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Thanks for a great game!

Is there a way to get the GoG Deluxe edition here at with artbook and soundtrack?

And would there ever be sales of this game on

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So cool! Thanks a bunch @sparsegamedev for sharing the commented source code, it really helps others learn from your wisdom. :)

Could you add an open source license to the code? It’s as simple as adding one commented line stating something like:

This code by Woflox is shared under the GNU GPLv3 license

Or something like that. Thanks again!

What a great idea! Wonderful work, thank you for creating this generator.

Is the source code published somewhere? It’d be great for other to learn from your work. In fact I’d probably pay for this tool if it were open source!

Great to know they’re coming! Can’t wait for Linux support.

Just saw that it has been released on Steam! Is it on now or will it ever be on GoG?

This is wonderful work, thank you for making it open source with the GPLv3!

Any thoughts on how this can be made to work on other operating systems?


Hopefully one day we’ll get to study and tweak the inner workings of NEXT JUMP as well. :)

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Ah, that’s too bad, but many thanks for getting back to me. I did some more testing by backing up the supposed save file and restoring it after playing the game a bit more, but that didn’t really restore the state!

I guess this is yet another problem with closed source software, in that you’re not allowed to study what’s going on or make changes, and gives all the power to the developer instead of the user!

In order to make sure that my progress is safely backed up, and per the developer’s tips in my other thread to find mySave.sol in this Windows user folder:

C:\Users\YOURFOLDER\AppData\Roaming\Stencyl\NEXT JUMP Shmup Tactics\

However, I noticed that as I progress through a game and see the save icon appear, the created, modified, and accessed timestamps on mySave.sol does not change! This is also true when I explicitly click on save and return to main menu or desktop.

Is there somewhere else that the game saves its state and progress? I just want to make sure that I’m backing up the correct files!

We’re about to release a “spiritual successor” of it, but for now only on Steam:

Oh, that’s really cool!

Hope it will eventually make it to or at least GoG, so that game distribution is not fully monopolized by Steam which is so unhealthy!

I’ll definitely keep an eye on Takara Cards.

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Understood, thanks for the information. Let’s hope that my game progress will be retained this time!

P.S. And looking forward to more development on this game. :)

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, and thank your developer friend, too!

I went through the tutorial again, and now I can create a new player and play the game.

However, I am afraid of losing my progress again. Can you suggest ways to prevent this problem again? Or do I have to manually back up my save file every time? And where are the relevant save files anyway?

I see, thank you for the explanation! And great tip about using the map section to see what the outputs might be. I try it.

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I’m a fairly new player and not very familiar with the map generation settings, but I literally generated about a dozen new games just now, and every single time I spawn on a city in a single tile island surrounded by water. I see it is using “World Builder 4.0”, but does that tend to create maps like this?

How is this possible? Why does this keep happening? And is there a way to set the map generation options to avoid this, so that I spawn on a landmass with at least several cities?

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Thank you for getting back to me. I’m running a fully updated Windows 10 system with AMD Ryzen 3700X CPU, AMD Radeon RX 5700 graphics, and 32 GB RAM.

BTW, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, but that didn’t help.

How do I troubleshoot this?

Amazing, thanks so much! Looking forward to learning more through write-ups and code. :)

I bought and installed this game from and was able to start one game.

However, now when I start the game, it shows that there is no pilot so I click on create a new one, but it just gives a “buzzy” sound effect and doesn’t do anything.

Can someone please advise and help me troubleshoot this problem? Thanks!

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Absolutely incredible achievement, kudos don’t do this game justice. Thank you!!!

Can you share more details on how you implemented all this? Perhaps even in a blog post so others can learn from you?

And perhaps publish your code (though probably not assets) so others can learn from that, too? As you may know, modern re-implementations of others games often publish their code, like 1oom (Master of Orion) or OpenTTD (Transport Tycoon Deluxe).

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They look great, thanks for creating this!

To formally make them safe-to-use, can you specify CC0, CC BY, or CC BY-SA as the license for this pack in the Itch metadata (not just title)? Thanks!

This is amazing, thank you for releasing it as open source software!!!

