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ECDE : Issue when playing 2 human by network

A topic by JML created Apr 12, 2021 Views: 174 Replies: 3
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I have a problem when I play remotely by network.

We are 2 human and 12 computer players. me : Player1 my GF: Player2

I create a new game and start to play with my girlfriend by network.

We are abble to play 1 or 2 turns . Then the game stay stuck on player one giving new turn and new turn and never switch to player2....

So I have to giveup the game.

This bug dosen't appear on every game. somtimes it comes sometimes not...

Do you have an idea on where this problem comes from ?

I can send the archive if needed.

We are using the lattest built 18-



I have not gotten to look at the game you sent yet, but one issue that comes to mind is that the first player needs to be human - the one that started the game. 


I tried again a new game and without any General, it seems to work. So maybe adding Generals may be the cause.. 



Well, stopping and saving the game is important.  It is safest with the starting player brings the game down. Also, the starting player should be position #1.