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Thanks Tchey!

We'll be back at it soon, have no fear :)

Hi Tchey,

Awesome! Thank you for taking the time to create a video! It's always really cool to see our community come up with strategies for a level that we hadn't even thought of. We'll update the level objectives accordingly!

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Hi Tchey,

Thank you, as always, for the detailed feedback! It really helps us out! We'll address it point by point in  a Q&A format below:

Part 1:

First level, first try, i won in 7 tuns, perfect run, and i was surprised it should be in less than 14 turns ! It felt easier than some previous levels.

 - Seven turns!? That's extremely impressive! Clearly, we hadn't figured out the best path through the level. We'll update accordingly!

Second level is suddently very more difficult, i think.

 - You make a good point. The difficulty progression is a little off in some of the chapters. We'll be going through and tweaking everything in the polish and balancing pass over the next week or two!

I think the spear from the Impaler has a nice mecanism, and add evon more tactics than before. I'm curious to see what you will add in the future !

 - Thank you! We're very glad to hear you're enjoying the game so far! Rest assured, there's lots more to come!

I think Impaler should not damage the Slaver when pulling an Impaler into a hole.

 - That's an interesting point! We'll take another look at the Impaler spear mechanics.

Would be nice to be able to use as many as different skills we can, as long we have Action Points. A Grapple Bomb, then a Whip, should be possible, as they are two very different skills.

 - We totally agree that being able to use more skills would be awesome! We'll be taking a look at that as part of the character progression overhaul.

Sometimes when hovering over enemies, the game doesn't show info about its range, like in this .gif :

 - Hmmm. That's a weird one. We've added it to the bug list, and we should hopefully have a fix in the mid-week patch!

Part 2:

Level 3, the drudge bottom left is not moving far, for some reason it stays in its corner, even when teased... Actually i can't move there neither, the GUI is blocking the passway.

 - Oh, that is not working as intended. Added to the list of things to fix!

When pushing an enemy to the edge of the screen, it should do something. Damage or kill, not just nothing, it doesn't feel "right", in my opinion.

 - Good point! We'll look into it!

So far, i'm stuck at level 3, with the Giant. I manage to kill it, but i also lose one hero. More brain is needed !

 - The Giant fight is tough! You can just avoid it and move to the victory tiles, but where's the fun in that?

Part 3:

Alright, finished Chapter 4, not with perfect everywhere yet, but i'm out. I really like the game ! I want more ! More !.

 - Great to hear that you're enjoying the game so far! Fear not, more is coming soon!

A Prisoner to save, i hope it's a new hero for next chapter !

 - We like the way you think! Interesting things are coming in Chapter 5!

I was expecting to play at least one level with all 3 heroes, but i didn't see the Guardian.

 - We definitely agree that it's time for the heroes to all meet up!

I was expecting the Guardian to be in the Upgrade panel, but she is not.

 - The Guardian skill tree is coming in the character progression overhaul, which should be ready in the next week or two.

I was expecting to see more Upgrades but there are not (beside the bomb but it's not upgradable).

 - We are working on the character progression overhaul alongside the balance pass for Chapters 1- 4, and both will be ready soon!

A bug it seems, with an archer. I can't pull or push it.

- We've added it to the list! We're aiming for a fix in the mid-week patch.

Thank you again for putting so much work into providing us with feedback on the game! It really makes our jobs so much easier to hear firsthand from the community like this!

Let us know if you have any more thoughts. We should have another update soon!

Hi Tchey,

Apologies for the delayed reply! We didn't get a notification of there being a new post in this topic. We're glad to hear that the crash seems to be gone, although it's a little concerning that we don't know what caused it to begin with. We'll keep looking into it, and see if we can find the culprit!

In the meantime, we're working as fast as we can on a Linux build. It looks like GameMaker Studio 2 supports Ubuntu export, so we're hoping we can have that working in the next week or two. We'll also be pushing at least the start of Chapter 4 very soon!

Hi there!

