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Hmm..that's not cool. I ill see if there are Unity reports with MAC in this regard.

This is an issue with Unity Engine to some degree, and to some code that was not completely optimized for the way Unity Engine behaves in this regard. There was a good amount of effort to reduce this behavior, and i believe there was a good amount of success with the "Experimental" CPU mode.  So if you are having this issue, go to the "Administration" section and select that option (lower left corner of admin screen).

Every command in the command and info bar should have the ability to be bound to a key. It may not be bound by default - and check the name of the command it may be different that what you think it is.

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You can set it up as a server only, but it cannot be run headless. I know of at least one case where this was done via AWS, It was discovered there was no way to save/shutdown but I believe this was fixed - certainly not tested well but I think they were satisfied. 

EDIT: I would recommend no one be logged in when you shutdown/save. It will auto save as well now.

I am assuming you have a stand alone version from itch. It is not a license issue with you running a stand alone as a server then connecting to it yourself with another instance. But you have to run server/client as separate instances - both have to have unique reference directories (a second installation - not the same one if you are using one machine to do it all). 

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No this is correct, in that the command is also used to DESTROY existing roads. But only EN/SB can use it to build.

that's interesting, but I can not explain why the screensaver is not kicking in - I am sure somehow the program is disturbing the peace - could be related to display calls being made to the video card. (a wild guess)...if it was minimized I wonder how it would behave.

The unity domain is probably a license check.  I was not aware (and not surprised) they do this.  The killebee one is for "updates" as mentioned above. 

Blocking this should not have a negative effect.

if you play MP or FShare there will be a couple of others, both to killerbee

The iOS mobile app is a different product,  Apple made it difficult to support and they finally booted it with the OS upgrade.

In EDCE , If your map is small enough to see the whole thing, this will happen. 

Definitely keep me updated.

Oilfields have a couple of good uses, one to produce "supply" which can then be routed to a city and used for various Production purposes, the other to act as a "Non Production City" when the "Drain" is calculated.

Both of these are fairly involved topics, and I would recommend looking over the details in the PDF manual for the game.

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First let me clarify the earlier response about scrolling and map dragging - map dragging a a feature of the Combine Edition, not the Internet Edition - EDIE was released in 2003, EDCE 2017/18 - so I was speaking tin the context of EDCE.

Any/all versions save the game to a file on the local computer. None need a network connection to actually play a game solo.


For #1, this is how the game is played. You need air cover and naval units to prevent such scurrilous attacks.

For #2, I think that is a behavior of the older games. In this version the map can be dragged around and zoomed via mouse.

Ok, I ran this test:  Standard game set with continue reduction unchecked in the standard rules , no advanced rules. Network play.

Start the game, and as you have said, the non-server player does see the green 11 as the drain indicator.  I did a rules check on both sides, and the rules are correctly set (NO DRAIN CHECKED). 

When I begin to play, on the non-server players turn, the drain indicator does in fact disappear and is never seen again - so it is an initialization thing. Drain will not have an impact on this configuration. So it is a visual bug.

Thanks for the heads up.


This is most likely just a visual bug. I will confirm that and then should be able to find the issue.

This thread was a year old up to a day ago.

These replies are coming to me and I am not an itch rep.  - they need to go to leafo so you need to either reply to his post, or create a new thread.....otherwise I do not know if they will get it. 

Look for "Convoy". This should be one of the command buttons on the bottom. You will designate a stating point, and ending point, and what units are to be transported.

Sent you email, but putting this here since this Q has come up before from others.  You should be able to use your email to recover the file


The manual,

around page 82 has a walk-through for setting up a server.   That is definitely something you should read if you have not already.  How are you having problems?

Go to the map/scenario editor screen. In the lower left is a button to get maps and scenarios. Download maps. source was updated.

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Well, define classic. If you are looking for 1993 Empire Deluxe, I would recommend the "Internet Edition", which is close to a direct port from that version.  Earlier versions of Empire I don't know.

Internet Edition can be found at :

This "Blog Post" seems to have gotten buried, so I am going to put a sticky to it here.

I got an email regarding some maps that were submitted, so I thought I would share the info here. this description only talks to two of the maps.

The first is a cylinder world (180 x 110, horizontal wrap). On this one, there is a single large river which winds around the entire world. There are 150 cities; 4 are “important.” Three of these are also spawn points. A suggested victory condition is the capture of all four of the important cities.

Almost all of the cities are located on the world river or on one the many streams which feed into the river. Initial exploration ought to follow the waterways.

Most of the cities are also given names in rough groups. This is another aid for exploration.

There are 140 resource locations. Many of them are loosely clustered as resource rich regions. These resource regions are usually not near concentrations of cities. Not using or underutilizing engineers could be a serious mistake.

