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G'day, This just occurred

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Okay. i'll try that

Just jumped into game and that method is perfect, thanks

Thanks for the comprehensive response :).

I use the "Stop sign" often for changing units orders near to the currently activated unit (e.g  A TR 's IN captures a city,  I may "stop/pause" and activate a nearby BO to land in the new city).


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 Gday,  Playing with Expanding AI on turn 279, it hasn't expanded at all, alas. As you can it has spammed IN. It did have a lot of FI too, but that was all. A city it owned said it was building TR but never launched any. [I know you have said the AI needs help, I'm just giving feedback :)]

Also, the Activate last doesn't always activate the last unit. ( it does say in the RHS help box "The last child activated manually") it is inconsistent and doesn't always activate the last unit moved.


Finished the game. The above shots is his view for the game and stats.( In the units produced table he only produced IN, FI, DE & TR)

Also this window  "Unit Processing Stopped" (below) keeps appearing, is there an option to stop it appearing? I know unit processing is stopped :). 

Also, where do I find the battle odds calculator? It would be handy to have come up before you attack.

Sorry found something else: Inland cities with ship specialties seems a waste/unrealistic.

No worries, just thought I'd put it out there.

The AI is a funny thing sometimes, I just captured a city with 27 units inside!

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Thanks for that. I have read the manual, but I guess reading it and understanding it are different ๐Ÿ˜‚. I never really used drain much in EDEE. I'll get used to it with practice. 

Map labels are cool ๐Ÿ˜‰

One thing that I would like to see added would be automatic centering whenever a unit is activated.


Hi there, having great fun with it (11 hours in..). I am having trouble understanding how supply works in game. 

In screen shot#1 I have Drain @ -29, but my production times for units is unaffected In Screen shot #2 my status shows Supply used and in game quantity . [I hope this info helps you understand my quandary. I thought a high drain equated to long production time. ]Is my supply being used constantly to offset the drain effect and just isn't shown as changing the actual drain amount? Cheers

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Glad you are having fun.

Game is great, loving it so far myself

Funny huh! What are the odds of us both being South Aussies?,

This new version will be amazing. I've been playing EDEE all day and some of the new features would save a ton of time.

Especially - Wait 1, Last unit activated and the map scrolling/zooming revamp.


G'day there. It's not downloadable yet, it's still being play tested (but it is very close to completion according to Mark)

Here's the link to download it when it's released,

I'm a South Aussie.

Cheers David

Sensational !

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The game is looking great. Love the "Activate last" and  "Map Labels".  Great stuff.

I noticed at 1h:53:23 that an out of range warning come up for an aircraft. It seemed like you pressed the home key without having to click on the warning box on screen. That's pretty good too ๐Ÿ˜

Brilliant. I am looking forward to the culmination of the hard work (and hopefully fun times)  of this amazing rejuvenation. I'm so glad I stumbled upon it. I haven't been to killer bee's site since I got EDEE. Cheers

P S. In addition to my last questions is weather still  included in EDCE as it is in EDEE?

OK, so the AI isn't a simple " One size fits all"- Got it.  I've played some EDEE and mobile edition in the last couple of weeks (2 games of each) and I haven't noticed the AI's  AC  using fighters for projecting air power/ convoy screening (The AI did build them). Is that the sort of  tactic you are hoping to be added by the community? Also in EDEE the AI used AA and artillery to some effect, which was challenging.

So how much has changed since your last video (Sep 23)?  Meaning, have the Testers prompted you to make any more changes? Following that- If there are changes is a video coming, or are you waiting for the big unveil on release?

I guess we would have to play it and see for ourselves and see what works best. I have listened to the audio on the 3 YouTube videos, but not seen them. He does say the tabs are customisable.

Another question for Mark: Any more news on the AI? In the videos you mention the differing types of AI, but which will be the "best" to play with in the complete unit set and enhanced rules?


PS. I experimented with the difficulty level in the Mobile edition (EDEE has a % input)

Normal difficult BB = 60 turns

Adv 1 = 45 turns

Adv 2 = 30 turns

Adv 3 = 15 turns

Checked out the Steam store! Looks great. You're going great guns. Cheers

Wow, sounds great. Have converted video to audio so I can listen to your "Dynamic character" commentary ๐Ÿ˜ while driving! So looking forward to it. Thanks for the clarifications Mark. It will be a pleasure to play from the looks of it. Cheers

G'day Mark. I have gone back to playing EDEE again, which is quite enjoyable, having not played it for quite a while.  I have a couple of questions

1/ In EDEE if you mouse over a City/Transport/AC you would see what is carried. Is that still a feature?

2/ In EDEE if I Right Click the mouse on a city the "Activate" tab opens. In EDCE, could Right clicking be set to go straight to the city production menu with options dealing with units etc. underneath like in the Mobile version I have. It would save a click each time, as usually I want to check how long I have  to wait until a unit is ready. It could even be good to have the number of turns remaining  for the unit to be displayed in the mouse over feature, so there is no opening of other menus needed.

Another question.... The advantage 1 etc. difficulty settings in game set up. Is it listed somewhere what exactly are the % increments of advantage 1 or disadvantage 1 etc. For example if I played my first game and I had no combat/production handicap, but gave my opponent no combat advantage, but advantage 1 in production and it was too easy, next game I could give him production  advantage 2. Would they decrease production times by 10% increments, 15%? It would be handy to know.

I have started watching your youtube videos, but they are long and I haven't listened to them all yet. I apologize if these questions/topics  have been covered elsewhere.

Cheers David

I was thinking that since we captured the city, we would see the destroyed units (eg.burnt out AR, half submerged TR, routed IN) and know exactly what we destroyed. Just hoping.

Gday there, thanks for the updated manual.  In game when a city is captured the units inside are destroyed. Are the units listed (eg 1CR, 2AR). It's always satisfying to know what units were destroyed when they are caught in a city. I did see in one of your videos that the number of units destroyed is listed quite boldly, which is a good improvement over previous versions. Cheers David

Thanks for the reply Mark. Don't get me wrong, the handicap setting isn't a deal breaker! I'm looking forward to playing Empire again.


Hi all, Just stumbled upon the new release last week. Great game, great times (I also played it a lot in the late 80's/90's) Looking forward to the latest iteration.  I have a question regarding the difficulty/handicap tweaking. [The 80's version had a % slider where you could change production/combat handicaps precisely. The latter games had a preset advantage/disadvantage option that I didn't find as satisfying.]

How will the handicap system work in EDCE? Adjustable %, presets or customizable?

Really looking forward to the end release. Thanks Mark.

Cheers David