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Thank you Stavros!!! Jump is the major challenge in this game that's why in some parts you've got to calibrate it well ;)
Jumping while running will help. Have fun!! :D

Game released!!!! You can download it for free! :)

Hi Paanormal Games! I use Clickteam fusion2.5 developer (i love it)

Hi Stavros, sadly an annoying stop, but i started again working on it, this time to complete it! Stay tuned! I hope to release it in a month. (maybe less!) sure for the summer!

No savestate or checkpoint, as usual in c64 Platform (or arcade) games :D.  There are 8 stages+boss each map, 5 maps, but last map is a bit different more stages and the castle is a labirint (you need to find the right path to reach the final boss). Try harder, is not so complicated complete it ;) if you want to complete it before the review release i can tell you in pvt message a secret cheat.


Thank you Stavros! : D

Thank you Cartwright, really happy about this! I shared your post on Google plus and twitter!

Great!! I was waiting for a repsonse :D great news! Thank you Badchosenname, hope you'll have fun beating the game!


Sadly no Linux version available, but some people used Windows emulators to run it under Mac, you can try and buy it, if it does'nt work i'll do a total refund of course.


Thank you Ferzzola, i'm so happy about your comment cause is exactly the aim of my game! :_ )

Here for you an arcade shooter with bonuses and level up upgrades to the vehicle!
More than 20 levels in pure pixel art.


Thank you! First copy on itch sold today! So happy!! :D


Thank you Red!!

At the moment all the 3 are visible in the search bar awesome! So for next games i've got just to wait a couple of days and everithing will be ok correct? Thanks for the prompt reply! (sorry for annoing, i'm new and i've got to understand all this small things, i'll disturb each day a little less, promise XD)


We must wait a response from administrators, maybe Tomorrow... I was thinking in the regular waiting of the new subscribers, but  today in the same instanct i published the third project it appeared in the search bar, so i sure made something wrong in the precedent 2... :(

Hi everibody, i've got an issue with the search bar, i've got 3 project in my page, but if i look for them in the bar only 1 appear.
Broken core (the third) it's ok, the other 2 no way: Black Jewel, Blue square gals.
If i tape my name as a creator, it results but says 1 project instead of 3.
What can i do to solve the problem?
Thanks in advance, i'm going mad! XD


I've got the same problem with 2 games i uploaded Yesterday, I uploaded one today and it works fine on search bar, can you help me?
They don't appear in the search: Black Jewel, Blue square gals.
The third I uploaded today appeared immediately after the completition of the page: Broken core.
What can i do?

It's ok that i can't see my games in the research in home page? And if i look for my autor page it says "0 projects"?

Ops Sorry again, fixed!

Oh my god, sorry, i'm new and i'm a bit confused! Fixed, thank you! :D

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Happy to announce my first android release on!
A pure pixel art puzzle game for Android with beautiful girls. Hope you'll like it!

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I'm happy to share my last PC game with a pure pixelart style! Hope you'll like it!
It'an oldstyle c64 looking platform in pure pixel art for a great nostalgic feeling.