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Small Ski

A topic by Binary Moon created Aug 05, 2017 Views: 375 Replies: 14
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Hey there - I have decided to make a tiny skiing game for LOWREZJAM.

I'm making the game in javascript using Phaser. I'm creating the course using Tiled. If it goes well then I have some ideas for turning this into a full size game.

I really like the simplicity of 8x8 tilesets. So much quicker to make, yet can still be quite expressive.

Love the idea of this! Looking forward to playing it.

Interesting so far. Good luck :)

Really good idea! Straight to the point and looking good fun!

And here's a gif of the game in motion. I have all the basic features working, and a wishlist as long as my arm for things to add, so I guess it's working on those next :)

Here's the completed map :)

I will likely tweak and adjust it as I play and get feedback - but it'll give you an idea of what to expect.

Map looks great. Excited to try out the game play. Seeing this is bringing back memories of that "Ski" game for Windows 95 (I'm dating myself a little bit here).

Thanks - I remember that game as well :)

I'm really liking the aesthetic of this one. Though I'll be a little be cautious around this one when it comes out. I've never been the same after playing SkiFree all those years ago...

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I'm crossing my fingers ;)

There's no abominable snowmen in this game :)

want to try :)

This looks crazy good, i can't wait to play this game :)

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I now have a splash screen made

and I've now updated the splash screen. Can you spot the difference?   ;)

I have finished enough of the game that I have now set it live! :)

You can play it here:

Note that it's entirely subject to change :)