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Really cool idea! Very original and unique, I enjoyed it.

I love the cute pixel art Reece made for this, and the simple and challenging gameplay is unlike anything I've ever seen before. We have to strategize in real time in order to get the string to line up with the baddies while avoiding certain death, and it's super clever in general.

Some leves can get REALLY hard, but man, they're worthwhile. What a lovely concept. Some levels are more like puzzles, while others are more like action sequences, and they're sweet.

I like to imagine that the blue one is PolyMars and the red one is Reece, or the other way around, and that the game is a metaphor for them trying to finish this project in Pico 8 in time for the jam, lol.

Ooh, I like this, this is really good!

This game is a simple straight-forward linear platformer, but with a twist: your character won't stop jumping. You need to navigate several treacherous obstacles with your character doing a max jump everytime they land. I find this a pretty fun twist to platforming, and it makes otherwise trivial sequences into interesting challenges.

There are tons of variety in obstacles and elements, my favorite of which are the slopes that send you rolling down Sonic style, the arrow bubbles that shoot you forward and, of course, the on-off blocks that change state everytime you land. The level design makes pretty good use of the elements too, never being repetitive, but always being challenging (in a fair way).

There's also a downward scrolling level where you "helicopter" down while avoiding a series of chainsaws and stuff, and it's also pretty good. It changes things up a bit, offering a bit of a break from the constant jumping of the regular levels. However, there are certain parts in this section where, if you don't know what's coming up, you may end up in a situation where you're too far from a safe spot and don't have enough time to move to it. This didn't happen that often, but still.

I quite enjoyed the boss too. I love how its character design doesn't fit the rest of the game at all, it makes for a hilarious contrast, and the gameplay itself is pretty great too. Easy, but not too easy, and also super fun. I love how you're just, like, BONKING this evil-looking necromancer looking guy Mario style, LOL. Oh, also, the escape sequence that comes afterwards is pretty good too.

Add to all that an adorable premise, involving a cute bunny taking back his horde of carrots, with adorable graphics and solid music, and you have yourself a nice and fun short jam game.

All in all, I had a BLAST with this one. It was short and a bit easy, yes, but I had a smile on my face throughout the whole thing.

I've already posted my impressions on Discord, but here they go again:

+ I like the idea of a straight-forward 3D jetpack flight game through tunnel shaped levels avoiding baddies and obstacles.

+ Pretty cool neon, tron-esque atmosphere.

- Camera problems.

:( oh well

Okay, this was really fun and really adorable! The game involves a lot of trial and error, but it's the good kind of trial and error, where the movement is so exhilarating you don't mind trying again and again and again.

My suggestions would be a level select screen, so we don't have to start over whenever we want to try a different character, and a quick retry button, so we don't have to wait for our character to reach the kill plane before we can restart.

Not working for me :( I try to open it and nothing happens. A debug log shows up and says that the system can't find the specified file or something.

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So, overall, super cool little game. I like that you control all squares in an "infinitely" embedded sequence of levels, and how you have to solve puzzles by pulling squares from different levels of the embedding into upper (or lower) levels. Sometimes you even have to take advantage of doubly-embedded levels to duplicate the number of squares you have available! Super cool stuff. How does one even come up with this stuff?

The one thing I kinda absolutely hate is the physics engine is far too slippery and getting to the goal involves more trial and error than anything else, even when you know the solution. So yeah.

Unfortunately, it is way too easy to break the game on level 15. It just keeps flooding squares into the level until it lags too much to go on.


This is very fun and adorable. Great game!

I wanna watch this run. Is it up on already?

A quite fun little platformer game, with decent level design, a chill difficulty level and some good music. Good stuff, my dude.

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yeah, not really "stuck" as in "unable to leave," they just don't pathfind around them. That's not a big problem, but it does make fights easier to cheese.

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Happened to me too. In fact, there are many places where this happens in the entire game. Enemies will get stuck on walls and just stay there, allowing you to hit them endlessly.

I second the desire for a mobile version.

Turns out it was the egg. I'm an idiot.

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I need help in the

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Shadow puzzle. The one where you need to match the shadow, after the king's game. I'm fairly certain it's the gemerald monolith, but I can't seem to trigger the puzzle. What exactly do I have to do? Did I get the right object in the first place?

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Yay :)

Okay :(

Oh hey, is there any chance you could implement CPU vs CPU matches in arcade mode? There are certain theories I'd like to test, which would be great with such a mode.

Yes, it's in version 1.0.9.

If it helps, it usually happens when I'm trying to off-side trap certain teams.

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Brazilian here, and I can confirm this game piqued my interest and got me hooked. If it weren't for the constant crashes and AI mishaps, it might become really popular among Brazilian gamers. Well, at least the ones that are interested in a more strategic experience.

On the other hand, I really don't see the average Fifa fan (the kind that literally only ever plays soccer video games) getting hooked on a turn-based RPG of all things. Maybe it'd work well within a very specific niche of the Brazilian gamer base, as in people who are into both RPGs and soccer games.

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The game will sometimes hang and stop responding during the enemy's turn. I think it has something to do with the AI, but I dunno.

In fact, I think the bug has to do with the game's AI, because I remember in match 2 of story mode when the opposing team's captain would get the ball and be completely clear to shoot, but instead of shooting, he'd just stand there and end his turn.