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This game is so fun and the soundtrack is AMAZING. Thanks so much for sharing this as a free download as well as the source! I've been wanting to play around with Game Boy development and this source will be a tremendously useful research tool!

I meant to buy a physical copy but they sold out before I got to it. Any plans for a second physical release?

Thanks again!!!

I'm glad to see that someone picked this up. There was talk of an official GBJam in August but I was sad to see that it never actually came through. Have fun everyone!

Super fun game! I very much enjoyed it!

This is great. I thought it was a lot of fun 'kiting' the bad guys haha. Punch in face, run away, punch in face, run away

Really solid & fun game! I love me some baloney =)

It's HaxeFlixel. This is the first project I've done with it but I'm really loving it. Exporting this as an html5 application was actually an after-thought because I didn't have easy access to a windows or osx computer and I didn't want to only have a linux build. Definitely check it out! It's great!

Really fun game!