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Killer Bee Software

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Issue fixed in Build 05

This is just a heads up that two users have presented issues to me in this regard. I would say using the Enhanced Set with no stacking is problematic until the next patch, which due to this issue will come sooner rather than later.

There are instructions at the download link on how to do this.

Ok spam attack there. Sorry for the multiple blogs

Sorry, if this is the wrong place for this. I got an email from someone in Germany saying he tried to purchase with Bitcoin but it was not working. No other  details except he states he sent an email to support and he said he had not gotten  a reply back. Looks like the transaction attempt would have been either the 3rd or the 4th.

And with the recent Steam departure, is there any consideration to a change of the current status of Bitcoin for itch?

I think the AI Fix I sent you should do the job.

Created a new topic Information on Bug Reporting
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If you have encountered an issue first my apologies and second I would like to try and fix it. If you would rather contact me directly, you can always send an email to mok@killerbeesoftware.com.

There are essentially two types of problems: First with the vanilla game. Second with a modified game.

For vanilla issues, please remain constructive and describe the issue in detail. Saved games often prove very useful in repeatable situations. My first step will be to be able to repeat the issue. If I can, It will be fixed. If I cannot, it “might” be fixed after some digging around.

Some bugs only occur because of someone's unique play-style. So I also may try to work with you personally by requesting you send me an email and we may go through the issues to see where the bug is appearing. These situations do require your patience and understanding, and I thank you in advance for that.

For mod issues, (Unit Set, Source Code), the bug may or may not be related to your mod. With a mod, you may be traversing down an unintended code path or running against some assumption in the program. I cannot guarantee these can be fixed if mod related, but I would like to give it a try. 

The philosophy towards mods is essentially everything is exposed, and whether or not it works like you would like is another matter. However, I can be approached with proposed changes and if I deem then not to be too much of a code risk and they do not violate any sacred game rules/mechanics, I can try to get them in. Most mod change requests that come about occur because there is some assumption in the code that needs to be a setting instead...so many changes are possible.

If the problem is repeatable and  occurs after you reload the game and you get a notice, the best thing to do is send an archive. 

To make/send an archive, follow these steps:

  1. Off the Main Menu, Go to the Load Game Screen.
  2. Find the game in question. You  will see an "A" button for archiving (Multiplayer games cannot be archived)
  3. Click on the A Button, and enter an archive name.
  4. Find the <GameData Directory> location, which can be looked up in the Administration Screen (Directories Button)
  5. Locate the file, if it is big you can zip it. Then email it to mok@killerbeesoftware.com

Sometimes, you might be asked to zip up and send me the logs of a game. This can be done by:

  1. Find the <GameData Directory> location, which can be looked up in the Administration Screen (Directories Button)
  2. Zip up  <Game Data Directory>/log. Then email it to mok@killerbeesoftware.com

If the issue involves a mod, Mod authors should be prepared to send me the main mod file, currently located in <Game Data Directory>/udb. I do not need the extra sound/image files. 

For Windows People:

If you cannot find the <Game Data Directory> because Windows has hidden files activated, follow these instructions.


Alternatively,  and this may be better for you for easy access:

  1. At your desktop
  2. Right Click â€“> New â€“> Shortcut
  3. Enter the following: C:\Users\<Your Windows User Name>\AppData\LocalLow\KBSW\EmpireDeluxe

And that gives you access to that area. <Your Windows user name> is displayed in the Administration, Game Data Directory line. The drive letter (C:) may also be different.

Sorry about that, Sent you email on how to make the archive. I am sure we can fix it and recover the game.

Replied to Maldev in Bug Reporting

Hi I replied to your email. I am going to lock this thread, as it is a little long. but if you need to make another.

Replied to Maldev in Bug Reporting

Maldev,, do you think you know how to make an archive and send it to me?

Replied to gkramer1 in Bug Reporting

Email the archive to mok@killerbeesfotware.com when you can.


Replied to gkramer1 in Bug Reporting

Send it to mok@killerbeesoftware.com


Great man. I peeked at your site. Some cool stuff there.

Hope you enjoy it.


There are some optimization steps that have not yet been performed. These  will be addressed in a later build.

(Edited 1 time)

You are correct that the buttons do not work when you press sort, as there is a different display of the area where you can drag the buttons around to sort them in the area. 

So is the "Done" Button Not Visible?  Does it not work when you press it?

Exactly what is locked? Are you able to move the map with the mouse? Are you able to select a unit? How are you exiting the game? Do you press Bail?

(Edited 1 time)

Thanks, the "itch" ones I made yesterday as I was trying to conform to what you had posted about  how the file structure should be set up. and I was trying to get it out to him.  

Anyway, thanks. having just launched I had not thought about the app as everyone is pulling it from their keys. I will straighten out, Thanks again  guys.

Replied to Maldev in Bug Reporting

Reviewing this, the stop sign is really intended for stopping processing going on, though it does also have the benefit of deselecting the unit. 

