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Why do I consistently only spawn on single tile islands???

A topic by pyhavk created Feb 21, 2023 Views: 182 Replies: 2
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I’m a fairly new player and not very familiar with the map generation settings, but I literally generated about a dozen new games just now, and every single time I spawn on a city in a single tile island surrounded by water. I see it is using “World Builder 4.0”, but does that tend to create maps like this?

How is this possible? Why does this keep happening? And is there a way to set the map generation options to avoid this, so that I spawn on a landmass with at least several cities?


If you go with the default settings on WB 4.0, it may tend to do this. There is a lot to play with and you should experiment with it. Nothing stops you form just making random maps in the map section to see if you are getting setting you like or If you use the other world builder you may have more luck.

This thread talks to it some:

I see, thank you for the explanation! And great tip about using the map section to see what the outputs might be. I try it.