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Suspension of patrols... Dead people messages

A topic by gfilipski created Aug 07, 2019 Views: 84
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Suggestion:  If, during turn, an enemy unit is discovered by some unit, pretend that that unit was also discovered by all units within range of the discovered unit.  Many times, with both ships and aircraft on patrol an enemy unit is discovered by an aircraft only to immediately have a naval unit "patrol" out of range to do anything about it.  It appears that selecting the naval unit and directing it in the direction of the discovered unit does *NOT* cancel the patrol order... and it wanders off with a mind of it's own, ignoring the request (selecting the unit and clicking elsewhere) to move closer to the opposing unit.

Suggestion:  One receives messages saying player "Xyz is dead, yeah it's been nice" (or some such)... which is great, except that I'm not going to remember that player Xyz is color 'slightly bluer than puce' and was an expanding AI, so how am I to know who just got killed?  It would be good to place one of the colored icons into the message somewhere to visually indicate who just got wiped out (and what color units can safely be ignored when they are later happed upon).

[ Yes, I save this stuff up and post it all at once.  :-) ]