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Any chance of these appearing on bootlegs?

A topic by honestly created Aug 31, 2017 Views: 315 Replies: 4
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Just curious, even though PC doesn't port to Famicom hardware that well.


I don't know! But I think it would probly be cool to load all submissions onto a usb drive each year, put it into a custom Famicom cartridge shaped enclosure and mimick one of those wonderful "300-in-1" pirate carts.


This is definitely a super cool idea!
We could do also a collection here on where you can download all the games at once (if that is possible without much hassle and the file doesn't get too huge).

Yeah, since there's no judging and all, I think people would love to have some kind of "prize" for making a game for this jam. :) Apart from the sole fact that they were able to finish said games. Everyone loves having some sort of praising :D

I will gladly do this!