Thank you so much for the kind words! The Game Developers World Championship sounds like a great opportunity! We'll bear it in mind, and hopefully be able to submit the project.

Hi Tchey!

Thank you for following up on this! We've run some more tests, and we haven't been able to reproduce the issue. It sounds like it might be caused by Wine, but we can't be sure at this stage.

We know it's a lot to ask, but is there any way you could please capture some video of the crash happening? We might be able to figure it out a lot faster if we can see the exact chain of events that leads up to the crash. It also gives us a better chance of reproducing the issue on one of our testing computers, which will be a huge help if we can manage it. We don't have any Linux machines with Wine at this stage, so testing a fix could be a little laborious if it does turn out to be a Wine issue, but we'll do our best!

Hi Tchey! 

As always, thank you for your feedback!

We weren't able to reproduce the crash you found, but we think we have located the issue all the same. We've released a small patch to address it. Let us know if it pops up again.

You make some good points about the Free Mode interface! It's still early in development, and we'll definitely be making some revisions in future updates.

With regard to Free Mode being broken, we haven't been able to find any issues. To place a character in Free Mode, left click on the character's portrait in the Free Mode window, then left click on one of the blue deployment tiles to place the character. Once placed, characters can be freely dragged around the deployment zone. To remove a character from your Free Mode party, simply right click that character in the deployment zone. Please also be sure to observe the party limit for the battle (shown in the bottom left of the Free Mode window). You will not be able to start the battle if you have too many characters in your party.

We will also aim to release a video guide for Free Mode soon. In the meantime, please feel free to hit us up with any questions you may have!

Hi Willsama,

We're very glad to hear that you've enjoyed the game so far! It's really encouraging for us to hear that players who don't normally play puzzle games can still have a great time with Guile & Glory!

You make a good point about the Guardian. The switch in playstyle from the Slaver can be a bit jarring. We're currently taking a look back over the first three chapters, especially chapter 3, and we're aiming  to fine tune the difficulty and pacing in a future update.

Thank you so much for the kind words!  We'll do our best to keep working alongside our fantastic community and build the best game we can!

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Hi Tchey,

Thank you so much for the kind words! We're glad you're enjoying the game so far, and we'll do our best to keep making it better with our awesome community!

Edit: We're excited for Free Mode too! We've wanted to make something like that for ages, but it is quite a large time investment, so we didn't want to go ahead until we heard from the community. Hearing such a clear and positive response has allowed us to move forward with development on Free Mode, and we think it's going to be a whole lot of fun!

Hi Tchey,

Thank you for the detailed feedback! You raise some very good points about the early game balance.

Going back over it, we feel that the Guardian levels are probably too tough (especially the perfect run conditions). We don't want Guile & Glory: Firstborn to be so difficult that only puzzle game experts can succeed, especially early in the game.

As for what to change, you're quite right that it isn't entirely straightforward to re-balance a level. As you pointed out, changing a tile or moving an enemy can have radical and unintended effects on the flow of the level as a whole. That being said, we will aim to implement a balance pass on the first 3 chapters first thing after we release chapter 4!

Hi Tchey,

Thank you so much for the article! 

It really helps us get to the game out there and build an active community! The more feedback we get this early in development, the quicker we will be able to build Guile & Glory: Firstborn into the best game it can be!

Hi Tchey,

Thank you for the feedback! We've been back over those levels, and getting a perfect run is extremely difficult. We have probably tuned the difficulty too high there, especially for so early in the game.

We're in the process of reviewing the bonus objectives for Chapters 1 - 3 now, so any feedback about which objectives are too hard or too easy is enormously helpful!

Hi Tchey,

We do indeed have a rough ETA on content updates! Please bear in mind that the schedule is  by no means definite at this stage, and we are a tiny team, so we could encounter delays. At the moment, though, we're on track to release an our first version of Free Mode next week, and at least part of Chapter 4 the week after.

The in-game GUI is currently placeholder and subject to change. That being said, we do have 3 heroes confirmed at present, and others in the early testing stages. Whether or not those make it into the initial release remains to be seen.

