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It possible Manjaro is the culprit.  Is that the only OS you are using? 

EDIT: Culprit meaning that the Manjaro driver for On-Board Intel video cards does not play well with Unity.

did you run with the forcegl option?  If you did I would try without and see if it behaves differently. (or visa versa)

Well, keep in contact about it and let me know how it is going. As I think on it, I suspect the memory of the card is an issue. 384 is not a lot. 

Well, its the combination of Operating System, video card drivers (software) and  and the card itself  that is the issue. There are a lot of variables at play. Its not a question of supported/unsupported from my perspective, more a question of how the combination can process the graphics API, and if it does so correctly.  Something in the mix is causing the breakage on the font textures. Is it fixable? Maybe so, possibly not. We are kind of at the mercy of these  components working together.

There a couple of other flags that can be tried. Though they specify Direct X and I don't know if these are going to be non-starters for this.

Potential Flags are:

-force-d3d9 Make the game use Direct3D 9 for rendering. 

-force-d3d11 Make the game use Direct3D 11 for rendering.

-force-opengl Make the game use OpenGL for rendering, even if Direct3D is available.

I doubt the 11 would work as the card itself only supports up to DX10, but you might try the 9


Unfortunately, the card is 10 years old and its capabilities might just not be up to modern API calls and the memory is low.

Also, if there is some sort of "Control Panel" for the video card there are possible options you can perform. These sorts of things allow you to make adjustments inside the card and that helps.

You might cycle between the 32 bit/64 bit versions if you have not done both, though I would not anticipate this changing the situation. But you never know.

Regarding your support question again. If you don't think you can get it working to your satisfaction and want to refund it, itch has a refund policy. https://itch.io/docs/legal/terms  I would think this would fall under "technical issues" and you have worked with me on it. I always hate to go that route as my goal is to keep people playing this classic game,  but if  this is the only component combination you can readily use I am afraid you may have to go that route. It is not my goal to take your money and run. ;> 

Arg, I would not be surprised if this is something with your video card driver and possibly its open gl support.

You might fiddle around with any video card options you are supplied with.  What card do you have in the box? 

EDCE uses Unity as the engine. Manjaro may be an issue, as the most success  with Unity on linux appears to be Ubuntu. 

That being said, this thread


Seems to have a problem extremely similar to yours, so I suspect you video is failing to initialize. Though there is some VMWare in that thread, you should tried those solutions, including the -"-force-opengl" command line argument or turning off graphics hardware acceleration. 

Do you run any other Unity-based games?


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It will be looked at and I would like to have both an Android and iOS version. But I cannot give a currently a potential release time.

There should be an indicator on the front screen that the game has an update available.  

The instruction for updating are here : 


If you are a Kickstarter backer, you should  use the original link you were sent to access the files. Otherwise, they should be accessible through your itch account.


If you were a kickstarter supporter you would use the link you were originally sent to get the game.  From there, you pull down the zip you need. The zip is not really a patch/update, it is a replacement.  Your game data is stored in a separate location and will not be lost when you replace the game. 

If you were a KS supporter and do not still have your link,  send me an email.


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This should explain it.  If you need more info due to your KS pledge, send me an email.


I have seen parts of this, it is pretty cool.

Hi Leaf,

I had a user get this today.  Don't know if this is related to anything or if this is in your realm at all. Good old Norton:


AI source code updated:


Looks like we have a winner!

I sent him an email and hopefully he can post some good info here for you.

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Hi Leaf, one of my testers in Oregon has been having issues as well. He sent me this note and the link:

Yeah, definitely a problem with their CDN, went to download it today and it complained about this host being unavailable.  


Hope this helps.

Wow, this series is now through 13 episodes -  a very interesting game as the city eff is so low in general. Very nice in that a lot of thought into the decisions is discussed. 

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Locking this thread. If you have an issue feel free to post it in a new thread, or send an email to mok@killerbeesoftware.com

Replied to drrowley in Bug Reporting

Now I can see the patrol picture. That is very interesting, I suspect that is something just introduced. I definitely would like to see the archive if you can make it.  I will fiddle around on my end. Thanks for catching it and posting it up

Replied to drrowley in Bug Reporting
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I think Itch's file server for images is not working today - but I don't know if you can position them or not. Anyway, will look over it when that gets fixed.

