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How do you get your game featured on itch.io

A topic by RexTGun created 91 days ago Views: 170 Replies: 8
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Hello! I'm a indie game developer (I suppose I can call myself that now that I published a game) and I was wondering  how do I get my game featured on the main itch.io page.  is there like a email to submit your game or something like that? thank you for reading



Hello, currently all homepage features (aside from recommended content) is chosen by our team. We look over games every day, so it's not necessary to submit your game anywhere, but if you have a recommendation to make you're free to do it. 

so... I can recommend my own game?


I guess I vote WarIR! to get featured on itch.io! lol


I haven't had a chance to play it yet, do you have a gameplay video you can add to the page?

I will do that as soon as I can. ty for your interest

I added the gameplay vid

By being Double Fine.


Well we do appreciate them coming on itch.io but 95% of the people we feature are small creators.