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What mobile games help you calm down?

A topic by Sam Potasznik created Aug 16, 2017 Views: 280 Replies: 7
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Hi y'all,

What games do you play on your phone when you're stressed out during the day? Could be any genre, and I'm looking for recommendations and references! Or do you not like playing games on your phone when you're anxious?




Theres actually this game that I play called Super Phantom Cat 2. The art style and everything just makes me really happy, its so beautiful. There are also a lot of meditation apps and coloring apps that work pretty damn well too. Hope this helps :) <

Thanks, @LilacRoses! I'll definitely check out Super Phantom Cat :-) 

Do you use any of the meditation or coloring apps?


Well, i am still playing super mario when i get bored. That game still my favorite stress out.


There are a few RC flight simulator games (free) on mobile which help me to relax.

Some games that help me focus when I need to shut out the rest of the world:

I'll add Viridi (succulent growing game) to this list. I think Desert Golfing is pretty much the gold standard Ur-text here. 

I'm growing to think of these games like breathing meditations. You focus on them like you focus on your breath. The game is just THERE for you to play. 

I'm into making more "guided meditation" games (for compassion or lovingkindness or gratitude for example).  Probably a blog post on these thoughts / differences coming soon :-)

Also "Sound Self" would be like... a gong bath? I haven't played it though tbh 😁

I don't actually have any, if I really need a mobile game my preferred genres are top-down shooters and tower defense games. But what I do is look for people who need apps playtested. I'm fine with catching errors, especially if I don't have to fix them! And I want people to test my games when I post them so I think it's only fair haha