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I just downloaded the encyclopedia,you did a GREAT JOB! I love it. I'll probably print it for me and a couple of friends in a physical version with the MD box size, It's a problem If I'll change the cover illustration? I've got another idea, but keeping the title and I think I'll add your name (as each real printed book)

This is lovely!! Nice job :)

Thank you for the comment, I'm happy you liked it!! At the moment no new features on this one, BUT we are working on a Megadrive port that will be released during 2023. Look here, will be awesome and of course you can crouch down and doing lots of more different attacks:

Hi! This is a complete adventure, you can read it and be fully satisfied. There is a new book on the works, sith a complete new adventure of the White Lion, but you can read it in the future separated from this first one. Hope you'll like it!

Hi, Great app!! Is there a chance to make it run on Windows 8?

Of course!! Go in the page of the game, there is everithing you need!! ;)

Released now!! Have fun ;)

Lovely art here!


The artworks and the style is lovely! I really like it.


Kitsune Zero community · Created a new topic Lovely style!

I really like the sprites work here! Lovely!

thank you!! Where can I see your ptoject? I love tmnt! :D

No, the actual original remain on my, the enchanced version will be on consoles at the moment, probably in the future will be released on steam PC, but will be not correlated to my original version.  (also due to the fact that is a completely new game, redone by another software house collaboration with me ;)

Awesome contents, high quality and beautiful model!

no demo for the enhanced version, but you will see a lot of videos once released in september to value it ;) Final price must be 9.99 $ on the respective consoles shops.

Sorry, sadly clickteam pad configuration is not fully compatible with every pad, but you can easiliy fix the problem using the free app J2K to configure each button as you like, on keyboard or pads of every kind!

try J2K app to customize controls, sadly clickteam is not fully compatible with every pad. (sorry for the strange bug, but the code is far from perfection)

It's fantastic! Thank you!

sorry for the late reply, probably clickteam fusion is not fully compatible with your pad, I think you can try J2K and map key buttons on your favourite gamepad ;)

I released only Mastema Out of Hell and Black Jewel (cause done under Forever Entertainment as publisher) I don't like Steam, that's the only reason why for every other game I use only ;) 

No, this is the only shop where you can find it ;)

Strange, there is a large range of compatibility with clickteam fusion, did you connected the pad before starting the app of Last Beat? You can try J2k to avoid the issue if nothing else works!

Hi QueenFaith, there is a demo for reviewers only at the moment, but I can add it in the next days, I'ts not a bad idea!!

Hi Justince!! At the moment I'm not able to do it. But I'm looking at some win emulator for Android to try the game on Android systems (could be the right way?) I'll try Wine for first. You can try also, if It can run apps for win on Android devices the game is probably done! :D

Happy you received!! Thank you for sharing this precious picture of the physical edition!! 

Hi Yeo, I'm very sorry you did'nt like my game, send me and e-mail, we'll find a deal!

This is just lovely!! I really like it :D

I knew that, so happy to meet the creator!!! That engine is better of mine for sure! But I could'nt use something not done by me for etical reason XD. I think that Clickteam is a beautiful software and can do really amazing things for 2d games.

Yes!All my games are done with Clickteam Fusion :)

Hi Ucial! Thank you for the long comment (I really appreciate when somebody take his time to help developers) I'll try to answer to your point of view, you are right, the "jump" is missing, but it was my decision to eliminate it to encourage short fighting action (something like Vendetta, one of my favourite beu from the past) That choise is also a little compromise to help me in development (is very hard for me to add a jump action and all the relative consequences of it in every situation). The choise of the single life bar also is a detail that push the player to give his best doing attention to enemies waves and bosses. Of course I can understand that you could don't like that gameplay, but I sincerely suggest to you to give it a second chance to enter the right mood (also using improvements and unlocking things that is always an incentive to do better and more). I'm sure that if you try some more, you'll find a way to get better and a single bar is enough to complete also the full game! Try the improvement fast special attack charge! Did you tried? Is very helpful! I know we are talking about a small game at a small price with some limits, I can assure that I'll do my best to add some patches in the future and support it and, of course, answering to friends like you that give me some precious feedbacks! Let's smile a bit, to be true a Master System game could not support all that details and sprites on screen ;) But you are right, this is not a MD resolution game, just a nostalgic assonance I liked to do. 

Exactly, a standard and a limited edition! Today in next hours the campaign will start and all details will be revealed!

WOW, I loved that movies, I think I'll buy this and I'll give it as a gift for a couple of friends of mine :D

Awesome contents! Great detail and style!

Video trailer ready! Release date december 13th 2020! 

Thank you Biim!

Sexy Megaman :D and a bit creepy also eheh!

I did not answered? Sorry for that! Sadly I don't work on other's people games, lack of time leave me only the chance to going on personal projects (and very slowly :(

Sadly at the moment no eng version, only the issue0 and 1 on comixology (but is not for free) Hope in the future a complete translation: 

Thank you Rosita, means a lot from a great artist like you! :_ )

Oh my... This must be an issue with your OS, you tried to play the exe file in administrator mode and in compatibility mode? Maybe will works! Sorry for the problem...

Thank you! Hope you'll like it, is small and simple but i Loved work on it :)