The files for a game are split up. but they can be wrapped by what is called an archive. Information on making n archive is here:


You have to have the Steam Client installed. And I am assuming you have the key.

In the image, note the Games menu at the top of the Steam Client. Select that, Click on Activate, You have to click next a couple of times to pass the warnings and agreements. Then you will need to copy and paste the key where they request Product Code.

Regarding bugs, there has only been one platform specific issue thus far, and that was a Linux display startup issue. But if you have an issue you can create a new thread for it. I have been meaning to lock this thread as it is jumbled.

Replied to drrowley in Bug Reporting

If you have a screen shot or even better an archive of the game where this is happening, definitely send it along.

There is not annotation/art layer. However, you can add short notes to a location. Check Map Labels from the Reports Dialog - and then turn on the map labels toggle.

Replied to drrowley in Bug Reporting

Hi, thanks for the comments. The interface is different form EDIE/EDEE and does take some getting used to.

For some of the comments:

"Wait" moves your unit to the end of the processing queue. Activate Last will activate the unit previously active. Be aware that this includes units that may have been automatically processed, not just units you manually interacted with. 

There is a Launch command button. It will be in the command button group (bottom buttons). If you do not see it, you may not have this section open all of the way. 

The reports dialog does close upon choosing a report. All reports can be bound to a key, so if there is a report you frequent, I would recommend setting that up.

The extra reports message is a bug that has not yet been addressed.

If you mouse over an enemy spot, the info box in the lower right will list the age of the spot.

"Prep Unload" should be used when you have a transport you wish to move and then unload. If you need a prep load, "Load Till Full" may satisfy that, otherwise use load instant.

There is a right click menu  option which can be used for activating a unit, but there is not a select via right click option. 

Replied to Keeloid in Bug Reporting
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I think there is some confusion here as you mention "the latest archive minus 1 ". Archives are not sorted by game, time, turn. They are named by you. It is up to you to choose the archive.

Saved games are displayed when you enter the loading screen from the main menu. Those are sortable by date, turn, etc. A saved game is different from an "archive". Making an archive is an intentional act on your part, not the act of saving. So when you make an archive, you are able to give it a name. Making an archive is discussed on/around page 74 of the manual.

To restore the archive, from the main menu you open to the Load Game screen, and click on the "Restore" button on the bottom. You should then see the list of all archives you have made, select the one you want and that will restore the game to that state. The archives are listed by name - there is not a date or turn information like there is in the Load Dialog, only the archive name you created.  Your selection will overwrite whatever was already there.

Have you tried this and are you seeing something different?

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Don't know if either of these guys are running mint. 

Edit: Oh I was confused. You did have the issue and fixed it. Yay!

Replied to Keeloid in Bug Reporting

Once an archive is made, it does not show in the load panel as an active moment of the game.  The archive must be restored to be reflected in the load panel. But be aware that what ever state of the game that was represented in the load panel before the archive was restored will be gone. 

So in other words, when you restore the archive, that becomes the active state of the game. There is only one game state "active" at any one time.  Let's say I archive at turn 108, then play on to turn 125. Load panel says turn 125. If I restore the archive I previously made, it will be at turn 108 again. If I did not archive at 125 before this, 125 is not recoverable. anymore. i will only be able to play turn 108 forward.

I think there is  a write up that may better explain this in the manual.

Replied to ecyrb1 in Bug Reporting

It should be on by default, but you may have  flipped it on accident.

Check your options dialog when in a game. Available in on of the buttons up on the top. (Near Save/Exit) 

Replied to ecyrb1 in Bug Reporting

Also, there is an "Auto Start Turn" option. Have you disabled this or have any other break options set?

Replied to ecyrb1 in Bug Reporting

How much land is surrounding Pavia. Is it completely surrounded by water?

Forgot to post the patch notes:


Replied to ecyrb1 in Bug Reporting

As far as I know I have not heard of it being an issue.. 

