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what exactly doesn't work? And I hope you got some new pants.

Can you add an In The Groove/Dance Dance Revolution character?

it will also have an interactive mode.


Created a new topic can I make a screensaver?


Created a new topic do you want voting?


ill do a strawpoll in the discord.

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my hi score is 263 at stage 11

We vote, and say "hey! I made a cool game"

There is a rating period.

for software, use what you want!

as long as I can run it through Windows. HTML5 or flash games are cool too.

You have to press space to reset. It said so in the tutorials. I encourage you to try the whole game! things get wacky after level 5.

Created a new topic The Discord


Created a new topic Post Questions here!

as the title says.

Player character done!

Created a new topic Feed a big big boy!

lets do this.

I will gladly do this!

wait... your the atmocopter guy? you are awesome!!!!!

thats... a pretty big mfa. Im impressed!

just drop a comment

holy shit this is so fun. mayabe make an ios version? this looks like something that would fit well on a touchsecreen

Nice! i use clickteam fusion too and am interested to see how you did some of the effects. Can you release the .mfa file?

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This is awesome!!!

Im using CTF2.5 and paint.net to make sprites. I used meshmixer to render my title screen at 64 by 64.

sorry about my previous comment. I think that our games are pretty different now, as i added more features.

not really 64 by 64...

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NOOOOO! this is exactly like the game i was making! people are gonna think im a copy of you!



Yep! Also, have you tried boomerang mode yet?

https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/chrome/TY-syivH3iM maybe this will help?

For more music by my friend Barron, Go here!

Link to his channel

Sorry to hear that! It works on chrome for me! What version are you using? Do you have flash?

once the jams over, I will definitely be putting that in

This is pretty good! I could see my self playing this with friends!