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Yes, the warning is saying - "Be aware the AI will not used the modifications or additional units". In other words, it will try to play the  vanilla version regardless.

This is a warning that if you added new units or changed attributes the AI will not take advantage of these changes. (like if you added range fire to IN it would not use that - or if you added a "flame Thrower" it would never build one)

check the comments section of this thread. Itch has a recovery mechanism. It should be on the email you ran for the KS.

You may have to nuke the entire installation and reinstall,

There are two directories, the "Game Reference Directory" and the "Game Data Directory".  The function of each is:

Game Reference Directory - are the game executable files are stored

Game Data Directory - where your personal game saves and such are stored

The directory locations can be found in the Administration section, click the directories button.

Then find both directories, be aware some file managers hide some directories by default - google how to display those.

Your problem sounds like it is coming from the Data directory. So you can try to delete that first.   But removal of both and then a reinstall will completely clear the game off your box.

The rest and repair button should be active when it is in a city.   The unit needs rest after combat and can do this anywhere (not move)   If the unit takes hits, it can only repair at the city (or port in the ship case).

One hit point per turn when not moving in city

One point less of fatigue when not moving. It will repair before rest. 

If you go with the default settings on WB 4.0, it may tend to do this. There is a lot to play with and you should experiment with it. Nothing stops you form just making random maps in the map section to see if you are getting setting you like or If you use the other world builder you may have more luck.

This thread talks to it some:

Use the email you use for the itch purchase here:

The scenario you describe has supposedly been accounted for. Another "account" can take over a position for an account that can no longer participate. Playing as that new player and knowing the old password should allow that new account to resume play.  

This makes me think  due to the error message that it is possible using the _same_ account name before (not player name but account name) or there is some path a little further down the line that is not in line with this procedure.

As far as having account info, I do not need it. I would like to have the game before the machine crash player takes the turn and after the machine crash player.

If you have managed to resurrect the machine, if he can copy the Game Data Directory set of files (everything) get them off machine and place them over the appropriate location on the new machine, then life should be able to continue without any interruption for that player - including the old account.  The location of this is approximately  in the AppData/LocalLow/KBSW/EmpireDeluxe directory - or it can be configured as a different directory.

Sounds like a bug. Could the broken pbm file be sent to

In the game setup, in the dialog where you choose the map maker, you can also load a scenario or load a map.

Map Labels are a in game only feature I am afraid. 

If you wish to place an HA in an open space, use "drop" on the truck

Hi Bob,

I cannot answer if EDEE would be better for you. Some veterans favor EDIE and EDEE.  Vast majority are playing this version though. 

The Interface has changed, and yes it is do the the unity platform and the multi platform nature of it. 

In the main screen,  lower left corner there is a toggle for window or full screen. You might experiment with that.  

Also,   in game up top-right you will see a keyboard icon, there you can set the keybindings for your account the way you want it. 


Look into the "convoy" command.

This thread may help. the WWII mod is by WWII_Weasel

TPG is a different animal and runs on direct x. But I do not think your issue is a video one. Which scenario are you playing?

Well, stopping and saving the game is important.  It is safest with the starting player brings the game down. Also, the starting player should be position #1.

I have not gotten to look at the game you sent yet, but one issue that comes to mind is that the first player needs to be human - the one that started the game. 

Yeah, after this last install I saw that for another program too. They want to protect you from yourself.

i did a little research on this error and it appears it may be related to Windows that the case?

That sounds rather unfriendly. What operating system are you on and do you have any special security protections on your machine? Also what is the video card you are using?

If you have a repeatable case, feel free to send it to me along with the mod.

If you uploaded your map then it is available for you to download.

If you want the actual map file, look in the maps directory in the maps directory of the <Game Data Directory>. See the admin screen to get that location. 

The manual also has information on this.

Use the email you use for the itch purchase here:

This error only applies to players with a saved game from B17 that has a Classic Player in the game. The game will fail to load with the above  message. I have made the adjustment to the DLL.

