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Some early feedbacks

A topic by Tchey created Feb 18, 2019 Views: 135 Replies: 11
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First let me say i really enjoyed the game so far, i immediately felt attracted, strating to the first level. Then i discovered it was a puzzle game (for some reason i thought it was a turn base tactical RPG), i don't like puzzel usually. But, i do like G&G because it tastes like a tactical rpg.

- I'm playing on Linux via WINE, and so far it's perfectly compatible, so you may want to push the "Linux" button and release a beta for those willing to test the PC Linux build.

- It would be nice to skip all the text and presentation when retrying a level, as it can quickly become a little heavy. Keep the presentation only for starting the level from the main map, but remove it from Retry option.

- I'm only at world 2 with the Slaver, and it feels the difficulty ramps up quickly. Maybe tune it down slightly, removing some enemies or adding some traps in levels ?

- Could be great to have more than one skill to use per turn. Like, Push1 and Push2 would be two different skills, not sharing the same cooldown. Also, Lash 1 becomes Lash 2 , while Push 1 and Push 2 are two skills. Is it intended ?

- Maybe add a key to show all enemies path/hit ? Now i have to check all one by one to see if the tile is safe. Hitting Space to show all would be neat, and using Enter to pass turn instead.

- I think we (community) could easily translate the game into different languages if you open the text files.

- At first i thought the red spikes would hurt me if i stop on the tile next to it, but it's not. Could be explained somewhere.

- The Push kicks enemy into pikes to kill, from face and from side, but the Lash only kills if pulled into a hole/water ? I tried pulling enemy into pikes, they didn't get hurt.


Hi Tchey!

Thank you for the detailed feedback! It really helps us fine tune the game! The project is definitely an unusual mix of tactical RPG and puzzle elements, and we're glad to hear that you're enjoying it so far!

-Great to hear that the game is working on Linux with WINE. We will definitely look at releasing something for people to test as soon as we can!

-Absolutely! A dialogue skip would be great. At the moment, you can hold the Escape key to rapidly skip through dialogue, but we will try to get in a more efficient way of skipping the introduction as soon as we can.

-A balance pass on all the levels is definitely coming soon. It helps us a lot to have  people playing the game and letting us know where things are too hard or too easy!

-You will indeed  gain the ability to take more than one action in a turn as the game progresses. Extra actions per turn will be unlocked through the character progression system. The skill trees are very minimal right now, but they'll be getting big updates in the coming weeks as we roll through more content!

-That's a good idea! We'll definitely look into adding something to make checking enemy threat areas easier.

-Translation is something we're looking into right now, so we might well be able to open up the text for the community to translate. We will keep everyone posted as things develop.

-It is a little unclear that you can move safely through spikes. We will definitely look at adding some dialogue or a tutorial to clear that up!

-That should not be the case! Pulling an enemy into a spike should absolutely damage them. We've run a couple of tests, but couldn't reproduce the error. Do you by any chance remember which map this happened on, or alternatively, would you be able to capture a screenshot of the issue? Is it possible you pulled a Turtle enemy into a spike backwards? Turtles have a shell that protects their back from spikes.

Thank you again for the detailed information, and we hope you and the rest of our community will continue to give us feedback like this as the game develops! Getting to hear from the players every step of the way will help us build  Guile & Glory: Firstborn into the best game it can be!


Alright, some more.

I guess i've finished the current content, or i missed something. I fought with the Guardian a boss, mission was to kill all grudges. Done. Now i can only reply previous levels.

I liked the Cyclop allied, i thought it was going to join the team.

I liked the Guardian too, but i want more ! I was expecting to meet the other two guys before the end of the Chapter 3. I guess it will be for Chapter 4 then.

In a way, the game reminds me of one of my favorite games of all times : The Lost Vikings, on Megadrive/Sega Genesis.

I'd love to see later some levels with a free-to-pick team. So, there is a level, a you can select 3 or 4 of your heroes to complete it, the ones you want. That would be quite awesome for replayability. Actually, it would be nice to replay any level with any heroe(s) once unlocked, with only the goal to get out, and bonus for killing, etc.


Fantastic! You have indeed finished all the current content. The Rakshasa boss is the last level for now, but more is coming soon!

