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Ganbare! Super Strikers

A Turn Based Tactical RPG Soccer Game for Windows, macOS and Linux developed by rese. · By rese

Bug Report Sticky

A topic by rese created Jan 11, 2018 Views: 258 Replies: 15
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You can use this Topic to submit any bug you might find in the game.

Hi, just tried the game, and there's a couple of things that didn't go as expected. I'm running a macOS version.
1. Not sure if story mode is implemented or not, but I'll get to this screen and can't progress. Clicking on either saves does nothing. Can't go back either, I can only force quit the game.

2. I went into offside once (it's been a while since I played or at least watched a football match :D ), the offside animation popped up, but after that I couldn't interact with the game anymore. There seems to be some kind of overlay going on.

Hope this helps. I'll let you know if I find anything else :)


Hi melancholerik,

Thanks so much for playing Ganbare! Super Strikers and for your help! Did you play any Quick Matches before going into Story Mode? I will have a look into this and will come back to you as soon as I find out what is the issue.


I played quick matches, yeah - that's where that offside bug happened.


I think I know what the issue is then. Both bugs are related. I will upload an update as soon as I fix it and will let you know.

Thanks again!


Hi melancholerik,

I have uploaded a new build ( that should fix this issue that you are having. Your save file is corrupted because of this bug, so you need to go to the Options Menu and press the D key on your keyboard 5 times, this will show a Delete All Data button. Press that button and confirm that you want to delete all local data. After this you should be able to play the Story Mode.

Let me know if you have any other issues and thanks for your patience.

Thanks! Reinstalled and deleted save data like you told me and now it seems to work fine. I'm looking forward to play story mode :)
However, after I pressed the "delete all data" button, I couldn't interact with the game - seems similar to other two bugs. I couldn't tell if it did something or not, and couldn't go back either, so I had to quit the game from OS. Not a major problem, I opened the game again after that, and everything worked, I could create new save/character etc. 


Good to hear it's working fine now! Sorry about the game crashing after pressing "delete all data". I will have a look and find out what's going wrong.


Second match in story mod, my player is about to shot, but the game is stuck in this position, can't do anything but move around or quit.


Hi Tchey,

I will have a look into this, thanks!


Tried the Linux version, did not get to far, since I can't get trough the "Click to start" title screen. (No matter what I click or press, nothing happens.) I have an Intel GPU and I'm trying it on a laptop, with a touchpad, if that helps.



You have to Alt+F11 or Alt+Enter whatever your settings to go fullscreen/windowed, to fix the issue.

You can then return to fullscreen and play.

neither Alt+F11 or Alt+Enter switched me to full screen, did try to start the game full screen already,  but that still did not solve the issue.

I'm Linux Mint with XFCE, and Alt+F11 switch fullscreen in applications. Try to find your shortcut for that.

It's a Unity bug, happening quite often on Linux games, and the easiest way to fix it is to go windowed, move the window a little (unstick it from your taskbar), and go fullscreen again.

If it's not working, then it may be related to something else, but i'm pretty sure it's this Unity bug again, from what you said.


Thanks for this Tchey! I wasn't aware of this Unity bug.


Hi CruelAngel,

Sorry about the bug! Try what Tchey said,  go to windowed mode with whatever shortcut your Linux distribution has and let me know if that fixes it.