Thanks for your feedback, I will look into it. It looks like I really need to implement those changes in the camera. 

Are you the same Willsama from the Steam Greenlight? Thanks for your support!

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Yes i'am (July 2015...Wow man, water under the bridge):) I had lost sight of the game but Tchey's vid came as a good reminder so i just bought the game to support ;)

Yeah the camera could be a good thing before Steam, it would also allow better quality streams/vids imho.


How about a career mode, in which the player is either one team player or a club manager.

Would play out like a real football season, using existing calendars.

Field conditions: Rain/snow/mud could randomly affect some tiles depending on the weather.

Fouls,Freekicks, Cards and injuries, those sound like a lot of work but that could add up some fun perhaps:

Fouls could happen when a defender fumbles is tackle roll or an attacker fumbling is dribble roll.

Yellow/red cards/injuries could be related to the player skills/rolls, their position before tacking the action and of course the player's stamina level.

Or you could add an arbiter on the field, and he can sanction the players only inside it's range of maybe 2 squares away, for fun, and give some Blood Bowl touch...

If you allow modding, the game could live much longer, too, with certainly medfan/postapo teams, new skills, etc.


Thanks for the ideas, Tchey!

I think having a referee on the field would hinder movement too much and would be annoying for the player.

Modding is always a nice feature, but the amount of works it involves is too much and I am afraid it would be out of scope. 

Developer (1 edit)

Well, thanks again for your support.

Yeah, the game has been going on for a very long time. I work on this game in my spare time and on my own, which means that things progress very slowly.

I have thought before about a career mode, but it really is out of the scope of the project and not really the type of game I wanted to make, since I am not a fan of manager mechanics.

Rain is already implemented (also hot weather, and they have different impact on the players), you just need to progress a bit more in the Story Mode. I thought about snow, but I felt it would be too similar to rain, and I don't know where it could fit in the Story Mode now (every match is already designed to introduce a new mechanic / twist).

Fouls, free kicks and yellow / red cards were in the game at some point, but I decided to take them out since they didn't add much to the game and felt a bit unfair.

Injuries would work nicely on a Career Mode, but I am not sure they would fit in Story Mode.

Thanks for all the feedback and ideas, I really appreciate it and take them seriously, but I am not always able to implement them due to scope or design constraints...

No problem!

I wish the scope was bigger ! The game easily could become a big game.

Oh hey, is there any chance you could implement CPU vs CPU matches in arcade mode? There are certain theories I'd like to test, which would be great with such a mode.


Hi! Unfortunately implementation of new features has stopped and only bugs fixes are included in new versions of the game.

Okay :(

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Hey there! Nice game! I am a fan of Tactical turned-based, and this is a refreshing game! Ahhh, fresh air.

I read that you don't implement new features, but here are some comments anyways.

Comments :

- Suggestion : after a match in story mode, since we usually gain equipment, I suggest it goes back to the story menu, and not stay in the matches sub-menu (unless you don't win anything, maybe you want to play again)

- Suggestion : I was in the second match of the story mode, and I checked the match objectives, and I think it should be useful if they get "checked" while doing the match or something.

- Suggestion : in story mode, I would rename "Equipment" menu to "Players" or "Players & Equipment", so that we know where to consult/edit the stats/names etc

- Quality of life : I would like the options (sound/music volume) to be available while in a match.

- Suggestion : in the options menu, it would be nice to have a mouse-over text description on the Difficulty and Camera settings, to explain what they do.

- Suggestion : In story mode, we get explained that we don't get XP when playing against a weaker team, but the enemy teams level is not displayed in the Matches window.

- Bug? In the matches window, if you use a controller, you can press (Y) in order to see the match objectives, but there's no button for the mouse.


- Suggestion : Mouse-over description of stats would be great in the Player's window. I can't remember what's the difference between block and save.



Glad to hear you are enjoying the game :)

Thanks for your feedback, they are all very good suggestions but as you say, development of the game has stopped.

Just a couple of things:

You can open the objetives pop up in the matches menu if you click on any of the stars of a match.

Block is used when a player tries to intercept a pass or a shot, and save is only used by GKs when trying to stop a shot.