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Is there any chance we could get the music on youtube or something?

cool, thanks for the response. I must have missed that function when reading the docs

Do you think you could share the source code? I'm curious as to how you did the music speeding up and slowing back down

Now that the SDK is out, do you think you will port this to the Playdate?

thanks for reminding me to unlist this, now that discord has actual custom status support lmao

Thank you for holding off on reviewing. This is a known bug, and I am trying to upload a fix right now.


I am not, sorry. Very little work ever got done on this besides what is available for download. I posted the source code online a while ago on my github, though. 

also, really enjoying the collection so far! might try doing a similar thing, but one game every two days, released as they are finished

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is it possible to get past this part without destroying any rocks?

default dan my beloved

I'm really sorry, but I made this game back in 2018. I'm not planning on updating or modifying it, and honestly consider this one of my worse "games". You are free to check out my more recent stuff at my profile, though! I have improved a lot since I made this.

Cruel World community · Created a new topic Chaosmonkey

Who is chaosmonkey and why do they have so many accounts?

I am gonna try to port it to 3ds using citro2d.

I finished a soundpack too!

dl link:


star bomba hurts my ears :(

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wow, this is a really good Castlevania™!

this room though 

total beans

Can't wait to play!

I am still sorta a beginner in love2d, so seeing how a bigger-scale game is put together is really helpful!

good bideo gaem

can I use a cropped part of the sprite using sspr()?


I got  a physical version at pax east, maybe there will be some at other conventions!

uh what new version intruments

ah thanks. I first found it on ditzyflamas twitter.


Try out the new version! More instruments.

retrograde is just 💯

I dont know where else to ask this, but how do you find Medusa? I have looked all over town for her.

how do you beat the urchin level?

thats a lot of game jams entered, and it does not follow the theme for most of them.

what exactly doesn't work? And I hope you got some new pants.

Can you add an In The Groove/Dance Dance Revolution character?

it will also have an interactive mode.