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Dead player units left in game?

A topic by gfilipski created Aug 07, 2019 Views: 91 Replies: 2
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I see dead bombers and ships and such out in the middle of the ocean that never move and contribute nothing, but to get in the way of further play...  and damage you if you accidentally run into them.  Stagnate ships are one thing, but aircraft?

Is this supposed to happen? 


I see this with games involving multiple foes and capital kill. When you take the capital then all occupied cities stay as they were and all units (land, sea and air), all stop in their final location. Annoyingly armed satellites also stay active and will take pot shots at you. The last is, I think, fair enough but I do think all other units should go to their nearest city and disband. Then again, some enemy units may not have got the memo and if you encounter them while in transit then they might choose to engage in combat. Perhaps a random setting, some surrender, some don't?

I generally play a "solitaire" sort of game against 5 or 6 computer opponents - both the older AI and the expanding AI and I see this sort of thing almost every game, if not every game.  Haven't ever tried the capital kill end-of-game.  It "sort of" seems that this occurs when one of the computer AI's kills off another of the computer AI's... but I'm not 100% sure.