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OK, so the AI isn't a simple " One size fits all"- Got it.  I've played some EDEE and mobile edition in the last couple of weeks (2 games of each) and I haven't noticed the AI's  AC  using fighters for projecting air power/ convoy screening (The AI did build them). Is that the sort of  tactic you are hoping to be added by the community? Also in EDEE the AI used AA and artillery to some effect, which was challenging.

So how much has changed since your last video (Sep 23)?  Meaning, have the Testers prompted you to make any more changes? Following that- If there are changes is a video coming, or are you waiting for the big unveil on release?

Well, from the perspective of "the game" (rules, units, etc), there have only been tweaks to the enhanced set. These are due to rare combat situations. The enhanced set is a little different in that supply is now abstracted (no supply unit) and there is no movement capture combat. It is kill only (except for city capture of course).

From the perspective of the interface, a great deal has changed since the KS.  Not the whole look, but many more commands have been added, other data is customization has been presented. Yes, I do need to do a stream for this.