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Project not showing up in searches?

A topic by M. B. Saunders created Oct 27, 2017 Views: 467 Replies: 5
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Even when searching for the exact game title, strangely only the DLC for our game shows up. I've checked the options for both projects, but I can't seem to find what makes the difference.  Anyone know what could be causing this?


That's odd if the DLC shows up but the main game doesn't. Both have a price tag, and you just published them, so they shouldn't show up until they've been manually reviewed. Good catch, whatever it is.


They both show up now, after we got the email about about the games being published. Strange, but at least it's there now :)

I've got the same problem with 2 games i uploaded Yesterday, I uploaded one today and it works fine on search bar, can you help me?
They don't appear in the search: Black Jewel, Blue square gals.
The third I uploaded today appeared immediately after the completition of the page: Broken core.
What can i do?


Hey all, sorry for the confusion. 

As soon as you publish your game it's available immediately by direct link, and you can start sharing it. Some game pages may take time to get indexed onto our main site though, there's nothing wrong with how you set up your page. I know this is confusing, I want to make some changes to make this more clear. 


My game also doesn't appear when you search for it, and i made this game 2 YEARS AGO. I ensured the game was fully shared publicly but still, no luck.