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Glad to see a Game Boy style Jam!

A topic by Nathan created Aug 30, 2017 Views: 264 Replies: 5
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I'm glad to see that someone picked this up. There was talk of an official GBJam in August but I was sad to see that it never actually came through. Have fun everyone!


Me too! i was so hyped when i found out about the GB jam and i'm glad i get to participate 


GBJAM is the only jam I always try to participate in so thats why i started the unofficial one, just as a stop gap!


I look forward to it too. I wonder how it would have gone if the originator got the crowd funding money he wanted last year for the website.


I only started participating in game jams this year, so I was disappointed when this year's gbjam didn't happen. There's not really any mention of hosting one this year at all :(

So thanks for hosting this Uk_resistant! It's gonna be a fun challenge.

On Twitter he said he was announcing something last month, and then went quiet. I'm hoping everything's okay on his end.