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Synty's "Polygon" stuff is really nice, but doesn't have the "quantity" of vehicles I'd like to match the "quality." The "Simple" series generally has a lot more choices, especially as they've been doing that for so long. I have those same Evozon Battle Cars (all three kinds) and love how they look... I just wish there were more cars that matched that style.

On that note... This just came up:!/content/130909

I saw that last night and reallllly loved the parts.  The proportion of the cars are a little too Micro Machine-ish though.  However, I may pick it up anyway just for all the spike plates, tires, and mounted weapons.  Also the van and pickup aren't as stubby looking as the cars...

Yeah, it's not perfect.  And I'd like to see a few more choices in vehicles, but I like that it has the interchangeable bits. Someday, something will turn up!