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Error Object reference not set to an instance of an object

A topic by adfallon68 created Jun 20, 2023 Views: 160 Replies: 3
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My computer crashed during a power outage.  Since then I get this error "Error Object reference not set to an instance of an object" every time I try to start a new game.  It won't let me pull up previous game.   It won't let me load old games.  If I try to load an old game it says "xLoading Email Datax"  I've tried going in and doing the tutorial and using the settings it suggests and that gives me the same "Error Object..."

Any suggestions, in particular that would still preserve my old data would be very appreciated.  Thanks.


You may have to nuke the entire installation and reinstall,

There are two directories, the "Game Reference Directory" and the "Game Data Directory".  The function of each is:

Game Reference Directory - are the game executable files are stored

Game Data Directory - where your personal game saves and such are stored

The directory locations can be found in the Administration section, click the directories button.

Then find both directories, be aware some file managers hide some directories by default - google how to display those.

Your problem sounds like it is coming from the Data directory. So you can try to delete that first.   But removal of both and then a reinstall will completely clear the game off your box.

I don't know how to download the game.  I keep going around in circles without finding any access to a link to download it.  I was one of the original kickstarter contributors.


check the comments section of this thread. Itch has a recovery mechanism. It should be on the email you ran for the KS.