There are several long mountain ranges with peaks severely limiting overland travel away from the rivers and streams. There may be a pass or two through or around most of these mountain ranges. An AI opponent will find these passes and exploit them.

The ENHANCED AI opponent plays this map better than an Expanding AI opponent. Set up and watch a game with three ENHANCED AI opponents to see how the AI opponents expand and then stall. The AI opponents have difficulty locating the fourth important city.

A human opponent against two ENHANCED AI opponents should prevail in roughly 300 turns. Contact with an opponent won’t occur until around turn 100.

The second is another cylinder world, but smaller (125 x 80, horizontal wrap). There is one large “crater lake” on the planet fed by four separate rivers/streams and ringed by a roughly circular mountain range with peaks. There are four spawn points, all located around the crater lake. Contact with opponents occurs quickly. There are 84 cities in total. 30 are inside the mountain range surrounding the crater lake. Each spawn point city has almost exclusive land access to five of these cities. A human opponent against three ENHANCED AI opponents should prevail in around 200 turns.

 If you have a map you want to share, please do!

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It possible Manjaro is the culprit.  Is that the only OS you are using? 

EDIT: Culprit meaning that the Manjaro driver for On-Board Intel video cards does not play well with Unity.

did you run with the forcegl option?  If you did I would try without and see if it behaves differently. (or visa versa)

Well, keep in contact about it and let me know how it is going. As I think on it, I suspect the memory of the card is an issue. 384 is not a lot. 

Well, its the combination of Operating System, video card drivers (software) and  and the card itself  that is the issue. There are a lot of variables at play. Its not a question of supported/unsupported from my perspective, more a question of how the combination can process the graphics API, and if it does so correctly.  Something in the mix is causing the breakage on the font textures. Is it fixable? Maybe so, possibly not. We are kind of at the mercy of these  components working together.

There a couple of other flags that can be tried. Though they specify Direct X and I don't know if these are going to be non-starters for this.

Potential Flags are:

-force-d3d9 Make the game use Direct3D 9 for rendering. 

-force-d3d11 Make the game use Direct3D 11 for rendering.

-force-opengl Make the game use OpenGL for rendering, even if Direct3D is available.

I doubt the 11 would work as the card itself only supports up to DX10, but you might try the 9

Unfortunately, the card is 10 years old and its capabilities might just not be up to modern API calls and the memory is low.

Also, if there is some sort of "Control Panel" for the video card there are possible options you can perform. These sorts of things allow you to make adjustments inside the card and that helps.

You might cycle between the 32 bit/64 bit versions if you have not done both, though I would not anticipate this changing the situation. But you never know.

Regarding your support question again. If you don't think you can get it working to your satisfaction and want to refund it, itch has a refund policy.  I would think this would fall under "technical issues" and you have worked with me on it. I always hate to go that route as my goal is to keep people playing this classic game,  but if  this is the only component combination you can readily use I am afraid you may have to go that route. It is not my goal to take your money and run. ;> 

Arg, I would not be surprised if this is something with your video card driver and possibly its open gl support.

You might fiddle around with any video card options you are supplied with.  What card do you have in the box? 

EDCE uses Unity as the engine. Manjaro may be an issue, as the most success  with Unity on linux appears to be Ubuntu. 

That being said, this thread

Seems to have a problem extremely similar to yours, so I suspect you video is failing to initialize. Though there is some VMWare in that thread, you should tried those solutions, including the -"-force-opengl" command line argument or turning off graphics hardware acceleration. 

Do you run any other Unity-based games?


It will be looked at and I would like to have both an Android and iOS version. But I cannot give a currently a potential release time.

There should be an indicator on the front screen that the game has an update available.  

The instruction for updating are here :

If you are a Kickstarter backer, you should  use the original link you were sent to access the files. Otherwise, they should be accessible through your itch account.


If you were a kickstarter supporter you would use the link you were originally sent to get the game.  From there, you pull down the zip you need. The zip is not really a patch/update, it is a replacement.  Your game data is stored in a separate location and will not be lost when you replace the game. 

If you were a KS supporter and do not still have your link,  send me an email.


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This should explain it.  If you need more info due to your KS pledge, send me an email.

I have seen parts of this, it is pretty cool.

Hi Leaf,

I had a user get this today.  Don't know if this is related to anything or if this is in your realm at all. Good old Norton:


AI source code updated:

Looks like we have a winner!

I sent him an email and hopefully he can post some good info here for you.

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Hi Leaf, one of my testers in Oregon has been having issues as well. He sent me this note and the link:

Yeah, definitely a problem with their CDN, went to download it today and it complained about this host being unavailable.

Hope this helps.

Wow, this series is now through 13 episodes -  a very interesting game as the city eff is so low in general. Very nice in that a lot of thought into the decisions is discussed.