Might I recommend you use the "Deactivate" control, which is at the bottom if you mouse or default bind is the escape key. 


Going to send you mail offline.

Hi Ron,

The "game data directory"  is where is where info is stored, you can find the location for this off the Directories button in the Administration page.

If player #5 is blowing up, it is most likely repeatable. (meaning if you load the game again it explodes in the same way). It would be great if you could make an archive of the game and sent it to me. To make an archive, you go to the Load Game screen off of the main menu, and for the entry in questions you should see an "A" button. That will make an archive which you can find in the "game Data Directory"/archives. Zip that and send it to me and I will see what the issue is. Usually I can get the game back going.

The logs may be useful, you can find those in the "Game Data Directory"/logs directory. If you zip the whole log dir I can sort it out.


Replied to Maldev in Bug Reporting

Ok, thanks. I will look into that. It should not be popping up if it is your turn, but something may be getting triggered.

Hi Kai,

I added windows files which should work with the itch app. There is a 64 or a 32 bit.  Please just acknowledge you got it running. Thanks.

Ok, I am working on uploading a windows executable version now.  will ping you here when ready.

Right now the compromise is the tree view. I always like the non-default concept, and I will look into what can be done with this on the request list.

Looking over the itch app stuff, I definitely do not have them setup to run under the app and sounds like the only option you have in the app is to try and run things. I will see about addressing this. 


I have downloads available for owners as zips, and these were marked as "other" files. In this thread,


I have a customer reporting that using the app he cannot download these files.  Is this expected behavior for the app?

(Edited 1 time)

You you are unable to download any file? I know other itch users have gotten access to it. I do not know if they are using the app or not though. I am sure if you went through without the app you would be able to grab the file. I will look on my side, perhaps you want to post to itch and see if this is a problematic case. For if it is as you say, then the app will not work.

Which other displays? What are the steps taken?

Regarding the freezes, is this with a modified unit set, or the standard?

Mines are allowed in the game for placement, as are roads. But the appropriate rules options rules must be set for those to be active.

No. The new code is in C#, and it is for all three AI players., one of which is the older Enhanced Player.

To place in a transport, drop it on top of the transporting unit.

In Itch Speak the file is listed as an "other", it is not a specific executable as it is not a binary.  So there is no "box" to check.

Is the itch.io app unable to download other files? 

(Edited 1 time)

Unfortunately, there is not a Default/Non-Default loading option as there was in EDEE. This is by design as it confused more people than it helped. The tree view is a simpler method which people understand when they want to do special loading  situations. 

The tree view itself is set up for swapping and loading/unloading, not for ordering. So if you desire to order a list of 50 units in a particular way, you will have more work to do. The tree view can be impacted by a machine that has difficulty rendering the scene.

Regarding various comments involving the mouse and the interface, first, all command and info buttons can be mapped to a key. The map itself can also be scrolled via keys. All of those commands and a few more can be set through key binding.

The dialogs and interface controls do have only rudimentary key controls, and they are not fully compliant with standard windows controls. Unity only provides very basic controls, which must be built upon. This involves a great deal of time, which is a short commodity for this project. So some of the basics are in it for now. Time will tell if more can be added.

EDEE, being a Windows OS dedicated program, was able to take advantage of the built in Windows API. Unfortunately, Unity does not do this, it has a homegrown kit which is very basic.  This is one of the few disadvantages of using Unity. So a lot of the expectations of windows standards compliance are not going to be there, at least for now.  Do not construe this as a defense for the things you don't like, it is just the reality.

There are several not-perfect cases from a display perspective that very small maps will create.  This is one of them.

(Edited 1 time)

Thanks for finding this. It does look like it is in Ascii Standard and not Unicode. However, the changes you sent me are not correct in that the characters are not the same (now they are basic English). I will make the appropriate changes, but this file is not one that is updated in a game update - so the changed file will only be reflected if manual step are taken after the update or a new Data structure is created.

I have also amended the spelling mistakes you found, thank you for those.  The misspelled Friendly Defeat is in that localization file. 

Regarding the non-escaped single quote, I know you do not agree with it, but this is not standard XML nor will it be. And it would be a mistake to assume I use a standard xml parser because I do not.

This is by design - as it was a popular request in testing. The toggles states are persisted through the account.

If you can create repeatable steps for this, that would be most useful.

All of the button remain on the screen in the panel, regardless of the phase/state of the game. If you do not want to see them,  you can rearrange the container so they are not displayed.

This is correct. Air Unit and Orbital Units cannot be placed in the open Buy Points mode. This is a rule enforced by the game engine, regardless of data settings. 

When editing a unit set, it is important to realize that  some data attributes may have multiple and hidden/non-intuitive purposes, and setting something may not work as one intended. 

The focus of the game design was not centered on modification, as EDEE was. So the road to modification will be rougher.