In terms of the number of chapters, we can't give a final figure, or confirm what all the chapter maps will be used for (some may be for side stories or challenges), however we can confirm that the main story will include a minimum of 10 chapters.

We will still try to figure out why that Drudge isn't moving on the first turn, but well done indeed! That is a very impressive use of your resources to complete the map!

Impressive! Nicely done :)

Hi Tchey,

Thank you for the feedback! You've put forward some very cool ideas, and some we've been considering ourselves as well!

We can't confirm too much right now, as a fair bit of this is still in testing. What we can do is go over the skills currently slated for a public test in the coming weeks, as well as talk a bit about upcoming characters. We can also confirm that each of the three main heroes (Outlander, Slaver, Guardian) will definitely have multiple skills, as well as quite a few passive abilities to modify gameplay! It bears mentioning that many of these skills will also have higher ranks that increase the range and / or effect.

Please note, this skill list is not in any way final, and some information may change. Each  main character will also have skills that are not on this list.

The Outlander:

  • Battlemaster (passive): The Outlander can take additional actions each turn 2 / 3 / more?
  • Sprint (active): The Outlander can sacrifice 1 action point for 1 / 2 move points.
  • Spur On (passive): Shoving an ally also grants that ally 1 / 2 additional move points this turn

The Slaver:

  • Darting Lash (passive): The Slaver can take 1 additional action each turn
  • Flash Potion (active): The Slaver can throw a volatile potion to a nearby tile, forcing all adjacent enemies to face that tile (very useful against Archers, Turtles, Impalers and Giants, as well as later-game enemies)
  • Taskmaster (passive): Whipping an ally also grants that ally 1 / 2 additional move points this turn

The Guardian:

  • Shield Mastery (passive): If the Guardian finishes her turn with action points remaining, she will automatically turn to block one attack against her side or back for each remaining action point
  • Essence Lance (passive): If the Guardian shield bashes an Essence Orb, it becomes a lance of arcane energy that flies forward, heavily damaging the first target it strikes.
  • Healing Lance (passive): Hitting an ally with an Essence Lance will instead heal the target.
  • Blessed Lance (passive): The Guardian's Essence Lance can now damage Unborn (which are normally immune to most attacks).
  • Piercing Lance (passive): The Guardian's Essence Lance now pierces through multiple targets.

Other Playable Characters:

  • At present, we do not expect any characters that deal direct damage to join the party permanently (this may change!)
  • The Cyclops will be back in future levels!
  • You will also be able to play as other Firstborn in future story levels and side missions
  • Free Mode will include playable Firstborn
  • We like the idea of a position-swapping mage too!
  • Mind control would be fun!
  • We are testing a lot more cool stuff we can't really announce just yet, but stay tuned!

Again, we must apologise that we aren't able to fully answer every question yet, but please rest assured that we are listening, and that feedback like this helps us make the game a lot better! We also hope this little teaser of what is to come has piqued your interest for future updates!

Hi Tchey,

First off, well done on completing that! The first Drudge not moving is indeed a bug. 

We will try to sort that out as soon as possible!

Out of interest, did you take any damage to complete the level in 5 turns?

Hi all! We've just rolled through a small patch to address a couple of issues.


  • The dialogue crash
  • Missing dialogue at the end of Ch 1 - Level 5

Up Next:

  • The Cyclops crash in Ch 3 - Level 4

Hi Tchey,

Yes, modding would definitely be a lot of fun! It's more a question of feasibility in terms of GameMaker's functionality, our own code base, and the licensing on the work we have from contractors.

It will probably take quite some time to figure all that out, but fingers crossed we can make something happen!

Hi Willsama!

Thank you for letting us know! We're sorry for the inconvenience. We're going to try and deal with the popup issue today if at all possible.

Also, pressing "M" in combat will currently show your real frame rate. The game is presently capped at 60 fps, but the hotkey will display the maximum FPS it could be running at. Unfortunately we can't uncap the FPS for the foreseeable future, but we find the game is pretty smooth at 60 FPS.

