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G'day Mark. I have gone back to playing EDEE again, which is quite enjoyable, having not played it for quite a while.  I have a couple of questions

1/ In EDEE if you mouse over a City/Transport/AC you would see what is carried. Is that still a feature?

2/ In EDEE if I Right Click the mouse on a city the "Activate" tab opens. In EDCE, could Right clicking be set to go straight to the city production menu with options dealing with units etc. underneath like in the Mobile version I have. It would save a click each time, as usually I want to check how long I have  to wait until a unit is ready. It could even be good to have the number of turns remaining  for the unit to be displayed in the mouse over feature, so there is no opening of other menus needed.

Another question.... The advantage 1 etc. difficulty settings in game set up. Is it listed somewhere what exactly are the % increments of advantage 1 or disadvantage 1 etc. For example if I played my first game and I had no combat/production handicap, but gave my opponent no combat advantage, but advantage 1 in production and it was too easy, next game I could give him production  advantage 2. Would they decrease production times by 10% increments, 15%? It would be handy to know.

I have started watching your youtube videos, but they are long and I haven't listened to them all yet. I apologize if these questions/topics  have been covered elsewhere.

Cheers David