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Waiting Patiently

A topic by Top Think created 31 days ago Views: 82 Replies: 10
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Good to see this game is getting a breath of new life.  Very fun.  Addicting even.  


It will be here soon (ish).  ;>   Testing is going well.  I hope to stream some of the testing progress soon.  https://www.twitch.tv/mokkbs 


I got my Empire Deluxe in 1994. Still have the floppy and the box. Nice beach picture. Late 90's upgraded to EDIE. My computer crashed in 2014 and I lost it. Makes me real happy to see it coming back. It a simple game that gets really involved by 3 o'clock AM and I have a cramp in my mouse hand but I won't let go! Just one more round I LOVE IT

Around that time, I worked in another town and had a couple friends who worked there with me.  We all played the game over the local telephone lines...two at a time.  If I remember correctly, we could chat with a line at the top of the screen and we would chat and play for hours...sometimes late even on work nights and sometimes all weekend if things permitted.  That was before any of the big MMORPGs.  The "How to play" wasn't too hard although strategy took a bit of getting used to...especially against other humans.  GREAT fun !!!

That mode of play always interested me, but I had no tech for it back in the day. Now, of course, we're in the Megabit bandwidth range-- this could be very hot for live play and chat.

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I'm excited to see this classic evolve but preserving its charm,  without "chroming" it. 

Although, it might be fun to hear that 80's 8-bit score start up-- and then morph into a 72-piece orchestral version!  (Some of us may recall a video analog to this when the first laserdisc of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" started playing-- as a direct transfer from horrible VHS-- which suddenly stops after a few seconds -- and is replayed in pristine laser format.)

Do we still support a "Group move" protocol? (I guess the PDF manual will answer this.)  For those who never used it, this involves expanding the selected piece marquee to include other similar pieces (such as infantry),  and then mousing  in the desired re-direction, such as to another city, or region, and watching the entire group make its way there automatically, turn by turn.  Also handy with fighters, or any other group of materiel which needs a massive change of battle orders.

I also love the fact you support keyboard shortcuts as well as mouse, and hopefully all on-screen controls can disappear leaving only the map with say, a tap on the TAB key, a handy toggle.


Group mode was added in during testing.  A bunch of stuff is now in.  I don;t think it is in the manual yet. Certainly not the one for download. I hope to update it soon. So busy!

But I will put out a blog post very soon.

That's great, Mark.  Thank you for all your work.

- Loren

Hi all, Just stumbled upon the new release last week. Great game, great times (I also played it a lot in the late 80's/90's) Looking forward to the latest iteration.  I have a question regarding the difficulty/handicap tweaking. [The 80's version had a % slider where you could change production/combat handicaps precisely. The latter games had a preset advantage/disadvantage option that I didn't find as satisfying.]

How will the handicap system work in EDCE? Adjustable %, presets or customizable?

Really looking forward to the end release. Thanks Mark.

Cheers David


Hi David, I am afraid those are on the settings that you do not like. However, there are additional settings that temper this a bit. Another handicap which deals with just the positions combat odds against Neutral cities is added. You can tweak the AI so that it is immune to drain effects (if you remember what that is), you can set the number of cities the AI starts with, you can give the AI "Buy points" to spend, and then of course you can  hack the ugly open source C# AI source code to make him smarter. 

Thanks for the reply Mark. Don't get me wrong, the handicap setting isn't a deal breaker! I'm looking forward to playing Empire again.