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Loved this so much, a cute little story great job!

This is so cute! I love this great job!

This is adorableeee! Please keep creating :)

I’ll keep that in mind for future games that I make, thank you! 😌

I love the setting :) I think when we go through the rings, there should be a sound to indicate that we've obtained one of them! I was a little confused since they would silently disappear haha, great game!!

Loved this! there should be a sound when the player gets a ring :)

Thank you so much! Your "aww" will live forever in my heart 

Thank you so much!

Thank you and Happy Early Valentine's Day to you too!

Moving and clicking is a little hard but I guess that's the point, lol. Great job I love it! :D

Very cool! Great job :) This game make me a little squirmish because I hate roaches lol

The game is awesome and I love the graphics!

I couldn't figure out how to win but I got pretty close! Either way, very fun game!

Loved this :) I really liked the fact that you could use the arrows to see if there's a platform in front of you or nearby. The bad characters that cause you to lose life are adorable. Great job!

Loved this! Great job :)

This was cute!! I wished it came with some kind of instructions because I was losttt haha but once I figured it out I loved it!


Lol I have no idea why that is.... I never played it with headphones on so that's a little strange. But thank you so much! I really appreciate it :)

aww that’s a shame :( thanks for your interest though, I appreciate it!

yay thanks!

This game is the CUTEST!! Ugh, I loved it! :D

It's a pretty cute game :) If you did a "Game Over" screen, it would be pretty much complete. Nice job

So I don't want to give too much away about my game, but it's basically the story of a lonely character. It's mostly them speaking to others and the dialog between characters is what tells the story, but there are parts where it does move with left and right, and there are some puzzles you have to solve.

The main focus is that a story is being told, and it is about Valentine's Day, and it has a happy ending :) Is this okay?

A beautiful game as always

I got 64 :) This is so simple and clever! Nice job!

Awww thank you so much :) I'm currently working on another game now, so I'll definitely keep that in mind! :D

For some reason, I can't put more than one of the same ingredient in the tea :(

Really simple and cute game! I really like the art style to!

This game is so cool! :D

Lol thanks, never played the game but I'll check it out

Yay! Thanks so much, I made it in 30 hours, so sorry if it was a little bad, haha 

This is the cutest thing XD Great job

75 points :)

I think you're making this a little more serious than it actually is... but go off i guess. Seems like someone got their feelings hurt.


I just played this game and I absolutely loved it. I can't wait for the full version to come out! God bless you :)

I played this game it was absolutely amazin

This is such a cute game! :D Thanks so much for making this, omgg <3

This was gorgeous

This game was so cute! Great job <3