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Whoohoo, I beat the game!

Sorry, it's been a while. Can we drag using controllers?


I will "Stay tuned!"

Love it.

Cool music!


o(* ̄▽ ̄*)o

I love it!

As mentionned by GabrielFleury, if the algorithm keeps putting the same tile everywhere, death becomes unescapable. Maybe the game should avoid adding the most popular tile(s) or something.



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Hey, I am about to start playing the game. I observed that, in the options menu, if you set the music volume to zero, it doesn't affect the menu music. However, upon restarting the game, the menu music volume was affected.

Maybe it's normal, but it seems impossible (in that case) to go down one tile, THEN left one tile. We are forced to walk in front of the defense. Can you explain?

I understood. I just don't agree. It's your game.

Virtually? Well, moving 2 or 4 squares in a single move is a big difference. I would not allow this in a board game, or in a DND game or whatever.

I don't think it should do that. Movement is always 2 tiles, but when passing in front of someone, it seems to forget that.

Wow. Hum, what happens in Mess when we fall into a hole?

Family version is not easier in any means. It's just a "simpler" set of rules, with a harsh head-or-tails difficulty. 

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Hey there! Nice game! I am a fan of Tactical turned-based, and this is a refreshing game! Ahhh, fresh air.

I read that you don't implement new features, but here are some comments anyways.

Comments :

- Suggestion : after a match in story mode, since we usually gain equipment, I suggest it goes back to the story menu, and not stay in the matches sub-menu (unless you don't win anything, maybe you want to play again)

- Suggestion : I was in the second match of the story mode, and I checked the match objectives, and I think it should be useful if they get "checked" while doing the match or something.

- Suggestion : in story mode, I would rename "Equipment" menu to "Players" or "Players & Equipment", so that we know where to consult/edit the stats/names etc

- Quality of life : I would like the options (sound/music volume) to be available while in a match.

- Suggestion : in the options menu, it would be nice to have a mouse-over text description on the Difficulty and Camera settings, to explain what they do.

- Suggestion : In story mode, we get explained that we don't get XP when playing against a weaker team, but the enemy teams level is not displayed in the Matches window.

- Bug? In the matches window, if you use a controller, you can press (Y) in order to see the match objectives, but there's no button for the mouse.


- Suggestion : Mouse-over description of stats would be great in the Player's window. I can't remember what's the difference between block and save.

I cannot play on my computer with more than 2 controllers in. Tried with 4, and the game stop answering :-(

I play with one controller but two are connected.

Bug :  When in solo mode, all controllers work for Movement (Joysticks) and Jumping (Bumpers) but Interaction Triggers only work on one controller. I almost abandonned the game at the first vine because no character would climb.

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I disconnected the controllers, and then I saw the big green (A) at game start. Pressing enter led me to the menu.

When my 3 controllers are connected, the game starts right at the menu, but nothing is working.

I tried starting the game with 2 controllers, and it starts fine, the green (A) is there. If I plug in a 3rd controller, it disappears.

If I go to the menu with 2 controllers, it works fine. If I connect the 3rd one, the menu stops responding.

The game starts and accept no input from mouse, keyboard nor any of the 3 Xbox PDP Controllers. Any hint?

Keep it up!

Team play actually sounds good, but it would not quite work with less than 4 players. 

That's why I suggested the "1st player mode" in coop, maybe with a different highscore per number of player? 

If I can help in any way, just poke me!

This game is ok a solo game (get the highscore), but in my eyes fails at being a party game (everyone versus) because it's super hard and most people die and get eliminated within seconds, and they have no way to practice and improve.

Maybe if there was a 10 players coop mode, where as long as we have a survivor we can revive our friends and stuff, and the game starts easier and gets more difficult as the game progresses, maybe it would be playable with that many people?

Controller sharing could also be nice (Left joystick + LB + LT / Right joystick + RB + RT).

I started the game as a grenadeer. All my team has grenadeer equipment. I hired a scout which had Scout gear. After I moved my ship, I checked my team again, and all my team, even the new scout, had grenadeer gear.

Hi! Haven't played yet. In the old CASTLE OF THE WINDS, there was a similar mechanic where you could rest to full health, but every X turns new enemies would spawn at either staircase, and often get a free attack on you because you were sleeping or something. Thats could be some kind of clock that does'nt require to add more stuff.

Be an awesome boss monster, and destroy those who oppose you!