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EDCE runs on it own desktop on a Mac. If I leave it running there while I switch to a different desktop to get some work done and then go away the display never turns off and the screensaver cuts in after the preset period. But this can mean that the screen saver runs all night when I'd really rather have the display go dark.

This is easily demonstrated by setting display go dark to 1 minute and screensaver activation time to 2 minutes. Then leaving the machine alone with and without EDCE running in its own desktop.

Engineers can destroy mines (manual pg 41)

My pdf copy has lots of whitespace on pg110, pgs 111-112 are empty.

I have little snitch running on my mac. It reports unexpected outbound network connections and on starting EDCE there are connections to a unity domain and to killerbee.

What is going on? My inclination is to block these.

I had a satellite directly over one of my cities. In a nearby city I created short range missiles, launched them and then sent the missile to the square occupied the satellite. There was a battle and the missile fails to bring down the satellite. Is this how I am supposed to attack satellites?  Wrong weapon? Did I hit my own city?

Pretty sure I've had transports sunk by mines.

Also with wrapping there is a 2 cell horizontal and vertical sea section on the map.

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Very happy to discover this again. I thought given the lack of updates for the IOS version that it had been abandoned.

On a 27" iMac at maximum zoom there is an out by one error, anything on the right hand edge can also be seen on the left hand edge.

(Edit) This is with horizontal and vertical wrapping enabled.