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Can this be used in games? As there seems to be no license for it

The linux version seems to have issues on Steam Deck by only displaying green screen. Any idea?

I found this game in a bundle I purchased some time ago but the Linux version plays the music and only displays a green screen. Any idea?

is there any ETA for that update?

I purchased the game with the bundle, is any AppLab key available?

Regarding the game itself: 

It has potential to be doom like BUT:

- The controls are not so intuitive and the reload is SO slow. There's no clear indication of the reloading, so you might think it's ready when it's not.

- you should give more info about where the enemies are coming and which ones are stronger than the others. They just appear randomly and there's no easy access to ammo (like high rating of getting new ammo). You can't escape from enemies running so what's the point on running then...

- the game gets repetitive really quickly and there are not many weapons nor multiplayer.

For half price, this is not a bad purchase but it's not the best game it could be. 

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I purchased the game but it gets stuck at the loading screen on Oculus Quest 2. I have the latest SideQuest version and v29 on Oculus. Restarting the HMD doesn't help. Any other idea?

It works for me just fine on my 2 computers :( 

hmm, it is not crashing for me. Did you open it at any specific moment?


Answering one by one:

1: I just added Spanish and English because tbh, I was lazy enough to not do adding more. I could update it with french if you prefer it :) 

2: It should not crash. it's not crashing for me on Windows 10.