We'll be releasing a blog in the next few hours outlining a rough Early Access schedule. I'll save the details for that, but in general terms, we should be patching weekly, with every second patch offering new story content.

Your guess is correct! Chapter 4 will see the three heroes meet up for the first time. It is quite a few hours in, but Guile & Glory: Firstborn will be  a fairly long game, so there will be plenty to look forward to once the heroes team up!

We love the idea of being able to replay levels with a team of your choice, and having some later levels where you can pick your party as well. We can't confirm right now exactly how we'll implement it, but something like that is definitely in the works!

We're also really glad to hear the game is bringing back fond memories of some old-school favourites. We love The Lost Vikings, and games from the Megadrive / Genesis era in general, so it's nice to know we're hitting the right notes!


Adding my 2 cents here if that's ok:

_ Bug: On windows10, during pop-up text message creation, if left clicking outside the pop up window or using space bar, the game gets stuck, only option is to alt-tab and kill the game.

_ Seconding Tchey's suggestions concerning:

- Enemy visual movement range being all linked to a keyboard key.

- Free team picking when replaying levels could be a great plus.

Love the general flow, design and art so far, keep it up!


Hi Willsama!

Thank you for the feedback! It really helps us out a lot to get input from the community, especially at this early stage!

-That bug definitely sounds nasty. We'll look into it, and try to get a fix happening as soon as possible!

-Enemy visual movement range being tied to a key is now on the list of features to roll through as soon as possible!

-Free team picking has been added to the list of features for priority testing. We'll see what we can do!

We're really glad to hear you're enjoying the game, and we hope you'll continue to help us improve it all the way through Early Access!

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I seem to be stuck during ther first boss encounter because of the pop-up issue. Sometimes the game gets stuck even if i wait until the full text is displayed to hit "space". During that bug, if i hit "m", i can see Numbers changing . They appear behind the pop-up but over the map. If you need any more info about the text pop-up issue, feel free to ask here ;)

One more question: Do players have access to assets and can we add some somehow (monsters/heroes/traps…)? Basicaly, will you externalize sprite sheets or even had modding Tools?


Hi Willsama!

Thank you for letting us know! We're sorry for the inconvenience. We're going to try and deal with the popup issue today if at all possible.

Also, pressing "M" in combat will currently show your real frame rate. The game is presently capped at 60 fps, but the hotkey will display the maximum FPS it could be running at. Unfortunately we can't uncap the FPS for the foreseeable future, but we find the game is pretty smooth at 60 FPS.

With regard to externalising sprites and / or modding, we don't have the final word on that yet, but it is an idea we're interested in. We'll keep looking into it, and see what we can do! 


Opening the game's data to modding almost guaranty a longer lifespan than keeping the game "closed and finished", and so, better sales.

A game like this would be quite easy to mod, as it's 2D pixels tiles based.

I would love to see :

Maps, tiles, monsters, heroes, texts, quests, traps, sounds, musics... Even without ingame editor, but an easy to mod files, and a menu to (un)check mods to play with. I'm thinking about Dominions, Conquest of Elysium, Rusted Warfare, Factorio, Rimworld...


Hi Tchey,

Yes, modding would definitely be a lot of fun! It's more a question of feasibility in terms of GameMaker's functionality, our own code base, and the licensing on the work we have from contractors.

It will probably take quite some time to figure all that out, but fingers crossed we can make something happen!


Just finished the content so far and enjoyed the ride. Like Tchey, i'm not a puzzle player but had fun on every map.

One thing that feels weird is jumping from the slaver gameplay with his long range action to the guardian, which feels more limited and forced to use enemies to eliminate them.

Other than that i really like the pace, art, gameplay...In fact there's nothing i don't like yet :) So keep it up! 


Hi Willsama,

We're very glad to hear that you've enjoyed the game so far! It's really encouraging for us to hear that players who don't normally play puzzle games can still have a great time with Guile & Glory!

You make a good point about the Guardian. The switch in playstyle from the Slaver can be a bit jarring. We're currently taking a look back over the first three chapters, especially chapter 3, and we're aiming  to fine tune the difficulty and pacing in a future update.

Thank you so much for the kind words!  We'll do our best to keep working alongside our fantastic community and build the best game we can!