Thank you for the great music, and for using the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license!! This is perfect. Please keep up the great work!

That would be great! There’s so much others can learn from you if you share the code under an open source license.

Great to know, thank you! Really appreciate support for :)

Will the upcoming modding support be available for users, too??

Awesome! Love the visuals and the inventive gameplay.

And thanks for including the source code so others can learn from you! :D What is the license? GPLv3 or another one? Can you indicate it in the source package and the game information on this page?

One way users can help is to test development builds of the new game via Proton or Wine. As soon as there is a problem we can report back so that hopefully by the time of release, the new game will work on Wine or Proton out-of-the-box.

Cool, let us know how we can help make it happen!

BTW, is it possible to release it on GoG? If so I’ll wishlist it there and buy as soon as its released!

(and of course I’ll still buy it on Itch!)

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Thanks for being so responsive! :)

Actually I’d be super happy with just the original game but with (1) sandbox/endless mode, (2) slightly larger map (maybe 20-30% bigger), and (3) a “Windows 3.1 Minesweeper” kind of option where I can choose a map size and the time/resource limits will scale with it when I’m not playing sandbox mode. This way I can customize my game to be shorter/longer depending on my wishes. And what I love most about the original game is the possibility to study and mod the source code. It is the ultimate in moddability! I would pay A LOT of extra money for this game if I can mod the source code directly.

Great to hear, thanks for the quick response! Whew!! I’d happily pay a little extra if that means getting a sandbox/endless mode. :D Extra bonus if it’s moddable so that other people can add new challenges.

Note: I, and some other people, don’t use Discord. So in case you’d like to cast a wider net for feedback maybe have other venues of communication? Here or in a survey or something…

Can’t wait!! Great news.

My only feature request is a sandbox mode where the game doesn’t force you to end after a set time/number of turns!

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Thanks for responding! What's the license for the .p8 files that's included here? GPLv3?

I'd totally back a new version if it's got a more open-ended mode!

Just wanted to echo the other comments that this game is AWESOME! What a great coffee break game.

That said, this really needs an open-ended mode where it doesn't end after a set time! Maybe it's as simple as changing a few lines of code in the PICO-8 source code? (which lines?)

Very cool! Awesome that it is released under the LGPLv3 with CC BY assets. Can you tell us where the code/asset repository is?

Perfect 5-stars! Can you share some of your strategies? I've never been able to go about 8000 points.

First of all, huge thanks for the creators of PX8 for such an exciting project!

Question: What is the current development status of PX8? Is it still being actively worked on?

Also, when I try to access the git repository, it takes me to one called Unicorn Console, how is that related to PX8? Thanks!

Hi! Sorry I wasn't clear before. The first machine I tried (the one with the old Intel graphics) was running Manjaro Linux with kernel 4.14. The other one I tried (with 20GB RAM) where the entire system slows down is running RedHat Enterprise Linux with kernel version 3.10. So no Manjaro is not the only Linux I'm running...

Hello again. I tried to start the game with and without the -force-opengl option, and either way my entire system slows to a crawl once the game starts...

I finally got a chance to try the game on a Linux system with an Intel® Core™ i5-4690 Processor with Intel® HD Graphics 4600 and a whopping 20GB of RAM. The fonts appear OK this time but the game is super laggy and slows the entire system (not just the game) to a crawl...

Looking at the screenshots, EDCE doesn't look like a game that's very taxing on the system. I wonder why the performance is so bad???

If we still can't get it to work then I might have to take up your refund offer...

OK. I just tried running the game via the Wine compatibility layer, with and without those flags, and interestingly the choppy fonts still appear. So to me this suggests something pretty low level? I also tried running it in a Windows 7 virtual machine, and there the text appeared correctly! Unfortunately its performance was really bad and the game crashed upon generating a new map... Not sure if any of the above is a hint as to what's causing the problem.

There might be other machines I can try this on and I'll do so when I get a chance. I'd rather not give up yet, and I'd love to support your work keeping this wonderful game alive!
That said, considering there's such a lively community. It'll be great to open source the entire game so everyone can help make it better, which will also be profitable for you!

Anyway, thanks for the detailed replies. I'll keep trying for a bit more!