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These seem really familiar like they were made with Particle FX Designer

Well someone watches Vinesauce. You might want to distance yourself from a streamer with such a toxic community.

This game was fantastic. You should update miniDoom 1 so it's actually enjoyable.

Most people reach above their head when climbing a ladder.

This seems like the most common comment that I get. Everyone that has ever told me this has been so wrong. I don't think I've made $1 in 2 years.

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I play a sea of bad games as people tell me to for my Youtube channel, but this sticks out as one of the worst due to the controls and level design. Infinite lives to make up for the terrible, touchy controls and the awful level design. I knew after 2 minutes I wanted to stop playing. The game teases and taunts, but let me do the same "Game design too hard?"

Video unavailable.

I always considered adventure one giant map like Metroid or Goonies II. Before MetroidVanias became popular it was GoonTroid.

Great that its in the readme file... but using the client it opens the .exe. Chances are people might still not read the readme.

So you can make all the incredible art, but not warn people at the beginning in game that yes a controller is required? Sorry all you PC people with only a keyboard.

Sure enough, you're right. There's no warning in the game that a controller is mandatory.

Great looking game. I can't seem to get the title screen menu to work at all. Mouse doesn't work, keyboard and controller do not work. WSAD or arrow keys.  I can't select anything either. Am I the only one with this problem?

Game crashes immediately when using a controller. GameMaker error something about gp_up.

I feel like I've seen the art before in a few games.

Just curious, even though PC doesn't port to Famicom hardware that well.

I look forward to it too. I wonder how it would have gone if the originator got the crowd funding money he wanted last year for the website.

Needs a trailer.

Kenney asset games always end up there.

By being Double Fine.