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Yes, for some reason I'm able to start other games without this error from within the Itch.io app. And I'm pretty sure my entire path is ASCII only, so I'll probably feedback to the Itch.io team, then. Thanks for your help!

There are no special characters in its path. Just to be clear, I installed the game successfully via the Itch.io app, but it fails to start from within the Itch.io app. However, it works if I manually navigate to where the game is installed by Itch.io, and the game starts normally when I double click on the executable. So it sounds like a problem with the Itch.io app?

Sorry, I meant no other friendly AI players, then?

Ah yes it works independently, but fails to start with that strange error from the Itch.io app..... I guess I'll start it independently for now, but is there a way to fix this? Thanks!

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OK, thanks! But no other AI ships, then?

Created a new topic Singleplayer with AI players

Is there a way to play a singleplayer game but with AI bot teammates?

I just installed this in Windows 8.1 and get an error "Error opening media file. Please move this file to an ascii-only path like c:\". What does it mean and how do I troubleshoot this?