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I'll add Viridi (succulent growing game) to this list. I think Desert Golfing is pretty much the gold standard Ur-text here. 

I'm growing to think of these games like breathing meditations. You focus on them like you focus on your breath. The game is just THERE for you to play. 

I'm into making more "guided meditation" games (for compassion or lovingkindness or gratitude for example).  Probably a blog post on these thoughts / differences coming soon :-)

Also "Sound Self" would be like... a gong bath? I haven't played it though tbh 😁

Thanks, y'all. These are super helpful, and just reminded me of this game by Deepak Chopra . Checking out Pause now :-)

I think there's space for games that are short, funny, and gentle reminders to check in with or help practice your mindfulness.

Any reasons why Pause didn't do it for you, @fluffy?

Thanks, @LilacRoses! I'll definitely check out Super Phantom Cat :-) 

Do you use any of the meditation or coloring apps?

Hi y'all,

What games do you play on your phone when you're stressed out during the day? Could be any genre, and I'm looking for recommendations and references! Or do you not like playing games on your phone when you're anxious?



Thanks for the reply, @gludion :-) Those are really interesting points! I really like the idea of a game centering on the concept of being open to stimuli but not following them. It has my wheels turning with ideas.

Most of the concepts in my head right now are playful reminders of mindfulness concepts (not following thoughts, returning to your center, focusing on gratitude, etc.) 

For me, it's so easy to pick up my phone and start mindlessly using it - scrolling through twitter or playing a puzzle game or whatever. I want to mobile create games that tap the player back into their intention (because it's so easy to forget when going about a busy, online day).

Hi y'all,

Is anyone here interested in mindfulness and/or meditation? I make games about those sorts of things, and I'd love to meet others who are interested in them :-)

How'd you get into mindfulness?  Is it helpful for you?

Or alternatively, are you curious but haven't known where to start or think it's a little to "woo-woo"?

I personally started meditating to help with my chronic headaches, and am super pleased to have done so. What do y'all think?

I dig the music a lot and was pleasantly surprised by how much control I had of my laser rocket beams. Nice!

Any preference or requirement for dimensions of the game itself? 800x600 ok?