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I got my Empire Deluxe in 1994. Still have the floppy and the box. Nice beach picture. Late 90's upgraded to EDIE. My computer crashed in 2014 and I lost it. Makes me real happy to see it coming back. It a simple game that gets really involved by 3 o'clock AM and I have a cramp in my mouse hand but I won't let go! Just one more round I LOVE IT

Around that time, I worked in another town and had a couple friends who worked there with me.  We all played the game over the local telephone lines...two at a time.  If I remember correctly, we could chat with a line at the top of the screen and we would chat and play for hours...sometimes late even on work nights and sometimes all weekend if things permitted.  That was before any of the big MMORPGs.  The "How to play" wasn't too hard although strategy took a bit of getting used to...especially against other humans.  GREAT fun !!!

That mode of play always interested me, but I had no tech for it back in the day. Now, of course, we're in the Megabit bandwidth range-- this could be very hot for live play and chat.