You only need this fix if you have a B17 save with a Classic Player and now have Build 18:

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There's some information in the manual as far as what makes up a modified database and how to move them.  Just setting the changes in two places definitely does not do is designed for one person to own their modified DB and distribute it when they wish. This was broken for you as your motivations are different - you want just replication. 

Moving the entire Empire Deluxe copies the entire data collection, so that would work. It is all text, no binary files so any of the directories can be copied over.  For just saved games,  A copy of the saves directory might be easier (assuming the DB is  already copied over). This will have the same affect as an archive, with less but more technical steps. 

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From what you have written,  and correct me if I am wrong:

"I've changed the air transport on both independently loaded machines to distance 3 for 8 moves which is pretty much standard for me now.  I'm virtually positive that I did NOT name the unit sets the same... if I changed the name at all."

This tells me you created a unit db on the linux box in the game on the linux box.  Databases are dependent on matching up via a key. The key for this database on your PC is:  


where xxxx is a four digit number.  This number is random when generated. 

If you built the DB on the Linux box instead of copying over the appropriate files/folders, this would cause the crash as the keys would be different. Databases need to come from a single source.

On the PC box , in the <GameDataDir>/udb  is where  the database set for this "xxxx3_Move_Air_Transport" resides. There will be a key file and an assets directory.  Those need to be copied, and moved to the same udb dir on the Linux box.


the above is fine.

No it is not you. 

I take it there is nothing different about the Unbuntu set up on  such as a modified unit set or such. 

If you run it again to get the error.Send me the the data in the log dir  on the Unbuntu machine. This is in <Game Data Dir>/logs.   

Do you have a mirrored player account on that machine? Have  you exported it and loaded it using the Administration screens.?

Sounds like a timing issue, you might try to create an archive again on the source machine then move it over. Also see if the game loads on the source machine.

Yeah, sounds buggy. You should be able to get readiness back, but not hits. 

Edit the city - prod times are under the Production tab.

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You can manage the setup configs, there is a last config and you can delete that. The name should be "lastConfig".

Do this with the "Load Config" menu - there is an option to remove. You may have to go back to the main menu and reload.

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Hi there,

Make sure you are logged in to itch, then at the game's page you shoudl see a fie  list - look for the one that matches your operating system. Download and install somewhere on your hard drive.

Let me know if this helps.


This is definitely a pathing bug, and part of the fun of a million edge cases created by random generation and unique unit circumstances ;> 

I will make a note of it. Thanks for the pic.

I assume this it the WB 3.11  I would say yes, wetness does very little. The source is open and available, but the origin of the source from the world building  code originally used in the 1993 Empire Deluxe. Baldwin had it vary just   a little, and so i don't think it has a great impact. The 4.0 WB has a land/water ratio which has a bigger impact.

Yes, there is a conversion program to move them from EDIE or EDEE to EDCE.   EDCE maps are not in a text/psuedo XML format   The converter and other info is in the maps directory here:

Also, the actually place those maps are being stashed is somewhere in that directory structure. (submissions i believe)

These maps are available through the game.   Go to the Map section (Maps/Scenarios), and in the bottomm left corner there is a button to UL/DL Maps and Scenarios.  Users have maps maps and uploaded them - they will get downloaded and put in the right place.

and don't forget to give back ;>

In that last image, notice the label "Account To Use". Click on that button below the label and set it. 

Every time you play the game, you are using and "account", which basically is a player configuration with your record, rank, etc. This account IS NOT external, it is just data within the game files. You can access the account via the Administration tab to set preferences and such. 

So on the remote side, when you want to play a game, you have to set your account up that you are going to use when playing the game. Click on the "Account To Use" button  to select from the accounts on the machine.  There is also a "new" option.

Again, the word account does not mean that anyone is looking or storing your data or you have to register anything. it is just used so that you can play the game under multiple profiles as some people do not like to use the same profile for email as the do solitaire or network. Password can be different, as can other preferences.  All of this is just files in the game data, not shared. Only your "account name" and rank and commander name are sent to the server game I believe. Not your password, not other prefs.