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After sinking that many ships, I don't think I can afford grog.

Captain, we've found gold!

I've cleansed the world. You're welcome.

This is awesome, I am freaking out right there with you.

Metaphorically, not in a creepy right-behind-you way.

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But also, there will be a "theme" announced to work with, so don't plan too much.

Edit: At least, there were themes the last two times.

Unity doesn't actually support .blend files, it will only use an "installed" version of Blender to export the models in the background.  If you don't have Blender, or if you used the "zipped" version instead of the installer, Unity won't have any idea what to do with it. I suppose they can manually associate the .blend file with their zipped-Blender folder, but I haven't tried that say for certain.

Yeah, it's not perfect.  And I'd like to see a few more choices in vehicles, but I like that it has the interchangeable bits. Someday, something will turn up!

Synty's "Polygon" stuff is really nice, but doesn't have the "quantity" of vehicles I'd like to match the "quality." The "Simple" series generally has a lot more choices, especially as they've been doing that for so long. I have those same Evozon Battle Cars (all three kinds) and love how they look... I just wish there were more cars that matched that style.

On that note... This just came up:!/content/130909

I think people-to-car scales are okay, the people are "visibly" smaller but big enough to earn the tile they're using.  The buildings might stand to be a little bigger, just for the feels. Like an RPG "building" that's big enough to go inside, but not really to scale. ("This impressive castle has two rooms on either side of the hall, and a throne room at the end!  So huge!") We're not going inside, so they don't have to be THAT big, but a little more would help, I think.

All the car models in the asset store seem spread between the extremes of hyper-realistic or cubes with wheels. And far too few are "apocalyptic" enough. The Synty "Apocalypse" ones are probably too cube-y for what you want, and I think you can only get them in the big mega-kit.

Addendum: All graphics (per original Kenney Jam rules) and sound effects in the game are supplied by Kenney

Actual gameplay is "on the list" >.>

Just to let you know, the Jam hasn't started yet.  They'll announce the theme when it goes live.

I don't read my Feed often enough obviously, but have you thought about a Patreon (or one of the other "keep me fed" sites)? It might take some time to build up a pay-out but it could help even-out the dry spell.

I saw it the same day, and left you a comment on the youtoobs.  Sorry about the confusion!

On Twitter he said he was announcing something last month, and then went quiet. I'm hoping everything's okay on his end.

I've been doing Game Jams off and on for a couple of years, and while I've always had a lot of fun, and some great ideas (I still work on them, now and then)... this was the first time I actually got to the point I felt like I could actually click "publish" on before the deadline. Some of that is definitely not having to do the art myself - in fact, it helped speed along the design by just giving me a catalog of assets to thumb through and say "I like this, let's see what I can do with it." But also, some of that was just slowly learning to flesh out ideas before rushing into them, and to have a "minimum viable product" in mind, to keep from over-promising and under-delivering.

All in all, it was great fun and I hope to see more in the future!

Yes, the asterisk, braces and pipes gave me consternation, as well as the similarities between D and O.  But I was determined to use the Kenney fonts I had, and that seemed like the clearest of the bunch. Originally, the enemies spawned high enough that the words went right off the top of the screen, so being covered by the score was an improvement. :P I'll definitely get them to spawn lower, after I've given the "this is what came out of the jam" version to settle for a bit.

During your game play, I remember you mentioning the backspace. I love the backspace so much, it's ruined my typing because I'm just ALWAYS fixing things as I type. So it's part of the "TYPE IT RIGHT" idea of the typing tutor scheme. But after watching you play, I thought about maybe adding backspaces as a buff or power-up. Not sure if that would help, or just confuse things more...

The Kenney Jam was a lot of fun, and for numerous reasons the first one I've finished. (Kenny's ready-made art not only helped production, but also the game concept in the first place!)

I've been a fan since I first noticed Quill18Creates using Kenney's art numerous times, and have not looked back since.