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Have you purchased the game as part of a bundle or on its own?

Hey! Yeah, you can control the head of the arrow with controllers.


I just replied on your other topic.


I don't have a Steam Deck and the game was never developed to run on that device so I can't really help with that.



You can drag the head of the arrow to select the exact path you want the player to follow.

I don't think you understood what I meant. If there is no opponent in the way, the outcome of the long path and the short path is the same, the only difference is how much SP the player it uses. That's why the computer DOES change it automatically to the most efficient one.

When there is an opponent in the way (the screenshot you shared), they are 2 completely different moves and a player might have a reason to choose one over the other. That's why the computer CAN'T assume that the player wants one move over the other. So if YOU want to move to that square in the shortest way possible, then YOU choose that exact path.

Hi! There is a reason for that:

When there is no opponent in the way, there is virtually no difference between a path like the one on your screenshot and a more direct one, so the game calculates automatically the most efficient one. In the situation you shared, the player could want to do that on purpose to make the opponent tackle you automatically (for example if the chances of dribbling are high you might want to do that so the opponent gets stunned and out of the way), so the game can't assume you want to use the shortest way to move to that square.



Glad to hear you are enjoying the game :)

Thanks for your feedback, they are all very good suggestions but as you say, development of the game has stopped.

Just a couple of things:

You can open the objetives pop up in the matches menu if you click on any of the stars of a match.

Block is used when a player tries to intercept a pass or a shot, and save is only used by GKs when trying to stop a shot.



Hi Gretgor! I have uploaded a new version that should fix this issue with the AI (along with some other minor fixes).


Hi! Thanks for your message.

I originally had plans to release the game on mobile but in the end I decided not to. I didn't think it would do well enough as a premium game to justify the effort of porting it and to release it as a F2P game it would need a major redesign.  I have thought about releasing a F2P version in the future with online matches but I can't assure that will ever happen.

Hi! Unfortunately implementation of new features has stopped and only bugs fixes are included in new versions of the game.

Thanks for confirming. I think I have found and fixed the bug. Since it's AI related I will need to do some testing because the smallest change can break a lot of other things, but I will try to upload a new version in the next few days.

Thanks! I think I might know what's causing it. Just to double check, this is on version 1.0.9, right?


That does sound like the AI is taking too long to think of a move. I will see if I can reproduce it and fix it.


Hi again! I can't seem to reproduce this on my end. Does it only happen with Ganbare! Super Strikers? Is this on Windows?

Hi! Sorry about the bug, I will try to reproduce it on my end and see if I can fix it. 

Glad to hear you are enjoying the game :)

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Oh, that is weird. I will look into this and let you know as soon as I know what's going on. Sorry for the inconvenience!

EDIT: I can't see anything wrong on my end so I have sent an email to support to see if they can fix this. If this is urgent for you, please send me an email to and I will give you the Steam key directly.

EDIT 2: support has told me to  tell you to look again. Apparently the fraud detection system can take a while. Hope it's fixed now!


If you go to the download page you should see a "Get Steam Key" button. Click it and you will get the Steam Key.  You can read about how to  do it here:

Let me know if you have any issues!

Thanks for this Tchey! I wasn't aware of this Unity bug.

Hi CruelAngel,

Sorry about the bug! Try what Tchey said,  go to windowed mode with whatever shortcut your Linux distribution has and let me know if that fixes it.

Thanks for the ideas, Tchey!

I think having a referee on the field would hinder movement too much and would be annoying for the player.

Modding is always a nice feature, but the amount of works it involves is too much and I am afraid it would be out of scope. 

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Well, thanks again for your support.

Yeah, the game has been going on for a very long time. I work on this game in my spare time and on my own, which means that things progress very slowly.

I have thought before about a career mode, but it really is out of the scope of the project and not really the type of game I wanted to make, since I am not a fan of manager mechanics.

Rain is already implemented (also hot weather, and they have different impact on the players), you just need to progress a bit more in the Story Mode. I thought about snow, but I felt it would be too similar to rain, and I don't know where it could fit in the Story Mode now (every match is already designed to introduce a new mechanic / twist).

Fouls, free kicks and yellow / red cards were in the game at some point, but I decided to take them out since they didn't add much to the game and felt a bit unfair.

Injuries would work nicely on a Career Mode, but I am not sure they would fit in Story Mode.

Thanks for all the feedback and ideas, I really appreciate it and take them seriously, but I am not always able to implement them due to scope or design constraints...

Hi Willsama,

Thanks for your feedback, I will look into it. It looks like I really need to implement those changes in the camera. 

Are you the same Willsama from the Steam Greenlight? Thanks for your support!

Hi Tchey,

I will have a look into this, thanks!

Hi Tchey,

I would say updates will come every 2-4 weeks. The idea is to stop working on the game once it's fully released (and only give support for issues), and start working on the next game.


Thanks so much for taking the time to record and upload this video! I don't understand French, but I quite enjoyed watching it.

Hi Tchey,

Thanks for your feedback. I will have a think about all that and see what I can do.


Hi Tchey, 

Yes, there is a Linux version available to download. I will check the description and update it so it's clear.


Sorry, I forgot to mention. Thanks to melanchorerik  and Ximo for reporting those bugs!

Good to hear it's working fine now! Sorry about the game crashing after pressing "delete all data". I will have a look and find out what's going wrong.

Hi bladecast,

Sorry for the late reply! Yeah, I also think the game could be very popular in Brazil, especially since Captain Tsubasa is also very popular there if I am not mistaken. Thanks for your interest and stay tuned for any news!

Hi melancholerik,

I have uploaded a new build ( that should fix this issue that you are having. Your save file is corrupted because of this bug, so you need to go to the Options Menu and press the D key on your keyboard 5 times, this will show a Delete All Data button. Press that button and confirm that you want to delete all local data. After this you should be able to play the Story Mode.

Let me know if you have any other issues and thanks for your patience.

Hi Ximo,

Really glad to hear you are enjoying the game!  Thanks so much for reporting this bug and for even taking the time to record it, it helps a lot!

I will look into fixing this issue and hopefully upload a new build later tonight with other bug fixes.


Hi Ximo,

Thanks so much for playing Ganbare! Super Strikers and for your help!  That is great feedback, I will look into implementing those suggestions.


I think I know what the issue is then. Both bugs are related. I will upload an update as soon as I fix it and will let you know.

Thanks again!