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Same here... never noticed before.

Ok, watching the goings-on using planes on patrol I've observed an enemy transport simply disappear... so I'm assuming that it was sunk.  I guess I was just having a no good very bad unlucky day with mines and transports around the city, but if a mine acts like an infantry against a transport the odds of what happened to me had to be near 1,000 to 1.  The battle report never showed anything.

On another note, a mine is supposed to have 2 "charges"...  how do you know if/when a mine has been discharged?  How do you check for something like this?  I'm assuming that if/when a mine exhausts it's two charges it simply disappears... without notice.

I've always(?) used an armed satellite against another satellite... and I know that I've taken out an enemy satellite over one of *their* cities.

Check the battle report and see what it says about who attacked what and what the results were.  If you click on the battle result it will show you all the random "rounds" that took place, the probability of the combatants, who won which round, and what the final result was.

Suggestion:  If, during turn, an enemy unit is discovered by some unit, pretend that that unit was also discovered by all units within range of the discovered unit.  Many times, with both ships and aircraft on patrol an enemy unit is discovered by an aircraft only to immediately have a naval unit "patrol" out of range to do anything about it.  It appears that selecting the naval unit and directing it in the direction of the discovered unit does *NOT* cancel the patrol order... and it wanders off with a mind of it's own, ignoring the request (selecting the unit and clicking elsewhere) to move closer to the opposing unit.

Suggestion:  One receives messages saying player "Xyz is dead, yeah it's been nice" (or some such)... which is great, except that I'm not going to remember that player Xyz is color 'slightly bluer than puce' and was an expanding AI, so how am I to know who just got killed?  It would be good to place one of the colored icons into the message somewhere to visually indicate who just got wiped out (and what color units can safely be ignored when they are later happed upon).

[ Yes, I save this stuff up and post it all at once.  :-) ]



I see dead bombers and ships and such out in the middle of the ocean that never move and contribute nothing, but to get in the way of further play...  and damage you if you accidentally run into them.  Stagnate ships are one thing, but aircraft?

Is this supposed to happen? 


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I've got a setup with several expanding AIs (which are brutal early in the game) and have tried several times to quickly build a Seabee and surround a city with mines...  except that one of the expanding AI's transports just sails right through and takes the city.  I've tried with two rows of mines... same result, multiple times in different games - and the message report shows absolutely nothing except that the enemy transport took the city.  HuH?  If I drive one of *my* cruisers into a mine I see a battle report... so the question is:  Are transports immune to mines?  If so, a note in the manual is probably warranted.


PS: This is on v5.0.17 under Ubuntu Linux 16.04LTS

Mark, themensch,

Thanks for your help with this!

I upgraded VMware workstation to 12.5.8 (latest in the 12.5 Pro series) and also upgraded to the latest nVideo drivers... and this made no difference whatsoever.  The problem still existed (as it seems to with v14 also based on comments elsewhere).

I then tried Tynam's/themensch's command line option of -force-opengl and:  PROBLEM SOLVED...   or at least avoided.

Thanks again to all for the help!


Disabling the 3D acceleration did the trick... the game comes up and displays correctly (or as correctly as I can determine from looking at the initial splash screen/menu :-).

Crap. Now I have to figure out what I'm going to do because I can't run with 3D acceleration disabled on a continuing basis.

I have an upgrade to 12.5.8 to install for VMware and I'll make sure that my nVidia drivers are up to date and report back any resolution (or non-resolution).

Thanks for your help with this!


I'm running Workstation Pro 12.5.7, soon to be 12.5.8.  Didn't know that 14 was out (from the other thread) - haven't received any upgrade notices.

I'll try disabling the 3D hardware acceleration on the display, but I don't have quite the same symptoms as reported in the other thread... I don't get any play at ALL.  Just the shell prompt back after "Importing game controller configs".

Is the May 18th date on the executable correct?  This seems very strange since the dates on the directories in the archive (and all the data files in the *Data directory) are November 28th.

I'll try disabling the 3D acceleration and let you know.



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I downloaded and unarchived the Linux 32/64 bit version into a a directory, set the execute bit and tried to run it (there didn't seem to be any other instructions other than 'set the exec' bit) ...  no success.

From the terminal I get the following output:

        gary@homeUbuntu /opt/Apps/EmpireCombined/linux
       $ Empire*64
       Set current directory to /opt/Apps/EmpireCombined/linux
       Found path: /opt/Apps/EmpireCombined/linux/EmpireCombined.x86_64
       Mono path[0] = '/opt/Apps/EmpireCombined/linux/EmpireCombined_Data/Managed'
       Mono path[1] = '/opt/Apps/EmpireCombined/linux/EmpireCombined_Data/Mono'
       Mono config path = '/opt/Apps/EmpireCombined/linux/EmpireCombined_Data/Mono/etc'
       displaymanager : xrandr version warning. 1.5
       client has 8 screens
       displaymanager screen (0)(Virtual1): 1920 x 1200
       Using libudev for joystick management

       Importing game controller configs

       gary@homeUbuntu /opt/Apps/EmpireCombined/linux


... and that's it.  Also tried running it with the *_Data directory as the CWD when starting, but still no luck.  Tried it with "sudo -H" and the restuls were the same.

I noticed that there's an 'install' subdirectory in the *_Data directory.  Are there any particular install instructions that are hidden somewhere?

Info that might be pertinent:

      gary@homeUbuntu /opt/Apps/EmpireCombined/linux
      $ uname -a
      Linux homeUbuntu 4.4.0-101-generic #124-Ubuntu SMP Fri Nov 10 18:29:59 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

      gary@homeUbuntu /opt/Apps/EmpireCombined/linux

      $ ls -l
      total 50000
      drwxrwxr-x 9 gary gary     4096 Nov 28 12:55 EmpireCombined_Data
      -rw-rw-r-- 1 gary gary 25457968 May 18  2017 EmpireCombined.x86
      -rwxrwxr-x 1 gary gary 25731952 May 18  2017 EmpireCombined.x86_64

This is a VM running under VMware workstation.  There is no joystick, only mouse & keyboard.  Very "vanilla" machine.  I don't run any software other than VMware workstation on the host machine. (Windows 7)

Ubuntu is an up-to-date edition of 16.04 LTS.

It kind of bothers me that the date of the executable is "May 18" of this year...

Any help getting this going would be appreciated.