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Im planning on fixing the game up (since its trash) but if  it doesnt even come up under the search, there will be no point

yup. It was made 2 years ago. but if you search radioactive zombies. nothing shows up

My game also doesn't appear when you search for it, and i made this game 2 YEARS AGO. I ensured the game was fully shared publicly but still, no luck.

I changed the public settings multiple times but it doesnt seem to work. Please Help.

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Maybe you could add a certain option in the map maker in which the players choose a background from a selection of backgrounds that you placed in the game?

Edit: I definitely still enjoy this game without backgrounds, this is only a request to make it even more enjoyable

to be honest, for the splitscreen mode, you could change it to any image such as a jungle or a desert since it is 2d. However, for single player I'm not really sure since it's 3d and you can't really just upload a picture to the background. As for area suggestions, I would say maybe a jungle or forest, a desert or a facility at night with search lights moving around.

This Game is great fun. But, I only have 1 request. Is it possible if u could add a background instead of keeping the grey empty unity background?