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Already in my Steam Library :)

LOL! thanks!

Necro spell!

Already posted on Steam but here it goes:

When do we get the Steam key?

Hi there!Thanks for being part of the bundle!

I will surely give the game a spin once i've sorted the bundle and then report back. Keep it up!

Thanks! All good :)


I'd like to update to the last version but can't find my save. Where can i find it? I'm on Windows 10.


Wondering the same ^^

Awesome mix of genres wrapped in gorgeous pixel art!

LOL, ok all good then ^^

With today version i Don't think units can get Focus and thus use their abilities.

Have to agree that characters on the worldmap could move a bit faster.

Just finished the content so far and enjoyed the ride. Like Tchey, i'm not a puzzle player but had fun on every map.

One thing that feels weird is jumping from the slaver gameplay with his long range action to the guardian, which feels more limited and forced to use enemies to eliminate them.

Other than that i really like the pace, art, gameplay...In fact there's nothing i don't like yet :) So keep it up! 

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I seem to be stuck during ther first boss encounter because of the pop-up issue. Sometimes the game gets stuck even if i wait until the full text is displayed to hit "space". During that bug, if i hit "m", i can see Numbers changing . They appear behind the pop-up but over the map. If you need any more info about the text pop-up issue, feel free to ask here ;)

One more question: Do players have access to assets and can we add some somehow (monsters/heroes/traps…)? Basicaly, will you externalize sprite sheets or even had modding Tools?

Adding my 2 cents here if that's ok:

_ Bug: On windows10, during pop-up text message creation, if left clicking outside the pop up window or using space bar, the game gets stuck, only option is to alt-tab and kill the game.

_ Seconding Tchey's suggestions concerning:

- Enemy visual movement range being all linked to a keyboard key.

- Free team picking when replaying levels could be a great plus.

Love the general flow, design and art so far, keep it up!

Thank you both! :)

Hi! I'd like to know if a Steam key will be provided later if one purchases G&G here and now.

Thanks and keep it up!

No problem!

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Yes i'am (July 2015...Wow man, water under the bridge):) I had lost sight of the game but Tchey's vid came as a good reminder so i just bought the game to support ;)

Yeah the camera could be a good thing before Steam, it would also allow better quality streams/vids imho.


How about a career mode, in which the player is either one team player or a club manager.

Would play out like a real football season, using existing calendars.

Field conditions: Rain/snow/mud could randomly affect some tiles depending on the weather.

Fouls,Freekicks, Cards and injuries, those sound like a lot of work but that could add up some fun perhaps:

Fouls could happen when a defender fumbles is tackle roll or an attacker fumbling is dribble roll.

Yellow/red cards/injuries could be related to the player skills/rolls, their position before tacking the action and of course the player's stamina level.

I'd like to see different ball pathings when passing the ball. Right now the ball goes way too high when executing short passes, and the jumping of the player who attempts to control the ball could also be changed to basic controls (linked to pass distances perhaps).

I second a zoom out option along with an optional fixed camera.

Wow, thanks a lot for the help, really appreciate it :)

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 When i first registered on i provided a wrong e-mail address and changed it to my actual mail but when i request a Steam key for my game, it is sent to the first/wrong e-mail account. How can i get my Steam Key? Thanks

Edit: My itch account is linked to Steam but it doesn't seem to matter, which is weird imho...

In my case it was an augmented mythril flail i believe.

Had the same type of crash while moving stuff around in my inventories while being on the "sell screen" in the forge.

This time around it went fine, walked to it and used a close range melee...

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I first attacked it from a distance with a Gate Keeper spell: The spell fired but no damage was dealt and it didn't start the battle either.

I then tried to "Look"/Attack with a melee weapon/Checked for weaknesses...

Hope it helps, will get back to it and try to just get closer in case their is a specific trigger i messed up with the GK spell.

Spoiler: Just reached the red heart in the Apex but i can't interact with it in any way.

Had to go back to town.

Adding stuff here to avoid multi-threads:

Lack of light: Would be nice to be able to set a lantern on the floor before/during a fight.

Recruitment Screen: Would like to be able to see Races' specific bonuses when hovering over Race names before buying a new member.

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If you stuff a Mask inside a bag and get back to town,the Mask will remain in the bag instead of showing up on the post exploration screen and Training ground.