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Ganbare! Super Strikers

Turn Based Tactical RPG Soccer Game. · By rese

Ganbare! Super Strikers - FAQ Sticky

A topic by rese created Jan 11, 2018 Views: 843 Replies: 4
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Hello everyone!

Thanks for your interest in Ganbare! Super Strikers. Here you can find a little FAQ section about the game and what the main goal of this Early Access version is.

  • Why Early Access?

The game is already in a very advanced state, so the goal of this Early Access is to get feedback from players and to improve and balance those areas of the game that might need a bit more of work. There probably won't be any big features added at this point, but I am always open to ways of improving the current gameplay.

  • How do I benefit from the Early Access?

You get to download the game for only $4.99 (that's half the price) and be part of the development process. The game is almost finished, so  you won't have the impression of playing an incomplete game. You can learn about how games are made while contributing to create a better game. Also, you can have your name on the game credits.

  • Release date?

The game is expected to be fully released in Q2 2018 on Steam for $9.99. Every person who has bought the Early Access version on will also receive a Steam key.

  • Linux version?

There is a Linux version on the way.

If you have any other questions, please comment below.

Is there a chance that this game ever comes out to mobile? iOS or Google play? I honestly see a lot of potential in this game and really want this to succeed/ blow up. I feel like it might do really well on mobile.


Hi! Thanks for your message.

I originally had plans to release the game on mobile but in the end I decided not to. I didn't think it would do well enough as a premium game to justify the effort of porting it and to release it as a F2P game it would need a major redesign.  I have thought about releasing a F2P version in the future with online matches but I can't assure that will ever happen.

I see, sad news but understandable. The game is a gem in my opinion.