However, If they are a land unit in a single island city, they will not be activated automatically (as they cannot move). 

Send me an email describing how you get that first unit built. 

Hey Leaf, a few days back  I got more information on it as I had him try again and the user was getting the mismatched token error. (same error as before).

And I poked around on the Git Hub and saw you commented (about a year ago) about this type of error, and you had said it was an intermittent thing.  The user in question was someone using Chrome with Icognito. So that lead me to ask for browser info, and it turns out he was using Tor - so I suspected it was related.  The issue was still listed as open. 

Just adding to it if any of that helps ring a bell.

Issue fixed in Build 05

This is just a heads up that two users have presented issues to me in this regard. I would say using the Enhanced Set with no stacking is problematic until the next patch, which due to this issue will come sooner rather than later.

There are instructions at the download link on how to do this.

Ok spam attack there. Sorry for the multiple blogs

Sorry, if this is the wrong place for this. I got an email from someone in Germany saying he tried to purchase with Bitcoin but it was not working. No other  details except he states he sent an email to support and he said he had not gotten  a reply back. Looks like the transaction attempt would have been either the 3rd or the 4th.

And with the recent Steam departure, is there any consideration to a change of the current status of Bitcoin for itch?

I think the AI Fix I sent you should do the job.

Created a new topic Information on Bug Reporting
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If you have encountered an issue first my apologies and second I would like to try and fix it. If you would rather contact me directly, you can always send an email to mok@killerbeesoftware.com.

There are essentially two types of problems: First with the vanilla game. Second with a modified game.

For vanilla issues, please remain constructive and describe the issue in detail. Saved games often prove very useful in repeatable situations. My first step will be to be able to repeat the issue. If I can, It will be fixed. If I cannot, it “might” be fixed after some digging around.

Some bugs only occur because of someone's unique play-style. So I also may try to work with you personally by requesting you send me an email and we may go through the issues to see where the bug is appearing. These situations do require your patience and understanding, and I thank you in advance for that.

For mod issues, (Unit Set, Source Code), the bug may or may not be related to your mod. With a mod, you may be traversing down an unintended code path or running against some assumption in the program. I cannot guarantee these can be fixed if mod related, but I would like to give it a try. 

The philosophy towards mods is essentially everything is exposed, and whether or not it works like you would like is another matter. However, I can be approached with proposed changes and if I deem then not to be too much of a code risk and they do not violate any sacred game rules/mechanics, I can try to get them in. Most mod change requests that come about occur because there is some assumption in the code that needs to be a setting instead...so many changes are possible.

If the problem is repeatable and  occurs after you reload the game and you get a notice, the best thing to do is send an archive. 

To make/send an archive, follow these steps:

  1. Off the Main Menu, Go to the Load Game Screen.
  2. Find the game in question. You  will see an "A" button for archiving (Multiplayer games cannot be archived)
  3. Click on the A Button, and enter an archive name.
  4. Find the <GameData Directory> location, which can be looked up in the Administration Screen (Directories Button)
  5. Locate the file, if it is big you can zip it. Then email it to mok@killerbeesoftware.com

Sometimes, you might be asked to zip up and send me the logs of a game. This can be done by:

  1. Find the <GameData Directory> location, which can be looked up in the Administration Screen (Directories Button)
  2. Zip up  <Game Data Directory>/log. Then email it to mok@killerbeesoftware.com

If the issue involves a mod, Mod authors should be prepared to send me the main mod file, currently located in <Game Data Directory>/udb. I do not need the extra sound/image files. 

For Windows People:

If you cannot find the <Game Data Directory> because Windows has hidden files activated, follow these instructions.


Alternatively,  and this may be better for you for easy access:

  1. At your desktop
  2. Right Click â€“> New â€“> Shortcut
  3. Enter the following: C:\Users\<Your Windows User Name>\AppData\LocalLow\KBSW\EmpireDeluxe

And that gives you access to that area. <Your Windows user name> is displayed in the Administration, Game Data Directory line. The drive letter (C:) may also be different.