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oh ok! My pad is plugged in so i was confused why i couldn't use AWSD! thanks!

What are the controls to this? Cant seem to get to a new game.

Thanks for the lovely words! I am going to revisit this and implement the feedback you suggest at some point soon.

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Just the viewport. If you want the to to fit the size of the screen then that would have to be 160x144. 

But if you had scrolling it can be any size you want

That is fine!

Sure can! 

You can use any 4 colours but try to include  a gameboy green set if you go with wild colours. The palette which is in the UOGBJAM logo is quite nice.

I would say you are not allowed to use post processing for scan lines but you are able to use them within the game itself at the games resolution.

You can use whatever you are comfortable with!

It wouldn't be allowed as this would generate more then 4 colours but you could fade between different types of dither.

In my game I fade on objects in 4 steps and make sure they fit the colour specs.

A lot of folks use game maker. I'm using it unity myself with the retro pixel plugin in. 

Mouse controls are fine!

No, only the original Gameboy Resolution is permitted.

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Teams are absolutely allowed! No restrictions on sizes either.  Just be sure to disclose who worked on the jam and get people to post WIP shots.

You can use existing music as long as it is Gameboy themed and you provide credits and get permission from the artist.

Music from actual Gameboy games is not allowed, as this is a copyright issue.

Mind if we make this the Official Unofficial gameboy jam discord?

No theme outside of the gameboy limitations (but feel free to set yourself one!)

Depends on the frame work? Basically we want to avoid people reusing stuff from existing projects.

Is there something in particular you want t reuse? Give us details 

No problem. If you have any more questions or issues, ping me on twitter!

This is a super interesting question! Generally, I would advise to have the game run full screen but at the correct gameboy ratio and possibly have plain borders BUT I will allow Super gameboy style border graphics as long as it is clear that it isnt part of the game.

Below are examples of this:

However, I would also add that these background must also be four colours (but they can be a different four colours to your game)

GBJAM is the only jam I always try to participate in so thats why i started the unofficial one, just as a stop gap!

Sure! as long as you stick to the colour limitations, that should be fine. If you do end up finding a way to extend te resolution try and do so (or if you share it online, try and add borders if you can). If not - its fine!


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