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Move Saved Game in Progress

A topic by gfilipski created 46 days ago Views: 33 Replies: 2
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Hello All!

How does one move a saved game from one machine to another...   for instance, I start a game on my laptop while travelling (Windows) and want to finish it on my desktop (Linux).  I'm assuming that there is some way to do this.  It's fairly easy to find the 'saves' folder on both Windows and Linux (Administration => Directories), but there seems to be a suite of three directories under 'saves'.  Do I just do a "parallel copy" of the directories and simply add the files from one machine to the files from the other?  Is there something else that needs to be done?  Has anyone tried this?

I'm assuming that this is possible...  without heinous consequences.

Thanks for any info,



For saves, you have to create an "archive" then "restore" it.  This is done in the game loading page. Check the manual for that info. Here's a quick rundown:

To make/send an archive, follow these steps:

  1. Off the Main Menu, Go to the Load Game Screen.
  2. Find the game in question. You  will see an "A" button for archiving 
  3. Click on the A Button, and enter an archive name.
  4. Find the <GameData Directory> location, which can be looked up in the Administration Screen (Directories Button). that is where the file would be under archives.
  5. Then on the other machine, put the file in the same archive location. Then use the load screen to "Restore".

Thanks for the info on this...  my first reaction was to just copy files.  I never associated an archive with the way to move a game from one place to another - just concentrated on the 'save'.

The game restored fine -- and played w/o changes, but the background color on the command buttons and the info bar at the top changed from the standard black to what appears to be one of the colors I picked for my pieces...  (?)  Not disabling, but strange.

Thanks, again...