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A member registered May 15, 2017

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Wow, thanks a lot for the help, really appreciate it :)

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 When i first registered on itch.io i provided a wrong e-mail address and changed it to my actual mail but when i request a Steam key for my game, it is sent to the first/wrong e-mail account. How can i get my Steam Key? Thanks

Edit: My itch account is linked to Steam but it doesn't seem to matter, which is weird imho...

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In my case it was an augmented mythril flail i believe.

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Had the same type of crash while moving stuff around in my inventories while being on the "sell screen" in the forge.

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This time around it went fine, walked to it and used a close range melee...

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I first attacked it from a distance with a Gate Keeper spell: The spell fired but no damage was dealt and it didn't start the battle either.

I then tried to "Look"/Attack with a melee weapon/Checked for weaknesses...

Hope it helps, will get back to it and try to just get closer in case their is a specific trigger i messed up with the GK spell.

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Spoiler: Just reached the red heart in the Apex but i can't interact with it in any way.

Had to go back to town.

Adding stuff here to avoid multi-threads:

Lack of light: Would be nice to be able to set a lantern on the floor before/during a fight.

Recruitment Screen: Would like to be able to see Races' specific bonuses when hovering over Race names before buying a new member.

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If you stuff a Mask inside a bag and get back to town,the Mask will remain in the bag instead of showing up on the post exploration screen and Training ground.