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Want to get into dev

A topic by mike2056 created 9 days ago Views: 296 Replies: 26
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I looked into it and it all seems scary tbh lol.  I do some pixelart and ive looked into C# slightly but was wondering if I should try learning java first? Plus the sounds and sfxs scare me the most. Any Tips?


Depending on what kinds of games you want to make, there are easier ways to get into it. Twine. Ren'Py. Python and Pygame. Once you know the basics, it should be easier to learn more advanced languages or engines.

As for audio, I just use open source assets. Never learned how to make my own either. But collaboration is always an option.


C# and Java are both good languages to start with, and very similar actually. Your main choice is which engine / framework to use. For instance: C#: Unity or Monogame. Java: LibGDX or Processing.

Unity: powerful, extensive, professional engine, with a lot of good documentation and tutorials. But also overwhelming when getting started, and high level (little control over what happens "under the hood").

Processing: a very simple, clear environment, that teaches you about programming while creating some nice interactive graphics. But not a professional tool that you can create full games with.

Monogame/LibGDX: good if you like working in a code-centered environment (instead of an editor), and if you want to have control over what happens under the hood. Professional tools, but more for experienced programmers, and it takes a lot longer to finish your first game (compared to Unity).

There are many more engines/frameworks, especially if you look outside of C#/Java. Which ones are you considering?

And what is it that scares you about sounds? There's nothing hard about downloading some free sounds or generating them with something like sfxr and playing them in your engine. (Of course real sound design is another matter...)

I wanna get into rpgs and such. The languages I seen while looking into game design where c# java c++ python and things like gdscript but I do not know the benefits of things like gdscript so i've mainly been looking into the first 3

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RPGs is a special category. You could look into RPG Maker, which will allow you to create (a certain type of) RPGs quickly. But it's not free, and I'm not sure how many useful skills you learn from that for use in other tools/engines.

Making a (serious, elaborate) RPG in Unity (or Monogame, etc.) is a ton of work. There are assets in the Unity asset store to get you started, but they're also not free (as far as I've seen). But if you want to create a simple, short experience (no elaborate inventory, quest, dialog, etc. systems) that should be doable without tools.

GDScript (Godot) seems very similar to Python, so you cannot go wrong learning that. Godot seems a good engine to start with too.

I would say: pick a tool (Unity, Godot, RPG Maker?), follow some tutorials and see how well it matches your skills and expectations. You can always switch...


Ye i had no idea there were things like sfxr and such lol and am probably going just to do random rpg to get practice under my belt. Thanks for all your info

Here is some recommendations you can find on

Easiest game engine with Lua code:

Learn music:

Make pixel music:

thanks for all the info.

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you can use gdevelop and help me make a rpg cause i like rpg and i am bad at art but ive tested rpg making in gdevelop and it was great! if you wan to make a game with me just reply =) btw gdevelop is entirely free!

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I still a giant novice myself and just started to scraped the top of pixel art and such. I don't mind the idea of trying the game out with you but like i said am a giant newbie with little knowledge and was looking for tips and such to get into learning it. Defiantly not Jam ready yet.


its ok! you dont need to learn proggramming languages it uses visual scipting and has a built in piskel editor , c'mon i entered a game jam with the theme of crafting and i plannned on making a survival rpg game also i am a begginer to! and a 12 yrs old =)

I'am 25 and like i said a jam might be abit much for me rn I rather work on my pixel art skills for the time being. thanks for the offer tho

oh your good at arrt? if you can, can you make me a top-down character and a goblin?? i would credit to you and thanks!

good is  putting it lightly am trying lol am green horn and can you get into what your looking for like size wise? design wise? idk if it be any good and such but am down to give it a shot

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64 x 64 or 32 x 32 would be great and i think your art is gonna be amazing! make it survival-ish ok? ;)

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by top down do u mean like birds eye view? am a bit lost and ill work on it in my free time and like what type of design like fantasy? med fantasy?  If you could show some examples of what type you want would be helpful 2

thisthisthisand this i think survival will be ok just without swords or guns =)

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here's a body shape i came up with its not detailed or anything just making sure its the style your looking for. Its a 64x64 grid and the character itself is 39x17 Its also  upscaled to 200% for this pic.

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Hello Mike!

I know it's overwhelming, but I must say that it's brave and welcome that you'll try to learn coding to make your own games.

I have a bit of posts already with links to tutorials and such, but instead of repeating here more of the same (check my old posts if interested), I'll leave you here a few links to RPG development with Unity (the engine I'm using at the moment). In case it can give you ideas, or make you more comfortable with the idea to try that approach.

Unity's RPG Creator Kit

Brackeys' How to make an RPG (I find Brackeys very attractive for an introductory level)

Some links to video tutorials and such (all centered around RPG development with Unity)

Well, that's a bunch, but I think that the first two are the most attractive ones if you're starting.

Good luck!!

thanks for the help!

Since childhood, I dreamed of creating games! But I only got a computer at 15, so I put off this process for a very long time. Now I remembered this idea and also started learning the code to create my first game. I'm sure this is easier than it sounds. The main thing is to devote to learning every day.

ye, I've been dipping my feet in some Gdevelop just so I can see how light code works and been practicing my pixel art for like 2-3 hours a day

No need to learn java before learning C#. As someone already mentioned they're both good languages, I personally found it easier to learn C# than java- that doesn't mean that this is true for you though, I'ld recommend you to try both languages a little to feel which one suits you the best. :)

what would you recomend for learning c#? engines, code editor, any useful tools for it?

Specifically for game development I'ld recommend Unity Engine, it's easy to use and there's a whole bunch of guides, tutorials and documentation to help you get started. ( ) I prefer using the MonoDevelop IDE ( code editor ) while working with Unity, but it's possible to use ( and I think it has become the default editor in recent versions of Unity ) Visual Studio.

Visual Studio is a really great IDE, and free, it's far better than MonoDevelop in my opinion so I'ld recommend it first and foremost, even though I prefer MonoDev myself. :) If developing desktop applications I'ld certainly recommend VS, since it has built-in UI designer tools and include a whole lot more without the need to install a bazillion of add-ons.

Furthermore, I'ld really recommend reading some books about programing in C#- it'll help alot, going through a bunch of online tutorials targetting game development, and specifically development with a certain engine would probably work out allright- but it will likely take a longer time to learn it properly and to stand on your own two feet. To give two examples, click the links below. Pay your local library a visit to see if they have any books on the subject on the shelves! :)

prob going to use the vid method or online sense am broke lol thanks for the info