With regard to externalising sprites and / or modding, we don't have the final word on that yet, but it is an idea we're interested in. We'll keep looking into it, and see what we can do! 

Hi Willsama!

Thank you for the feedback! It really helps us out a lot to get input from the community, especially at this early stage!

-That bug definitely sounds nasty. We'll look into it, and try to get a fix happening as soon as possible!

-Enemy visual movement range being tied to a key is now on the list of features to roll through as soon as possible!

-Free team picking has been added to the list of features for priority testing. We'll see what we can do!

We're really glad to hear you're enjoying the game, and we hope you'll continue to help us improve it all the way through Early Access!

Fantastic! You have indeed finished all the current content. The Rakshasa boss is the last level for now, but more is coming soon!

We'll be releasing a blog in the next few hours outlining a rough Early Access schedule. I'll save the details for that, but in general terms, we should be patching weekly, with every second patch offering new story content.

Your guess is correct! Chapter 4 will see the three heroes meet up for the first time. It is quite a few hours in, but Guile & Glory: Firstborn will be  a fairly long game, so there will be plenty to look forward to once the heroes team up!

We love the idea of being able to replay levels with a team of your choice, and having some later levels where you can pick your party as well. We can't confirm right now exactly how we'll implement it, but something like that is definitely in the works!

We're also really glad to hear the game is bringing back fond memories of some old-school favourites. We love The Lost Vikings, and games from the Megadrive / Genesis era in general, so it's nice to know we're hitting the right notes!

Hi Tchey!

Thank you for letting us know! You are quite right that this does not look like a Linux-only issue. 

We'll look into it now, and hopefully get it sorted in the mid-week patch!

Hi Tchey!

Thank you for the detailed feedback! It really helps us fine tune the game! The project is definitely an unusual mix of tactical RPG and puzzle elements, and we're glad to hear that you're enjoying it so far!

-Great to hear that the game is working on Linux with WINE. We will definitely look at releasing something for people to test as soon as we can!

-Absolutely! A dialogue skip would be great. At the moment, you can hold the Escape key to rapidly skip through dialogue, but we will try to get in a more efficient way of skipping the introduction as soon as we can.

-A balance pass on all the levels is definitely coming soon. It helps us a lot to have  people playing the game and letting us know where things are too hard or too easy!

-You will indeed  gain the ability to take more than one action in a turn as the game progresses. Extra actions per turn will be unlocked through the character progression system. The skill trees are very minimal right now, but they'll be getting big updates in the coming weeks as we roll through more content!

-That's a good idea! We'll definitely look into adding something to make checking enemy threat areas easier.

-Translation is something we're looking into right now, so we might well be able to open up the text for the community to translate. We will keep everyone posted as things develop.

-It is a little unclear that you can move safely through spikes. We will definitely look at adding some dialogue or a tutorial to clear that up!

-That should not be the case! Pulling an enemy into a spike should absolutely damage them. We've run a couple of tests, but couldn't reproduce the error. Do you by any chance remember which map this happened on, or alternatively, would you be able to capture a screenshot of the issue? Is it possible you pulled a Turtle enemy into a spike backwards? Turtles have a shell that protects their back from spikes.

Thank you again for the detailed information, and we hope you and the rest of our community will continue to give us feedback like this as the game develops! Getting to hear from the players every step of the way will help us build  Guile & Glory: Firstborn into the best game it can be!

Hi Willsama!

Tchey is quite correct. Our last blog post wasn't entirely clear because we were still figuring out whether we could provide Steam keys through

It looks like we can, so yes! If you purchase the game here, you will get a Steam key when they become available.

Hi Tchey! 

Thank you for the info! You are correct. We'd love to release a Linux version if we can!

We're looking into it, and we should have more information soon. We'll try to do a blog post about it when we have some definite answers.

Thank you so much, Murray! 

We've been working very hard on polishing everything up this last year, and it's awesome to see the game finally coming together :D